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Laughter Is Healing and Good For The Soul

When we look all around us in our environment we can find things that make us laugh and they don't even have to be X-Rated, demeaning to others, sarcastic or snide. These little signs can provoke oxymoronic laughter and when we initiate this inner signals into the brain which reaches the heart with big guffaw then will feel happy!

When I watched this presentation I did not hold back the hearty laughter, I just simply let it out and knew that this was healing and helpful to my soul and well being. We all do not laugh enough. To laugh at something inane, silly, foolish, absurd or ridiculous and not at another human being for their frailties will bring only positive feelings. To laugh at another human being sends a message about ourselves and how we feel inside about our own insecurities and weaknesses.

Rather, when we find something that makes no sense at all, or has a special twist like a lemon at the end of a story, this creates a new synapse in our brains. We not only heal, but we build our ability to think and process information. Just like jumping rope or pressing weights, we enhance the ability of our minds to see things differently and open up a whole range of possibilities.

Therefore, I ask you to take time out from your busy lives and harried days for some belly laughter. I love this short video for its ability to make us laugh without forcing laughter. I have been to classes when asked to just 'laugh' out loud, when we may feel inhibited to do so and that this will set up a conditioned reflex to laugh more. Still, I find it a bit contrived.

They say that laughter may be contagious in the same way that yawning can spread. However, I feel a little spark of hearing, saying or seeing something that truly initiates laughter from an unknown place within works a whole lot better.

I'm looking forward to your replies, thoughts, comments and more fun.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on February 27, 2012 at 7:19pm

Well, this explains your acting abilities and sense of drama and playfulness on your videos. I never realized your background in the arts. Thanks for contributing your story here. Keep up the laughter soundtrack!

Comment by John Benneth on February 27, 2012 at 3:31am


What you say is true. Your story made me think of a time when I worked as an investigator on  missing child cases. The work was difficult and always involved an unhappy situation. When a friend of mine became a talent agent, I signed up with her, and my first job was in a commercial for car pooling, and how much fun it could be. I was one of a group of actors who sat in a car, appearing to have fun, laughing. The director shot take after take, of us laughing at nothing in particular, but with every take it got funnier and funnier, sitting there, laughing at nothing in particular. By the time we were through, I was exhausted of my grief an energized with a whole new outlook on my life. I quit my work as a finder of missing children and went to work full time as a commercial actor, which I did successfully for a number of years.

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