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Keep Your BP Normal and Avoid Heart Attack and Kidney Failure

“High blood pressure” is a medical condition where the blood pressure is chronically elevated. While it is formally called arterial hypertension, the word "hypertension" without a qualifier usually refers to arterial hypertension. It gives a higher risk of heart attack or stroke than any other disease. Persistent hypertension is one of the risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and arterial aneurysm, and is a leading cause of chronic renal failure.

Cause of disease: is unknown, it is an incurable disease in the world, but in research it is found that the cause of hypertension is due to mental anxiety, anger, irritability, and mental tension subject to holding by the brain and create high blood pressure.

I am only working on mind and I know that your brain is the creator of diseases and your brain knows where the problem is created Recently I have tried a number of homoeopathic medicines as well as Bach flower remedy in a number of patients with allopathic medicine and without allopathic medicine. I got wonderful results in control of HBP.

AGRIMONY AND MIMULUS both the Bach Flower remedy will be taken three times in a day in regular basic.

You can observe the result in a week. Try it now initially both the medicine will be continuing with allopathic medicine when you will get the confidence then you can reduce your allopathic drugs slowly.

I request to all the HBP patients to use this medicine and you can report to me your results. I once again would like to inform you that this medicine does not contain any toxic or any harmful chemicals and there is no any side effect.

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma

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