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Homoepathy Problems & their Solutions in Pakistan

Homoepathy in Pakistan started in 1954. Homeopathy became legislative in 1965 when act has been passed by government of General Ayub at that time. Homoepathy system has entered into third century since its invention and working of Dr. Hahnemann in Germany whose the father of Homeopathy. In modern world where alternative medicine becoming very popular with masses and people all around the world are taking Homoepathy as a safe, effective and long lasting curing system in the world but in our country (Pakistan), this system is still struggling for its growth and progress. Homeopathy popularity can be assessed by evaluating its scope in the world where USA to Australia, Europe to Asia, everywhere Homeopaths are serving with their own efforts and contributing a lot.

In Europe specially France 30 % people are taking Homeopathic medicine, almost same is the case with Germany. In England, Royal family's (Queen Elizebeth family)third generation is consecutively taking Homoepathic treatment which shows how effective and secure this system is as far as disease and its cure is concerned. In india, there are more than 5 laks Homoepathic doctors and their knowledge and experience is byond any doubt commendable as some of them serving in USA and Europe also and Governemnt of India has promoted it. (Phd level study MD has introduced in India).

In USA and Europe where most of our renowned Homeopathic scholars are born and practice Homeopathy due to thier great interest and knowledge and efforts to promote Homeopathy. Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Hearings, Dr. James Kent, Dr. William Boerick, Dr. Nash are some of those great scholars whose work and efforts and their books are studying all over the world. Now come to our region in Asia where India is contributing good in Homeopathic study and growth but unfortunately Pakistan where it is still transiting and suffering from immense problems.

In Pakistan, There are more than forty thousands homeopath and more than 150 Homoepathic colleges and unfortunately there is not higher study like Masters in Homeopathy and MD as compared to abroad.

Being an Homeopathic doctor, I have been seeing Homeopathy since my childhood, where Homeopath are treated as illiterate (in terms of their medical knowledge as compared to MBBS) and
actually, after studying Homeopathy I found and observe some reservation as far as Homoepathy in Pakistan is concerned.

Homeopathy Problems in Pakistan:

Although Homeopathy has suffered by lots of factor but concisely, I have mentioned them in point wise for easy understand and their solution are also given.

1. Teachers are not well educated at-least in Punjab province (I don't know whether Karachi are they educated)

2. Teaching Material & Methodology is below average (This is major reason most of students after even studying and getting their degree couldn't able to practice).

3. College environment is not study oriented instead of commercialism is prevailing.

4. Government patronage is obsolete/ out of question for promoting alternative medicine specifically homeopathy.

5. Lack of International exposure of teachers/doctors what modern technique and diagnostic.

6. In-efficiency of National council of homeopathy in setting up proper rules and regulation for homeopathic study and practice.

Suggestions for Improvement of Homeopathy in Pakistan:

1. The education standard of matric should be enhanced and F.S.C (Pre-medical) with proper medical test conducted for its study.

2. National council of Homeopathy should be re-administered by competent people and its rules and regulation should be developed according to modern world standards.

3. College environment and its check and balance has to be maintained with proper scrutiny by NCH in evaluating colleges ranking like HEC (Higher Education Commission) is doing in Pakistan.

4. Government of Pakistan support for homeopathy should be taken by conducting seminar and meeting with Ministry of Health to improve the structure of NCH and overall homeopathy in Pakistan.

5. Pakistani Homeopath doctors should be sent abroad for higher study and degree in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. (Government Scholarship on merit basis by conducted a comprehensive test on Pakistan level)

6. National Council for Homeopathy members, governing body should be re-examined by the Ministry of Health and its working and rules and regulations should be implement in true letter and spirit for the promotion and development of this great way of treatment. (Homeopathy).

7. Last but not least, NCH should collaborate with NUPATH, Australian Homeopathic Association, British and other association of homeopathy for knowledge sharing, student exchange and higher studies and research and development of Homeopathy in Pakistan.

I think, our Homeopathic doctors should unite and exert their efforts to improve Homeopathy system in Pakistan and resolve those problems facing by Homeopathic doctors, students in the better interest of patients, and people of Pakistan for solving our health problems.

Written by Dr. Muhammad Usman Liaqat
MBA (Pk), D.H.M.S (Pb)
R.H.M.P (Pk), I.E.L.T.S (Uk)

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Comment by Dr. Muhammad Usman Liaqat on January 9, 2010 at 4:01am
Certainly Dr. Waqar, You are absolutely right as we have to push forward our focus in developing and promoting Homeopathy in this regard. I hope you and other competent H.Doctors like yours will certainly endeavor to give their worthy suggestion and taken further methods/steps to sort out existing problems facing by our country.
I am looking some suggestion from your side also. I am desperately looking for NCH website which unfortunately got down. This is very pathetic as I don't know WHERE IS OUR COUNTRY'S OFFICIAL REPRESENTATION???
Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on January 7, 2010 at 10:06pm
Thank you for bringing to us the prevailing condition of Homeopathic education and practice in Pakistan.Let us all work and keep pushing in whatever positive way we can,and hope that some day we can also be a good in the science and practice of homeopathy,Hahnemann's homeopathy.

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