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Immune Tolerance Is The cause Of Most Of The Diseases Of Mankind.

In a mother’s womb, a fetus does not have the capacity to resist the entry of viruses from mother’s body, until a baby is born and receives its nourishment from breast feeding. Before birth, the fetus is formed by the combination of ingredients from both the parents and hence the mother’s body considers it as a foreign body and is forced to allow the fetus for a period of nine months to stay in the womb. After the expiry of this period, when the fetus attains its maturity, the mother’s body throws it off.

During this period of stay in this temporary shelter, whatever ingredients enter into the fetus’s body for the growth of the child are considered as “self” or beneficial for the child. During this opportunity, many viruses enter into the fetus’s body and get friendly with the immune system of the child. These viruses stay for the whole of the child’s life as a friend and keeps on doing harm to the child. This process of considering the enemies as friends, to allow the child to grow in a mother’s womb for its survival without causing any hostility against the viruses, is called “immune tolerance” (vide internet).

For this immune tolerance, every human being considers some viruses and toxic substances produced by viruses as his own cells and never consider them as enemies. But these opportunistic viruses remain harmful by nature and continue to cause diseases for the host.

This type of unholy alliance with enemies is to be broken and the human body should be made alert against such enemies to destroy those friendly enemies to make human body clean and free from diseases. This too difficult task is being done by homeopathy, when a well selected natural substance, similar in toxic nature as the inherited friendly toxin, is chosen and introduced into a human body by the oral route which mimics the viral enemy and excites the B cell to generate antibodies to destroy the natural substance say, Belladonna or Bryonia etc. and simultaneously destroy the innumerable viral enemies by mistake forgetting the long developed friendship from mother’s womb.   

This tricky approach of homeopathy is too difficult to understand without knowing the complex nature of the immune system of human body, such as

(1) How viruses take the opportunity to be friendly with the vital ingredients of a developing fetus’s body,

(2) The viruses do not leave their evil nature of doing harm to the host’s body,

(3) The nature of the viruses is first indentified and noted down in the case history of the patient, we call these as symptoms of diseases,

(4) Based on these symptoms, we select natural substances capable of producing similar disease symptoms on a healthy human body,

(5) apply this natural substance in diluted form orally  to act as viruses and to excite the B cells to generate antibodies to destroy the newly administered natural toxic substance as well as the evil viruses who are camouflaged as friends and causing harm to the innocent host.

This technique was developed by Samuel Hahnemann without knowing the science of immunology, but who did something which is too difficult to realize by the eminent immunologists of the present century. If we the homeopaths do not realize this technique of micro-warfare which is being applied by thousands of followers of homeopathy, how can we make this technique understood by the followers of modern medicine today? 

Photo credit: Library of Congress

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