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This week was a bit like disappearing from the earth. The yearly Teacher’s Meeting was held in Jerusalem at the monastery of the Notre Dame de Sion: a lovely peaceful place with a gorgeous garden but unfortunately with very limited access to the Internet. This plunged us, busy homeopaths, in a state of discomfort. On the one hand we were liberated from the tyranny of having to respond immediately to every message or question but on the other hand we knew that this only meant work would pile up to insurmountable heights by the end of the week.

Chaim Rosenthal picked me up in Tel Aviv and hosted me for a day before we drove to the monastery. The thermometer showed over 30 degrees when we enjoyed our breakfast on his terrace. Franz Swoboda and I could persuade him to take us for a swim in the sea before we started to work.

The meeting always is an interesting exchange of challenging ideas from homeopaths with different visions and approaches. Since we became friends in those years for me the meeting is the prove that people from different ‘schools’ and ideas can respect, work together and inspire each other.

Concerning the Next Step I could see a glimpse of the path in the openness that increases in all of us. It’s an openness to new input, other systems, complementary measures, new information and… a lot of magic. (which means nothing but: yet unexplained dynamics)

Visits to the city center of Jerusalem brought us to places considered the navel of the planet: the Wailing Wall and the tunnels underneath, the entrance gates to the historical city, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We didn’t visit the Al Aqsa mosque because the limited visitors hours but it thrones over the city with its cupola. I visited it years ago when I was forced to stay in Jerusalem for 4 days waiting for my luggage. We planned a desert trek but in the airport of Tel Aviv my rug sack with all the equipment did not arrive but days later. In this way we had all the time to visit Jerusalem thoroughly.
No matter what religion it is always touching to see genuine expressions of devotion. And although often corrupted and denied I still believe this universal connection to a higher level of existence than our daily life is still awake and the source of the good, the just and the beauty.

After days full of work and impressions (and good food) we had an extra excursion to the Dead Sea. In Qumran we could spot the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, unfortunately closed for visitors.
Chaim and Koby invited us in the hot springs, not the first thing one longs for when the outside temperature is 36 degrees, but it would have been a pity to miss the benefits of the minerals in this most famous Spa on earth. And of course we had to undergo the profit of real Dead Sea mud, smeared all over the body before floating in the salty sea. After another time in the mineral bath we were so drowsy and so slow we could hardly utter a word. It is said to be the result of more concentrated sunrays at 417 meter below sea level and the bromine in the air. Or… we asked ourselves… could this maybe be: ‘feeling relaxed’?

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Comment by Debby Bruck on May 11, 2013 at 9:07am

love the mud packs. How did you keep your sandels white? 

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