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How Could Coexist Conventional Medicine and Homeopathy?

By Dr. Guillermo Zamora, M.D. (UAG)

Post-graduated as homeopath at Homeopatía de Guadalajara, A.C., México.

When Dr. Hahnemann wrote the organon definitely had serious arguments to feel great disappointment of the conventional methods of his time. However, time has passed and conventional medicine has made great advances in many fields.

At the same time, many medical doctors have yielded to the truth raised by Dr. Hahnemann, even leaving aside some of the practices they learned in university. Furthermore, it appears that some homeopaths would have to yield on some issues and stop being so dogmatic.

That's why I would like transcribe the following and only to be known for all members (sent to Dr. Nishant a few weeks ago in HWC):

Definitely, Homeopathy should not be confronted with allopathy, but homeopathy must has a separated sphere of action.

I think a good way to understand this separation is first to give recognition to the allopathic system of the progress that has taken in the following items:

I.-Surgery: “Any mechanical disease must be repaired mechanically through surgery”.

Please, see organon paragraph 186:

"The treatment of such diseases is relegated to surgery; but this is right only in so far as the affected parts require mechanical aid, whereby the external obstacles to the cure, which can only be expected to take place by the agency of the vital force, may be removed by mechanical means"

The use of surgery is an effective tool on which we support. Overall and talking mainly on generalities, let me give you a few examples:

1.-Everything that is hernied (hernia): Intestines, inter vertebral discs, synovial capsule (synovial cysts). Through sutures, placement of artificial devices.
2.-Some fractures (broken bones): femur head, proximal third of the humerus, spine, hips. Through the use of prostheses, plates, screws, nails, or spinal stabilization devices.

3.-Any obstruction, or occlusion: Intestines, **Appendicitis, heart valves, arteries, veins. Through valve prostheses, angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, implants, bridges.

**The pathophysiology of appendicitis can be summarized in one word, "obstruction"=Mechanical problem wich is divided in several phases (inflamatory, hiperemic, necrotic-hemorragic, and perforated) that have an evolution of 16-24 hours since inflamatory until perforated (nobody wants to have a perforated appendicits in his/her office). Then, every homeopath should to assess the factor Risk-Time to not endanger the patient´s life.

4.-Hemorrhage: injury or trauma, rupture or perforation of ulcers (gastric or skin) Through sutures, grafts, cauterization.

5.-Tumor or Cancer:Since my viewpoint, strictly under the protocol of Dr. AU Ramakrishnan (Even for those who disagree with homeopathic method of Rama and want to use the most pure method could consider next):

A. States-pre-cancerous: homeopathy is the treatment of choice. (Conventional medicine has little or nothing to offer)

B. "Cancer in very early stage: Only homeopathy.

C.-Bump small, operable, no glands, does not extend: Surgery followed by homeopathy.

D.- Bump-operable with lymph nodes that are also operable.

E- Operable primary lesion. The secondary in the glands and organs: Try homeopathy 3-4 weeks. If no success, radiotherapy followed by homeopathy.

F.-Stage 4: primary fixation with pressure effects on surrounding areas and secondary spread in the body: Homeopathy for palliation.

Please, see my article: "Cancer and homeopathy"

6.-Obstetric and Gynecologic problems: As for example cefalo-pelvic disproportion, pelvic or transverse presentation, thrones ovary cysts, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, abruption placenta normally inserted.

II.-Cancer: In the case of cancer homeopaths should be cautious and be aware of the results that have been taken with allopathic medicines, for example: In the case of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in children, chemotherapy is 95% of success (complete "cure" or supresion if you want, but giving more time to work homeopathicly) and it would be a great omission not to give this great opportunity to a child with this disease.

III.-Poisons (i.e. bites of venenous animals, intoxications by known chemical substances), : These cases should not be viewed as dynamic diseases, therefore must be treated with the antidote from conventional medicine and / or supportive measures such as dialysis, antibodies filtration and some immunoglobulin used in immunology for blocking of certain toxins.

Please, read mi article: "Homeopathy and Microorganisms Producing Exotoxines"

IV.-The case of certain autoimmune diseases in which it is fully proven effectiveness in the treatment and prevention as in: The maternal-fetal ABO isoimmunization or RH. Or in the case of immediate hypersensitivity (Anaphylactic Shock).

V.-One of the great progress that has taken conventional medicine is in supportive measures, which must include hydro electrolyte management in hiperosmolar conditions and in respiratory or metabolic acid or alkalosis. Please see my blogs:

"Homeopathic Approach in the Treatment of Diabetes" and "Homeopathy in Diarrheal Diseases in Children”

Similarly it must be considered as a separate issue the management of Shock.

VI.-Any disease by deficiency (carencial diseases) or metabolic should include its allopathic exogenous, for example, insulin-dependent diabetes, hypothyroidism. We should not stop the treatment exogenous to our patients with this type of diseases.

Once we have considered some of the many advances of allopathic system then we can consider how we can do a join of both systems without involving obstruction or homeopathic combination to our work. I mean "together but not scrambled”. We could even take into account the improving technology of conventional medicine such as computed tomography scann, radiography, contrasting, ultrasound, EKG, EEG, Papanicolaou, laboratory studies to determine locations, extensions, laterality, consistencies, blood condition, metabolic and hydro electrolytic condition in our patients.

Homeopathy is for dynamic diseases (the most of all diseases, 95%).

Kindly, my opinion is that we can coexist, even having great results and walking hand on hand offering to the patient all the options, even, it seems to be necessary since the new perspective of our times.

Thank you for your tolerance.

Dr. Guillermo Zamora

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Comment by Stephanie Nile on July 5, 2010 at 4:52am
I agree with your view Dr Guillermo. These are exciting times.

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