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HWC Will Be on Heshie Segal's Blog Talk Radio Show

THIS IS A FIRST! Please join us on Wednesday April 14, 2010 at 10:00PM EDT USA as we become a guest on the Heshie Segal Blog Talk Radio Show. When you are in this business you must be dynamic. Not just a dynamic speaker, but a dynamic individual who can be ready at any moment.

Follow up impressions of this show can be read on the blog

Please check the WORLD CLOCK to find out when it is playing live in your country. We would like everyone who is awake at that time to participate in the live chat. However, for those who are asleep at that hour the show will be recorded and archived for future listening.

Heshie contacted me two weeks ago and matter-of-factly said, "Debby you are on the show Wednesday." Well, I would be on an airplane when the show began and maybe dragging my luggage around the airport midway. So, she said, "Just use your cellphone," and I'm laughing. Right


As the days wore on, I was waiting for more information about the show and we were both so busy that, fortunately for me, she decided to postpone the show one week and get a lot more people involved. The universe works in miraculous ways.

Then, I find out that the first half of the show will be introducing a much sought after speaker and we will follow up the second half of the show. This throws off our plans, because Liz Brandegee (WHAW) has her meditation class at the starting time of our set, so now we all must be very dynamic and able to bend with the times. We shall see how it all pans out.

Heshie, of The JetNetting Connection Show, is a social media expert and is the most connected person I know. She is a motivational speaker and social media expert. She is a top Twitterer! Heshie gets people "connected" and she teaches the skills of being a 'go-getter' "jet-netter' connector.

I met Heshie on Twitter one day. We struck up a chord and then she really surprised me. She rang me up on the telephone to say, "hello." That was the beginning of our friendship. Learning how to care about each other and find out our history, what makes us tick, our family life and just learning from each other. This is what makes Heshie great. And she really wants to help others, that's why she 'gives back' to the community in so many ways. By having a Blog Talk Radio show she helps promote many individuals and organizations that need a platform to get their message out. I want to whole-heartedly thank Heshie and her producer Larry Lewis for taking up our cause.

I want to encourage everyone to listen to our session and even get on the live chat to comment. Really talk it up. Tell your friends. Twitter. This is our opportunity to be heard.

Let's all kick it up a notch and get #homeopathy as a trending topic. Start using Hashtag #homeopathy in all your tweets. This is one way to get noticed and become an expert in your field.

The program will be about what's really in our fast foods as she introduces Author, Journalist and nutritional adviser Joann Bruso. Then we take center stage as Liz Brandegee, Dr Navneet Bidani and I talk about World Homeopathy Awareness Week and using social networking to form a community.

Would a McDonald's "Happy Meal" survive a nuclear winter? Perhaps!!
If microbes won't destroy it, should your kids be eating it?

Joann Bruso

When Guest Joann Bruso's blog post, "Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal", went viral it unexpectedly revealed people's passion about fast foods. Bruso kept a Happy Meal on her office shelf for a year to observe and write about. Bruso says, "It never smelled bad. The food did not decompose. It did not get moldy, at all." In fact, she claims that flies, ants and mice ignored it. She says, "after a year the Happy Meal still looks edible."

The interest for her satirical expose of children's fast food penetrated the blogosphere in only a few days. The catalyst was featuring the blog on March 17. followed with a posting linking to The Consumerist. Despite her server crashing, Bruso has had over 70,000 visits in ten days alone.

Joann will discuss her article which has prompted a viral global discussion about McDonalds and the fast food industry.

Homeopathy World Community:

Debby Bruck

Debby Bruck and Elizabeth Brandegee from the World Homeopathic Community will join Heshie's BTR to discuss changing trends in medical care and prevention, as well as, discuss how to find out and participate in events surrounding World Homeopathic Awareness Week

Debby Bruck is a Homeopathic Social Media Journalist and Founder of the Homeopathic World Community website where she has created a global information portal into the world of Homeopathy.

World Homeopathy Awareness Week:

Elizabeth Brandegee

Elizabeth Brandegee is a Classical Homeopath and nutrition counselor in Redmond, WA. She has been in practice for 11 years. In the last 10 years she has beenfounding board member of several homeopathic and health organizations and is now US Rep and International Vice Chair of the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization.

Liz says, "Support WHAW 2010 – a unified celebration of all those who have healed with homeopathy by bringing awareness to the rest of the world. Don't forget to tweet to the twitterverse!”

World Homeopathy Awareness Week begins on April 10th in honor of Dr Hahnemann's birthday, and it’s wonderful to see birthday parties and memorials as part of it. It is truly a celebration for the millions of lives who have been transformed by this energy medicine. We join in by sharing, educating, caring and providing access to homeopathy.

The World Homeopathy Awareness Organization US and Homeopathy World Community are together Creating Waves of Awareness of this Healing Science.

Homeodoc Blog and Dr Bidani's Centre for Homoeopathy:


A very welcome guest to the show will be our very own Dr Navneet Bidani, who represents India's Homeopathic Community. . He will tell us about the special opening day of WHAW when he provided an open clinic to over 100 people in his local community. You can read about it in his HWC Blog and Navneet's Homeodoc Blog if you read Hindi. Dr Bidani has a thriving homeopathic center where he has a successful track record of treating thousands of patients suffereing from diseases like anxiety neurosis, arthritis, cancer, cardiac disorders, depression, eczema, migraine, personality disorders, psoriasis, renal failure, uro-genital disorders, uterine fibroids, and more all with homeopathy.

Navneet's goal is success through homeopathy and creating milestones in his personal life and for homeopathy's history.

Don't forget to Wear Your Twibbon! Tweet this...
Support #WHAW 2010, add a#twibbon to your avatar now! -

So you will NOT want to miss this Edition of The JetNetting Connection Show Wednesday at 10pm EST,

Donate and We All WIN!
April 10-16, 2010 is WHAW


I've written a previous blog, "That's what friends are for" and I would like to continue the theme.

In social networking you make so many connections. You just attract loving, giving people who do random acts of kindness to help you with your cause and message.

Here is a sample

HeshieSegal: The JetNetting Conmection Show: Guest: Joann Bruso and Debby ... on Heshie Segal will air 04/14. #BlogTalkRadio
1 day ago from BlogTalkRadio · Reply · View Tweet

zebrafinch: RT @DebbyBruck: Read Blog about Wed April 14, 2010 BlogTalkRadio Show about Healthing Living #WHAW #HWC #Homeopathy
about 3 hours ago from · Reply · View Tweet

momsofamerica: RT @DebbyBruck New Blog about Wed April 14, 2010BlogTalkRadio Show about Healthy Living #WHAW #HWC#Homeopathy

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Comment by Dr. Navneet Bidani on April 17, 2010 at 11:25am
Thanks Katja, it was really a good experience for me. :)
Comment by Katja Schütt on April 16, 2010 at 9:06am
WELL DONE, Debby, Liz & Navneet !

I really enjoyed your contributions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Debby Bruck on April 14, 2010 at 9:41am
Dear Dr Sajeev ~ Now you are getting the idea of the HWC Community. We are one big family, with one big heart, with one big voice of unity. We may have separate practices, like limbs of a tree, yet, at the core we trust in homeopathy when practiced based on fundamental principles to help heal suffering.

You can see from all the marvelous discussion here that we come from different places, different teachings, and different cultures. All in all, with communication comes understanding and brotherly/sisterly love.
Comment by Dr Sajeev on April 14, 2010 at 4:43am
Like to get good relation with all homoeopaths in the world. To share all merits and failures

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