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Layers of Suppression & Reversal of Disease

The case I am presenting demonstrates two vital factors in homeopathy

1) The role of mind and body in causing and reversing disease

2) Layers of Suppression

Through this post, I will demonstrate both these factors in a case of Eczematous Psoriasis and Hypothyroidism. The Case of Mrs Sushma Karnik Shown below



This patient was 53 years old when she came to consult with me. She had multiple symptoms, most notably severe eczema and arthritic pain. The eczema showed up around 30 years ago while her arthritic pains and hypothyroidism showed up in 1992.

Over the years, Mrs Karnik had taken been treated by various doctors and had taken allopathic drugs including steroids, homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines. But she only got worse.

Past History

Bronchial Asthma

Hysterectomy - fibroid 1994

Appetite: Less

Thirst: Less

Sleep: Sleeplessness

Bowels: Constipation



Mrs Karnik’s symptoms began soon after her marriage, which was a traumatic event for the young bride. She gave up her job as a college lecturer to move from Mumbai to a small town, and her husband and in-laws were very conservative. Mrs Karnik was a mild-mannered person and instead of rebelling, internalised her trauma, which then manifested itself in various physical symptoms.


In her own words: “I had to give up my job and adjust with those people (husband and in-laws), who are orthodox and uneducated. I never complained to anyone as I am very accommodating and know how to adjust. In the initial years after marriage, I was not even allowed to work but when there was a financial crisis, my husband agreed and I became a teacher in a local school.”


Four years before she came to meet me, Mrs Karnik’s son went through a divorce just 6 months after his marriage. This was a huge blow to her as she was worried about the social stigma
she would face.

Moreover, as her eczema began to show, she grew even more embarrassed about the “dreaded disease” and gradually began to withdraw. As the disease process ravaged her body, her arthritic pains worsened till she finally confined herself largely to her home. “I am completely bed-ridden due to these problems and cannot work or sleep due to the pain. It is too much to bear,” she told me.

Understanding the Case

This is a classic example of allopathic suppression, where the disease process has travelled from one organ to another (See Chart of Suppression below}. Mrs Karnik went from the Psoric Misam to a Syphilitic picture at the mental and physical levels.


In any given case, Dr Hahnemann’s Aphorism No 3 says, ”If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in diseases, that is to say, in every individual case of disease” (knowledge of disease)…”

Aphorism 71 says, ”How is the physician to ascertain what is necessary to be known in order to cure the disease?”

In any given case, it is of utmost important to ask the following questions: What exactly is wrong that needs to be treated? Why has the constitution fallen sick? What are the causes or his / her nature that has taken a toll on her health and disturbed her biochemistry and compromised her immune system to make her sick?

In Mrs Karnik’s case, the patient had suppressed her emotions – she could was unable to express her feelings and do the things what enjoyed and loved most. She had also been unable to say, “no” to the marriage proposal that had led her to this predicament in the first place.

Her defence system had completely vanished. Here we are reminded of Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, that which we do not use falls into disuse till it disappears from the gene pool of the species. Likewise, Mrs Karnik was not able to defend herself to fight for her rights. How then could she defend herself physically from disease?


When she began losing interest in life, she entered the Syphilitic state and nothing, not even allopathic drugs, seemed to help her.


Analysis of the Case

Dr James Tyler Kent always advised homeopaths to assess the will, morals and intellect of the patient. In this case, we had a constitution which was conscientious, mild, embarrassed, affectionate, does not want sympathy or pity, chilly and thirst less.

Journey of the Disease

According to Dr Prafull Vijaykar’s Chart of Suppression, Mrs Karnik’s skin eruptions (Ectodermal layer #1) to bronchial asthma (Endodermal Layer #) coupled with allopathic suppression led her to develop joint pains (a connective tissue disorder – Mesoderm Layer #3). Later, she developed hypertension (layer #4), and with further suppressive drugs, the disease process led to hypothyroidism (Layer #5). Gradually, Mrs Karnik went into depression (Neural Plate Layer #6).



Effectively, Mrs Karnik experienced Six Layers of Dr Vijayakar’s Seven Layers of Suppression and she was getting worse.


Evaluation of the Case

Let’s analyse the patient’s defence or Miasm. Mrs Karnik experienced despair with pains and embarrassment, a syphilitic aspect. Along with these 2 rubrics and looking for a remedy that is “conscientious” and “sympathy aggravation,” we get Ignatia.


  • Ailments from anger to silent grief
  • Grief, undemonstrative.
  • Mildness, bears suffering without complaining
  • Secretive
  • Yielding disposition
  • Concern for social position
  • Sympathy aggravation

The Remedy given was Ignatia 1m I dose. During the course of a year, it was repeated twice.


It was observed that after the right constitutional remedy, the disease process began to reverse. The Syphilitic aspect of Mrs Karnik’s mental state improved and during the course of treatment, not only did her physical diseases get cured but she began to change mentally too – she became less timid and began to voice her opinion.


According to Dr Rajan Sankaran, Ignatia is from the loganiaceous family –disappointment, silent grief, and patients cannot weep even when shattered. Ignatia is also from cancer, which means patients are totally controlled, they stretch themselves beyond their capacity.


Mrs Karnik was largely free of her symptoms in 11 months. She was also happier and brighter. The disease process was well on the way to being totally reserved.

More on the ‘mind’ in mind-body medicine.

Re-awaken the healer in you...

- Dr Anita Salunkhe

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Comment by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana on February 19, 2011 at 6:18am

@Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Thank you Sir!

Comment by Kuldip Singh on February 18, 2011 at 9:20am
Comment by Kuldip Singh
Well Said Dr.Rana. You have put forward a very valuable"opinion"!!
Comment by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana on February 18, 2011 at 3:04am

@ Dr. Kuldeep Singh Ji,

Sir! opinion carry no weight especially in face of facts.

Kent as put it as follows:


So long as it remains a matter of opinion, there will be differences of opinion therefore, the homeopath must abandon the mere expressions of opinion.

Allopathy rests on individual opinion and allopaths say that the science of medicine is based on the consensus of opinion, but that is an unworthy and unstable foundation for the science of curing the sick.

It will never be possible to establish a rational system of therapeutics until we reason from facts as they axe and not as they sometimes appear.

Facts as they appear are ex pressed in the opinions of men, but facts as they are, are facts and truths from which doctrines are evolved and formulated which will interpret or unlock the kingdoms of nature in the realm of sickness or health.

Therefore, beware of the opinion of men in science.

[Kent's Lecture - Sick]

Comment by Dr Anita Salunkhe on January 27, 2011 at 1:00am

Hello! Friends, It is quite sometime since I was unable to share my views here. Happy new year to you all.

I would say Dr. Prafull Vijaykar's chart of suppression is a compass to point us how Hering's law of cure one has to follow. For example Healing has to be there from internal to external, but for us we never could get it easily by what this means.

If asthma is better and patient gets Leucoderma any one can think this as a good. But, Asthma is Ectodermal disease and Leucoderma is A.P.U.D system disorder. One can Clearly Know that we have suppressed the disease.  Knowledge of Miasm is must. To see that asthma can be a psoric or sycotic miasm and leucoderma is a Destruction of melanin,or a syphilitic miasm. It is equally important that it is not necessary to get endorsement from any International Faculty for this theory. It is the practioner who can now undrerstand easily with this chart Hering's Law of Cure. 

Comment by sajjadakram on January 25, 2011 at 4:56am

sorry,the telephone number is;4452052.


Comment by sajjadakram on January 25, 2011 at 4:41am

The publisher is,

Preeti publishers;144 Anand Bharati,Dr M B Raut Road,Shivaji park,Dadar Mumbai.Tel 400028.


Comment by Kuldip Singh on January 24, 2011 at 12:50pm
Dr. Vijaykar has written a no. of books on his Predicitive Homeopathy, but his two preliminary books are: Theory of Acutes & Theory of Suppression. You may read both in the beginning.
Comment by Kuldip Singh on December 6, 2010 at 10:02am
I still believe in order to understand the progress of the case whether the treatment is moving in the right direction, theory of miasms and Herring’s law can provide adequate guidance. Dr Vijaykar is no doubt a highly accomplished homeopath and is held in highest esteem in India but his theory of suppression supposedly based on embryological concept has not been recognized , so far, by any modern scientific organization or by any leading international homeopath like George Vithoulkas. Even eminent Indian homeopaths of international repute like Rajan Sankaran, to my knowledge, has neither endorsed nor of course rejected his theory. So instead of getting perplexed at times whether the case is unfolding according to 7 layers, why not to go by the universally accepted Herring’s law and Hahnemann’s miasmatic theory.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 13, 2010 at 12:50am
Thanks for the clarification. Actually, I wanted to ask this doubt when Dr Vijaykar had come to Kochi last time, but due to lack of time, I could ask only one doubt. Thanks.
Comment by Dr Anita Salunkhe on November 12, 2010 at 6:15pm
When it comes to multi-layered problems, we have to look at the onset of each disease symptom. When we talk of suppression, it need not always mean that a lower-layer disease disappears and then the next layer disease will appear.

In the case of suppression, it may even happen that a new disease belonging to a higher layer may get added to an existing, lower layer disease. It may happen that diseases co-exist at various layers at the same time in the same patient with the same intensity if an incorrect remedy is given or if the patient is left untreated.

If an incorrect remedy is given or no treatment is given, it may happen that the deranged vital force (or a disease condition) which requires treatment is left untreated. In such a case, the first-layer disease may progress to a higher layer and hence multiple-layer diseases coexist.

We have to treat the psora. If the psora is not treated, the disease will shift to the next layer. Treating the psora is a prerequisite to cure.

Of course, every disease goes through 3 phases – psora, sycotic and syphilitic. And it depends on which predominant Miasm the patient has. Dr Vijayakar’s 7-layer chart guides us by pointing to the layer the patient is in. This helps us know whether we are on the right track in treatment.

So yes, the Theory of Suppression points to the journey of the disease and, yes, we need to examine the Miasm in minute detail to give the right remedy. They co-exist.

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