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There are many schools of practice in homoeopathy. Dr. Hahnemann created this system on a firm principle 'similia similibus currentur' known as 'law of similia' . He also put forward seven such cardinal principles in homoeopathy like the law of simplex, the law of minimum dose, the doctrine of vital force, the doctrine of drug dynamisation, the doctrine of individualisation, the doctrine of chronic disease and the doctrine of drug proving. According to our master the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

But now a days there are many homoeopathic practitioners who are practicing differently in their own way. Each one is creating his own principles with out considering the principles of homoeopathy. Is it the right way? But the actual problem is more interesting and it is a big joke. Majority of these doctors are getting the so called 'results' or giving some relief to the patient. But actually by these 'unhahnemannian' method, physicians are satisfied, but the homoeopathic system suffers. The doctors are possessing new cars and new houses and are giving better education for their children; but homoeopathy as a whole is declining in its quality.

We all are now aware of the suppression theory put forward by Dr Prafull Vijayakar. Here we can see that homoeopathy, the system without any side effect, can also suppress. Are the 'amazing cures' made by these unhahnamannian methods actual suppressions? We fill our pockets with money from patients and pharmaceutical companies and send the disease problem of the patient to a deeper level where it is more difficult to cure. Suppose we are treating the eczema of a patient. After completely 'removing' it, if we are giving the patient asthma or diabetes, is it a homoeopathic cure? If we are treating like this, then what is the difference between homoeopathy and other systems of medicine?

Homoeopathic educational system should also be corrected. We all have heard after starting the private practice that the theory and practice in homoeopathy are entirely different. What is the reason behind it? Homoeopathy is the true scientific medical system and the practical application of this system should be based strictly on its theories. Failure to do this is not the failure of the system, but it is due to the failure of the followers of homoeopathy.

We are attending various continuing homoeopathic medical education programs in many places by different doctors. But many of them are putting their own theories during their teaching hours. After hearing all the so called 'amazing cures', youngsters are in utter confusion. They believe that this is the right way. But after attending another C H M E program, totally different from the previous one, they will certainly fall into a pool of confusion. After applying these amazing methods of cure in their consulting room, they may face failures and will go to a state of depression. This is a major reason why most of the young doctors, after completing their studies, will become agents of some multi- national marketing companies. The people who are the part of this marketing system will convince the young generation doctors that homoeopathic practice is not sufficient for a 'better' life. These types of movements are now common around us and some are attracted towards those effortless sources of income.

All these should be corrected by standardization in homoeopathic medical education, C H M E programs and homoeopathic practice. This is the time for us to think seriously whether we are doing justice to our system and to our master?. I H K is an organization of very efficient doctors following the principles of true homoeopathy. We all should work together to save this blessed system: 'THE GREAT HOMOEOPATHY".

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Comment by I.J.SWAMY on September 29, 2009 at 3:00am
Those who seek quick money can hardly be called Homeopaths. Homeo practice can not be done like Allopathy IE consultation treatment charge etc. Homeopath has to be a philosopher and a philanthropist. BHMS is preferred only if score is not enough for MBBS. Empathy is a part of Homeo therapy.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on September 8, 2009 at 12:32am
Dear Debby,

while i agree about sincerity, we must therefore reject those not sincere - those that say that homoeopthy was not finished with Hahnemann and we can use whatever we like. We cannot for the sake of "peace" allow each and every person who gives potentised substances as a follower, if he or she deviates from the principles. If we compromise, we compromise ourselves. That will do more to break up the community, because we then become the laughing stock - "Look they cannot even agree upon everything themselves and allow deviation from the standard and the principles."
It tore homoeopathy apart in the past and allowed allopaths to set the agenda. If we are to be united, it needs to be under the same flag - homoeopathy is the United Nations under one principle. The flag must cover the cargo and not be a flag on a refuse barge.

Standardisation must therefore be enforced as Hahnemann's and not whatever takes our fancy. We have a right to demand adherence to principles from our members who call themselves homoeopaths, because if we do not, homoeopathy will remain obscure and "fringe", whereas it deserves to be mainstream. That can only happen if united we stand by Hahnemann.

I do not seek division - it is those that do not follow the principles who divide us into two camps - adherents and non-adherents. There is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, but something very wrong if we allow deviation for the sake of quasi unity.

With due respect,
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 7, 2009 at 11:52pm
Dear Hans and Kaviraj ~ Thank you for your constructive contributions to a touchy subject. My hope is that we can remain sincere, diplomatic, objective and introspective about our replies on controvertial issues. We do not want to split apart our community nor cause conflict.

Let us address the main issue of standardization of education on the foundation of The Organon and its principles. Whereupon the further development of new methods have built upon the basics and expand our understanding of human nature and our relationships with our world and environments.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on September 7, 2009 at 11:41pm
I agree that there needs to be a standard of education and practise. That said, we see that mixopathy is the order of the day, because practise is not according to the standard and people want relief. In a desperate attempt at giving "relief" many turn to complexes, because "the right remedy may be among the mixture". This is lazy thinking.

We need to study our remedies till we know them not just as acquaintances, but our very best friends, who will never let us down, unless we are sloppy in our practise. While Hahnemann gave us the basics which we need to follow, we also see some very valuable contributions by later homoeopaths. We need to use our intelligence - the power to discriminate - to discover which of them is adhering to Hahnemann's principles and accept those while rejecting anything and anyone not adhering to those very same principles.

It requires an open mind and great understanding of Hahnemann's teachings to enable such discrimination. We cannot accept everything as correct - it must conform to the teachings in the Organon. The Organon was written for the future, because Hahnemann knew we would discover and oprove more and more remedies. His work was not a finished product remedy-wise, simply because there are millions of substances we have never touched upon. His indications in the theoretical part were based on practical applicability and anything short of that ought to be rejected a priori.

that said, we see that the elements have been extensively covered by Jan Scholten, the plant families by Sankaran and Mangliavori and others and the sensation methoid has found many adherents. Are these systems Hahnemannian? One would say so, if the Organon is our guide.

6. Unprejudiced observation is directed at the changes in health of the mind, emotions and body. These are clearly visible or revealed by further examination. He notices only the derivation of health. The sensations of the patient, those noticed by his relatives and the observations of the physician are all that needs to be noted. All these perceptible signs present the disease in its whole extent and form a true picture of the disease.

It comes right out of the text and thus is a valid means. That is our standard by which to measure whether a system presented to us is a valuable contribution or plain speculation. The Organon must back it up and if not we must reject it.

Thanx for the thoughtful contribution.

Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 7, 2009 at 3:21pm
Dear Dr Shibi

A far cry, indeed, and as old as homeopathy.

I belief that making available the original works of Hahnemann and contemporaries in English would form the basis for genuine homeopathy. Then a publication of Hahnemann’s own case books in English would make it easier to follow what he advises in his more theoretical works.

Seek out such teachers who practice homeopathy as Hahnemann and contemporaries did.
Seek out those teachers who practice homeopathy with the tools they used and the remedies they had. You soon will understand ---

Once you practice genuine homeopathy your clinic will prosper and you will give the correct remedy with confidence; you will never return to all the hit and miss prescribing, big promises, new approaches, fashions and fads.

You happily will follow the only mission to restore the sick to health, to cure as it is termed.

Take care, Hans

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