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We need to find ways to support each other and to maintain this website. As you know, I hope and plan to keep this site free for general membership. There will be special benefits and bonuses for people who will pay for these services in the future.

I have just signed up for a marketing affiliate program that could put money into your pocket and also support this website. It will take some time to get the pennies to grow, but I believe it is possible as our membership increases.

There is a program called MonkeyJar. I'm sure the name came from the story of the monkey who put his hand in the jar to get the special fruity treat. However, he was stuck because the narrow jar was not big enough for both his hand and the fruit. He had to learn to "let go" [ Stage 17 minerals] in order to remove his hand and become free.

I am asking and inviting everyone to join this exploration into affiliate marketing. It is free to join. You can learn more at my hubpage blog.

When you visit Hubpages PLEASE RATE THUMBS UP, answer the poll, write some comments. If you like, join hubpages and write some fantastic positive hubs about homeopathy.


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Comment by Dr. Nisanth Nambison MD on August 6, 2009 at 6:10am
Online networking sites are a hit among the netizens only when they are free (Orkut, facebook etc) paid networking sites are not taken up easily by the members. I am aware of the costs of maintaining the site, therefore let us keep free membership as it is, & start a Premium Membership account so that we don't lose members. Hope u must be having this in your mind.

With regards,
Nisanth Nambison

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