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James Delingpole Writes A Daily Mail U.K. Testimonial In Favor Of Homeopathy

I would like to thank Dr Anand Gadhaokar for bringing this news article to the attention of HWC members. 


Scientists say homeopathy is undiluted hogwash. But it can work - and that's all that matters

By JAMES DELINGPOLE Last updated at 10:52 AM on 1st March 2011

  • In the span of one week of publication, this article prompted 148 comments.  James Delingpole wrote an editorial Homeopathy Testimonial in Favor of homeopathy based on one principle ~ that is can work. 
  • The two sides of the story include one group who have no faith, concept or belief in a system of medicine that does not conform to contemporary traditional guidelines and proofs. 
  • If a form of healing does not have double blind studies that live up to particular strict standards, or the researchers have a problem with the premise of energy or vital force because they cannot see some mechanism within their parameters or technology or lab tests then it's a no go. Totally unacceptable.
  • Those on the other side in group two, reside those who favor,  believe, use, share and advocate for the use of homeopathy as a matter of course for acute and chronic symptoms and conditions of all kinds for all ages and stages of life. 
  • The author of this testimonial shares his reasoning for giving homeopathy a try whether or not you fall into group one of non-believers or group two of believers.
  • A key issue surrounds the emotionally charged atmosphere of all people regarding their negative attitude or penchant toward homeopathy. The author, James, tells how it feels from his point of view to be an active user of homeopathy when friends look at him strangely or retort with snide comments. He receives the full Monty* of the going rumors that homeopaths practice quackery, steal government funds from the medical system, kill people around the world and worse. How can a person react to these accusations?
  • James describes his personal success story using homeopathy for bruises and seasonal hayfever symptoms. Even if a person comes up against skeptical responses, one can always retell the "I" experience story. This personal truth cannot be refuted, most especially if this method works over and over again, season after season. 
  • The denial reactions of doctors who have been told stories of healing, even when they themselves have been unable to induce curative action with drugs, boggle the mind. Some kind of mental block exists which makes it impossible for these persons to conceive of another form of medicine, especially one that they have been trained to rebuke. 
  • Even more bewildering, the fervor of their convictions turns to angry emotions, instead of tolerance and thankfulness that the individual actually feels better after so much suffering. This outcome will only produce a hardened heart and disease in those who harbor feelings of hatred and anger. And, I just love it when doctors say your pain resides all in the mind, which does not soothe the person's suffering. They continue their search for answers to their pain until they find a compassionate competent homeopath.
  • Then they stoop to the lowest of the low. Tom foolery win a strong and domineering voice above the frey leads them on their witch hunt to smoke out healers not within the bounds of their regulatory agencies. The call from their lead magicians brings out the childish hoots and hollers from their skeptical masses.
  • James upsets the apple cart when he lists a number of mainstream facts that were overturned when new information presented itself to mankind. He talks of the causes of malaria, ulcers, and what we have learned about the universe today. The conclusion, we can't possibly know everything about everything. Therefore, we must be open to the possibilities of beyond what we know now.
  • People may propose their own hypothesis of how homeopathy works or does not work. James even states that using logic none of it makes sense, but we all know the body does not lie, even if our minds may confuse or deceive us. 
  • The testimonial unearths and exposes the financial cry that the U.K. NHS loses valuable funding when moneys allocated to homeopathy could be used elsewhere. The percentage of £4 million out of the NHS’s annual £104 billion would make no difference to such a massive budget.
  • He deflates the argument of skeptics who state homeopathy denies patients their due medical treatments. They twist and turn their lies when we know most people make an educated choice to try homeopathy only after extinguishing all hope of cure from ever other medical system, including traditional medicine. The counter to this argument shows that only the most highly educated persons find homeopathy to help strengthen the immune systems of their children as caring parents for childhood illness and acute care in addition to the severely ill cancer patient. 
  • Without mentioning the number of countries that invest in homeopathic research and have integrated homeopathy into their local and regional governmental health care programs, he does say thousands feel healthier and happier using these medicines. 

Daily Mail Editorial

*The Full Monty is a British slang phrase of uncertain origin. An American equivalent might be "the whole ball of wax".

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Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on March 12, 2011 at 11:05pm
It inspire all homoeopaths. Thank you
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 4, 2011 at 10:57pm
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on March 4, 2011 at 10:29pm
Excellent.... Thanks.

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