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Is Homeopahty Possible? .......Based on what Mecical Scientists Observe?

So, I had to write a school paper, on my thoughts of how I think homeopathy is possible based on what medical scientists observe. Here is what I came up with, thought I would share it, keep in mind it was written just for the sake of the assignment, but would love to hear feedback so feel free to comment...

What is Homeopathy? Many people have a varying of answers to this question, but as
simple as it can be put, Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that is built upon
complete systems of theory and practice. It is often referred to as an alternative medical
system. When you look at the origin of the word itself “Homeo” meaning similar and “pathos”
meaning suffering. It differs from that of Allopathy, It’s origin “allos” meaning other or
different. So automatically one can see their approach to diagnosing and treating medical
problems will be vastly different. Due to this difference, Homeopathy has been critiqued, and
debated causing quite a stir of controversy because it’s law’s do not follow the same laws of medical science. It has been accepted in society that all findings must fit this mould of explanation, but is this possible? Is it really a “one size fits all” mould anyway?
Medical scientists have a real problem grasping the concept that homeopathic remedies are diluted out of molecular existence. What does this mean exactly? There is a limit to the dilution that can be made which allows one to measure a substance. This follows the mathematical formulation known as “Avagardo’s Number” (6.022 141 99 x 10 23). This particular formulation corresponds to homeopathic potencies of (12c or 24X). Hahnemann realized that it was through vigorous succusion that no longer related to molecular “substance”, rather molecular “structure” signifying an energetic frequency existent. Hahnemann realized that not even one molecule of substance remained after extreme dilution. It was this energetic frequency that was observed referred to as “a spirit-like essence that was no longer perceptible to our senses” which is able to trigger the energetic frequency or “vital force” in one’s body. So, even when the molecule is gone, the “memory” of the substance remains.
Why has it become about quantity rather than quality?
Look at our bodies. When we look at our blood, we see that thyroid hormone is present in our blood at only 1 part per 10-billion, yet this is enough to regulate the rate of our entire metabolism. The micro-dose has been known for a long time. Albert Einstein explains how the fission of heavy atoms can produce energy, Like homeopathy, the substances are small atoms that are split into even smaller atoms generating more and more energy as it goes along.
If we are to attempt to describe a theory in relation to homeopathy, we should delve into the area of quantum physics and the area of hypotheses known as “local” and “non-local” concepts of complementarity and entanglement. It is through the use of water or otherwise known as the memory of water (MoW) that allows this succussed substance to be transferred even after the molecule is no longer existent.
“Local” hypotheses views homeopathic remedies to work on a molecular level, like any other medicine i.e. pharmacological medicines. However, as mentioned above, homeopathic remedies are diluted out of molecular existence. It is through the use of water that the electromagnetic information is transferred and also through homeopathy’s unique method of remedy production involving succession.
On the other hand, “non-local” hypotheses, are concerned less with the remedy itself, instead lending more of their weight on generalised forms of quantum entanglement, as the basis of homeopathy’s efficacy. They suggest that somehow, a relationship is established between the patient, practitioner and remedy, itself which leads to the ultimate change in a patient’s condition. It is the quantum entanglement –“the non-local” theory that has not only been applied to homeopathy but also other forms of healing. Entanglement is said to occur when the parts of a system are so holistically matched, that measurements of one part of the system instantaneously provides information about its others parts.
Looking a little deeper, with the “local” hypotheses, we can apply “deductive” logic. It is believed that if something starts out on a premise that something is a certain way i.e. all frogs are green, therefore, assumptions and conclusions will be made that any frog one see’s will be green and therefore all frog’s are green. But is this really the case? So what tends to happen is that the more a prediction turns out to be satisfied, the more it is taken as “proof”. Therefore, what tends to happen is that we have a tendency to reject “evidence” that does not fit currently held theories. As a result, even though positive results from the highest standard of scientific trials are rejected by those who will not accept homeopathy's claim that remedies diluted out of molecular existence, might have any effect.
This brings us back to the theory of quantum physics, where it is believed that not everything considered physical is observable or measurable. So, there is the concept of the “wave function”-which is not a directly observable entity, so its effect are considered to be a multi-dimensional descriptor of a systems state, whose existence maybe only be seen from the observable effects it produces in our reality. It ultimately means that the observer and the observed are intimately and irreducibly connected. So, like the vital force in homeopathy that strives to hold the whole organism in balance; it is not a directly observable entity. Like the wave function in quantum theory, it is only observed indirectly through the effects it produces, in this case, the patients symptoms.
This reminds me of an example once presented to me of a case that was taken by a successful homeopath. A remedy was selected and given to this patient, however no movement reflected in the case. The case was then analyzed over and over, until finally referred to another well known and successful homeopath. Upon this homeopath re-taking the case, a remedy was given, with great success and movement in the patient’s symptoms. After further investigation on the case, it was revealed that the same remedy had been given at the exact same potency by the initial homeopath. So why then did it not work with the previous homeopath? How could it be that the same remedy at the same potency given by a different homeopath proved to be successful?
It is here that I respectfully accept the theory of PPR (Patient, Practitioner, Remedy) relationship theory and accept that much more goes on than our eyes allow us to see regardless of what is measurable or not by means established by science.

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Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on November 27, 2010 at 5:00am
Dr Mas, your posts become increasing ly contradictory. i drop on a litre - which is LM 1 - is firther diluted to LM30, which I have used many times with great success. Your idea that 200C is "contaminated" is specious and plain nonsense. NMR detects ANY potency beyond Avogadro as having a sinus wave, which is absent in ALL SIMPLE DILUTIONS made in the manner of Avoadro.

The conclusion is that homoeopathic dilutions have qualities not found in Avogadro's dilutions.
Comment by Dr. MAS on November 27, 2010 at 2:13am
Quote: Firstly, you say that "beyond certain dilution where no substance exists, no medical effect is possible" does this mean then, that if you give an ailing patient suffering from a physical pathology a 200C or a 1M, which no longer holds physical substance and their aliments are cured-that this is not valid!?!

Dr. MAS: You may take this point in this manner. Any potency that is beyond avogadros limit does not work, therefore, most of the homeopathic potencies which hahnemann used were below avogadros limit except few which he used before 1810 but failed to got result.

Avogadros limit case was discovered in the start of 18 century (I guess). After that Hahnemann did not use higher potency and shifted to LM potency. The limit of LM is 6LM and it is under avogadros limit ( I guest, pl correct me if I am wrong). Only LM 1 to 3 is mostly use and hardly goes up to 6.

Today's 200c is working because it may have contaminated molecules which are transferred during potency preparation.

Read my post here.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on October 18, 2009 at 1:04pm
I would also want to point out that remedies beyond Avogadro do have effect and like to point out to Mr I.J Swami that quantum mechanics has everything to do with it. Besides taking a more careful look at Lucy's blog here, I like to direct him to my own blog post discussing similar concepts.
Comment by Lucy Lagana on October 18, 2009 at 11:20am
Thank you for your reply, however, you may want to look a little closer into what I have expressed here. Firstly, you say that "beyond certain dilution where no substance exists, no medical effect is possible" does this mean then, that if you give an ailing patient suffering from a physical pathology a 200C or a 1M, which no longer holds physical substance and their aliments are cured-that this is not valid!?! that this is not possible?
Dynamic energetic frequencies are what I discuss here-key being "Dynamic".
Kinetic energy is that which occurs once released from physical matter.
And to say that Quantum physics has nothing to do with it, makes me shake my head, but I am not here to convince you, however do suggest you take the time to look into "Quantum Physics and Homeopathy" a little further and would be more than glad to discuss this further with you if interested.
Comment by I.J.SWAMY on October 18, 2009 at 5:57am
Beyond certain dilution when no substance exists in the liquid medical effect is not possible. Elecromagnetic waves do cure diseases but the waves act based on the wave length wave form and frequency. EMR can be produced in the laboratory without diluting any solid or liquid. Most homeo remedies are not diluted to that point. Less diluted remedies are the least toxic and facilitate vital force to fight the disease better.Kindly observe the list of Homeo remedies. Their concentrated extracts were deadly poisonous. Hahneman, his past and present followers vouch for the effectiveness of Conium . But it was conium which executed Socrates. It has nothing to do with quantum physics. Homeo rule is " any medicine is a poison in large doses and any poison is a medicine in small doses" . Snake venom was used till recently o treat blood coagulations. "Allopathy" is a misnomer. It is modern medicine not allopathy.

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