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Mental symtoms of Hyosyamus from materia medica pura and its repertorial correlation

Obtuseness, insensible laziness. ( “Insensibility so that he did not know those about him,” in original.) [HAMILTON, 1. C.]


485. He is in danger of becoming senseless.( Happened to Boer have himself from the exhalations from henbane.) [VAN EMUS, in Praelect. Baerhavii de morb. nerv .,ad, tom. i, p. 236.]
He lies bereft of reason arid lazy. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 78.]
Complete stupefaction. [WENDT, 1. C. ] STUPEFACTION=as if intoxicated

He does not know those belonging to him. [FAVER,-WEDEL,STEDNAN, 1. C.]RECOGNIZING-not recognize;does anyone,RECOGNIZING-not recognize; relatives;his
Bereft of all his senses, he sits in bed immovable, like a statue. [LA SERRE, 1. C.]

INSANITY,madness,immobile as a statue

490. Complete loss of reason. [ J. B. VAN HELMONT,( From 3ij of seeds, in an adult.) Jus Duumv., § 22.]DELUSION-become insane , he will

Complete loss of consciousness. [CAGNION, 1. C.]


Stupidity. [ WEDEL, 1. c.]

Stupid (Increase of previous (morbid) dullness. ) and sunk in constant sleep, [GREDING, 1. c., p. 96.]

DULLNESS-sleepiness, with

Imbecility, senselessness. [KIERNANDER, 1. c.]

495. Senselessness (amentia). [WEPFER,=STEDMAN,-HALLER,-TOZZETTI, 1. C.]

Insanity (insania). [BLOM, 1. c.-GREDING, 1. c., p. 78.]

Insanity with diarrhoea. [GREDING, 1. C., p. 80.]RECTUM-DIARRHEA-nervous,emotion

Extreme disorder of the intellect. [FAVER, 1. c.]

He spoke many incoherent things. [HAMILTON, 1. C.)

ANSWERING-incoherently, incorrectly, irrelevantly

500. They babble out almost everything a sensible person would have kept silence about all his life, [GRUNEWALD, 1.. C. (II).]


Exhausted he rambles on about things to himself. [GREDING, 1. c., p: 82.]

He speaks more than ordinarily, with greater liveliness and in a more hurried manner. [Stf.]

Loquacity. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 75.]


Foolish laughter. [SAUVAGES, 1. C.]LAUGHING-foolish(single remedy)

LAUGHING-LOVE, from, disappointed

505. When reading he mixes up improper words and modes of speech. [WEPEER, 1. c.]

MISTAKES; making, reading in

He chatters incoherent things. [STEDMAN, 1. C.]

He murmurs nonsensical things to himself, [WEPFER. 1. C.]

He murmurs and chatters to himself. [KIERNANDER, 1. C.]


Confusion of the mind with talk about various things.( The last phrase in the original is ”altercatio.) [ M ATTHIOLUS, 1. C.]

TALK-TALKING, talks, confused

510. Unconnected words. [WEDEL, 1. C.]MUTTERING-unintelligible
Floccillation and murmuring at the same time. [COSTA, 1. c.]

Talking nonsense. (BERN IGAU,-WEDEL, (In Wedel’s case, with red face. ) HUNERWOLF, 1. c.]

When awake he talks nonsense : says a man has been there which was not the case .DELUSION-person,room,another person is in the
He is delirious as in acute fever. [STEDMAN, 1. C.]

515. Exalted state of mind (for 12 hours) with almost incessant delirium.( From a henbane clyster. ) [ JOERDENS, in Hufel. Journal, iv, p. 539.]DELIRIUM-gay, cheerful

Extreme liveliness, restlessness, hurry. [Stf.]

Over-busy : he thought he was more active and stronger than he actually was (aft. 2, 4, 8 h.). [Fz.]HURRY,haste,movements in
Thousands of fanciful ideas play about his mind. [PLANCHON, 1. c.]

In the confusion of his fancy he thinks men are swine. [SCHULZE, 1. c.]


520. He is silently wrapped up in his own thoughts. ABSORBED
Imbecility (stupor), shown in words and acts. [HUNERWOLF, 1. c.]

IMBECILITY-laughing for no reason, IMBECILITY-sexual excitement, with.

Bereft of reason he knew not what he did. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 90.]
Foolish acts, [GRUNEWALD, 1. C.]

He sings love-songs and street ballads. [GRUNEWALD, 1. c. (1).]

525. Chattering he prepares for a journey[GREDING. 1, c., p. 76.]

DELUSION- journey, he is on a

Chattering he makes preparations for a wedding. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 76.]

DELIRIUM-wedding,prepares for

A very peculiar feeling of lightness and mobility.[Stf.]

He dances. [COSTA, 1, c.]

Comical confusion of mind (From eating the root, in a whole family.) : they perform all sorts of ridiculous antics, like monkeys.
[PET. BORELLI, Cent., iv, Obs. 45. ]

FOOLISH behavior, monkeys like 530.

He makes ridiculous grimaces, like a dancing fool.[GRUNEWALD,1.c.]

GRIMACES- ill-mannered faces, makes. GRIMACES-strange faces,makes.

Ridiculous grimaces, like those of a drunken person. [GRUNEWALD,1.c]

Gesticulations. [GRUNEWALD, 1. c. (I).]

He gesticulates like a harlequin.( In original, “like an actor.” )

[SCHULZE, 1. c.] DELUSION,IMAGINATION,harlequin,he is a.
In his delirium he acts as if he were cracking nuts. [WEPFER, 1. c.]

DELUSION- imagination nuts, cracking 535.

In his mania, he acts as if he must drive away peacocks with his hands. [WEPFER, 1. C.]

DELUSION-driving animals peacocks

He clutches about him, without knowing at what. [ HAMILTON, 1. c.]

He fumbles about his head, his face, his nose, and grapples the bed-clothes, as in flocculation. (“As patients frequently do in nervous fevers.”) [HAMILTON, 1. c.]

GESTURES, makes, hands, involuntary motions of the, picking bed clothes, at the.

He puts his arms round the stove and tries to climb up it as if it were a tree. [WEPFER, 1. C.]

DELUSION-imagination-stove : tree, mistakes the stove for a, wants to climb it

They cried out that near objects were going to fall and seized hold of them. [STEDMAN, 1. c.]

DELUSION,imaginations-objects seized,tries to

540. They ran against all objects that stood in their way, with open, wild eyes. [CAGNION, 1. c.]

Mania, as if possessed by the devil. [MATTHIOLUS, 1. C.]

DELUSION-devil, possessed of a devil, he is

He strips himself naked. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 81.]NAKED wants to be
He lies naked in bed and chatters. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 76.

TALKS, talking, talks prattling-lies naked in bed
Naked and enveloped in a fur cloak, he senselessly wanders about to a great distance in the summer heat. [GRUNEWALD, 1. c. (I).]

DELIRIUM-wraps up in a fur during summer

545. Ridiculously solemn acts in improper clothing,( In a priest’s cassock, put on over nothing but a shirt and in fur boots, he wishes to go to church, in order to preach and perform clerical offices there, and, furiously attacks those who try to prevent him.) mixed with fury.[GRUNEWALD, 1. C. (II).]

DRESS- dresses indecently

Along with constant burning heat and crying out he breathes with difficulty and makes violent movements with the hands.

The first day extremely lively and very crotchety, the second cross and much disposed to scold. [Lr.]

Alternations of calmness and fury. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 85.]

RAGE,FURY alternating with cheerfulness
Mania, he can scarcely be restrained.( Not found. ) [STEDMAN. 1. C.]

550. He displays uncontrollable strength in his fury. [GREDING, 1. C., p. 76.]

RAGE, fury strength increased, RAGE fury-uncontrollable, can scarcely be restrained.

Extremely furious and naked he passes the day and night without sleep and crying out. [GREDING, 1. c.]


Abusive talk, scolding, noise. [GRUNEWALD, I. C, (III).]



555. Quarreling. [GRUNEWALD, 1. C.]
Quarreling and abusive talk. [SCHULZE, 1. c.]
He is violent and strikes at people. [GRUNEWALD, 1. C.]

STRIKING,desire to strike

He lays violent hands on others. [GRUNEWALD, 1. c. (III).]

Fury ; he tries to inflict injury on and hurt others.RAGE,fury bittig others
560. Fury.( “Ravings” in Sloane’s cases. ) [SLOANE, 1. C.-GREDING, pp. 75, 79, 81.]

Uncontrollable frenzy. [COSTA, 1. c.]MANIA ,madness,alternating with frenzy

Extreme fury : he rushes at people with knives. [KIERNANDER, 1. c.]

He strikes and tries to murder those he meets. [SCHULZE, 1. C.]

Cross, sad (the 2nd day). [Stf.]KILL desire to, knife,with a

565. Dejection, sadness.( “Spirits dejected,” in original. ) [HAMILTON, 1. C.]

Restlessness. [HAMBERGER, 1. c.- GREDING, 1. C., p. 78.]

Extreme restlessness.( The author adds, “cannot be restrained.”) [STEDMAN, 1. C.]

They always moved from one place to another (for two days).[SAUVAGES, 1. C.]

Anxiety. [HUNERWOLE, 1. C.]

570. Anxieties. [STOERCK, 1. c.]

Horrible (In original, “the utmost.” ) anxiety. [WEDEL, 1. c.]

Shocks of fright, alternating with trembling and convulsions.( Literally, “tremors, startings, and convulsions.”) [HAMILTON, 1. C.]

He complains that he has been poisoned.( Merely a statement of the fact. ) [HAMILTON, I, c.]

(He considers himself a criminal.)


575. Peculiar fear of being bitten (In original “devoured.”) by beats. [CAGNION, 1. c.]

FEAR bitten of being

Irritable, morose, despairing. [GREDING, 1. c., p. 104.]

(He reproaches himself and has scapules of conscience.)

He reproaches others, and complains of injustice that he imagine has been done him.

REPROACHES-himself and others

In despair he wishes to take his life, and throw himself into the water. [GREDING, 1. C., p. 104.]

SUICIDAL disposition despair from

580. Extreme fearfulness.
Long-continued fearfulness. [CAGNION, 1. c.]

Impatient ; he thought he should die when he had to wait for something of quite a trivial nature.


Understanding Hyoscyamus

Comparison between Apis, Lachesis, Hyoscyamus


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Comment by Yvonne Siblini on April 16, 2012 at 11:51am

Theres alot of delusion and suspicion too and homesickness to a great deal

Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on May 5, 2011 at 3:13am
Good Collection
Comment by Dr. Maulik Mahendrabhai Joshi on October 1, 2010 at 7:31am
sir this is really wonderful presentation of image of hyoscymus remedy with mental symptoms.
Comment by Neelam Chordiya on September 30, 2010 at 1:27pm

Hello Sir it was great working with you on the Hyos blog. I could understand the proper image of Hyos. in a simpler way

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