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Homoeopathy – Nanomedicine Effectively Treats MND & Cancers

2016 October 14 - 15
Moscow (Russia)
Double Congress

The 1st Eurasian Congress on Homoeopathic Medicine
25th International Congress of Asian Homoeopathic Medical League (AHML)

It was a well attended conference of more then 350 doctors from various countries Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Slovenia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka was inaugurated by the President AHML, Dr. A.K. Seth in presence of Dr. O. O. Salagay (Director of the Department Russian Ministry of Health Care), Professor L. M. Roshal, President of National Medical Chamber and Dr. Zamarenov Nikolay .

In the two days long conference various scientific papers were presented on the disease conditions like Migraine, Respiratory Diseases, Prostate, Cancers, Surgical diseases, Autism, Naphropathy, GIT Infections, Bronchial Asthma, Miasmatic conditions, Motor Neuron Disease (MND), PCOS, Cardiac Arythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, Joint Problems etc. Papers were also presented on Homoeopathic Philosophy, Various Homoeopathic medicines and homoeopathic Approach to treat patients methodology.

Professor Dr. A. K. Gupta, MD (Hom.) presented his paper as “Homoeopathic Approach to Treat Motor Neuron Disease (MND), which is a fast progressing and uncommon disorder of motor neurones which leads to progressive paralysis of cranial and skeletal muscles. Though the exact cause is not known to the medical world and scientists are working all around the globe. Onset may be insidious. First symptoms may be Stumbling, Weakened grip, Hoarse voice, Cramp or Muscle wasting. Condition is incurable and leads to death within a few years of diagnosis, generally 1-3 years.

The disease came to the notice worldwide when the celebrated Scientist Mr. Stephen Hawkins was diagnosed with ALS (the most common form of MND)

In the recently held 1st Eurasian Congress on Homoeopathic Medicine in Moscow, Russia internationally renowned Homoeopathic Consultant, Professor Dr. A. K. Gupta presented his clinical research of 112 cases of Motor Neuron Diseases (MND). This was in succession to earlier research papers on the same disease in LMHI 2011 (New Delhi) and International Conference of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis, 2014 (Ecuador, South America) where 58 and 75 cases were taken up respectively to conduct the studies.

The research highlighted the efficacy of Homoeopathy in managing the patients of MND successfully. The study clearly showed how Homoeopathy has been able to help in improving the quality of life of the patients suffering from this incurable disease and also improving the life span of the patients diagnosed with MND.

Dr. Kannan, Dr. Tanvir, Dr. Seth & Dr. Tapas Gan presented papers on Cancers with cases. Dr. Ravi Singh presented Evidence based Homoeopathic treatment through transmission. Dr. Tiwari & Dr. Girish Gupta spoke on the Homoeopathy in Surgical diseases. Dr. Maker spoke about Hip Displasia in canines. Dr. Sahni read the paper on Role of AYUSH in development of Homoeopathy in India on behalf of Dr. Ramjee Sigh. Dr. M.K. Sahni also spoke on the Applied aspects of dynamic distance transmission. Dr. Nishant Daryani presented his paper on Migraine. Dr. A. Goswami, Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Vishpala spoke on Cinival Picture of Miasms, Importance of Sarcodes & Living Repertory respectively. Dr. Khan & Dr. Nandini presented their papers on Bronchial Asthma and Myelodysplastic Syndrome respectively. Dr. Sapna and Dr. P. Vashisht spoke on PCOS.

A session dedicated to Fundamental Phenomena of Homoeopathy scientific research papers by Professor V. I. Lobyshev on the Problem of Ultra Low doses. Professor Dr. E. S. Ranjendran discussed about Homoeopathy is material Science & Individual Nanomedicine. Cell Sensitivity to Homoeopathic medicines by Dr. M. Marzotto. Laboratory quality control of homoeopathic medicines using visual microscopiccontrol effect of dynamization by Dr. Novosadyuk and Mecanism of action of physical and chemical factors in ultra low doses of homoeopathy by Professor Yamskova gave new dimension and approach to Scientific Homoeopathy.

Indian delegation had around 42 Homoeopathic Doctors headed by the officials - Dr. A. K . Seth President, AHML, Dr. Girish Gupta Secretary General & Dr. Sandeep Kaila, NVP of Asian Homoeopathic Medical League. Apart from these officials other doctors from all over India participated in this conference were:

  • Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi
    Dr. M. K. Sahni
  • Dr. K. K. Juneja
  • Dr. Amar Singh
  • Dr. R. C. Aggarwal
  • Dr. B. D. Patel
  • Dr. Rajendran
  • Dr. Kannan
  • Dr. Bhatia
  • Dr. Ameya Goswami
  • Dr. Tejawar Khan
  • Dr. Nandini Sharma
  • Dr. Chanda Seth
  • Dr. Vishpala
  • Dr. A. K. Gupta
  • Dr. Kamal Puri
  • Dr. Navneet Rastogi
  • Dr. Patra
  • Dr. Nishant Daryani
  • Dr. Ravi Singh
  • Dr. Tapas
  • Dr. Sandhu
  • Dr. Makker
  • Dr. Tanvir
  • Dr. Purnima
  • Dr. B. N. Singh
  • Dr. Tiwari
  • Dr. Saroj
  • Dr. Rajesh & Dr. Sapna Gupta
  • Dr. Geeta
  • Dr. V. P. Bansal
  • Dr. Amber
  • and others.

It was a great pleasure that Homoeopathic Doctors from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Slovenia urged to join as member countries of Asian Homoeopathic Leaugue. Dr. Marussa had been instrumental to develop Homoeopathic institutions in Slovenia. It was announced by the President that next conference may be held in Kazakhstan. Homoeopathy is gaining world wide acceptance for its effectiveness in treating almost all sort of disease conditions including some rare and difficult diseases also. Homoeopathy Ensures Health Safely and Surely.

The entire team of office bearers of AHML was unanimously re-elected for another term under the leadership of Dr. A. K. Seth, Dr. Girish Gupta & Dr. Sandeep Kaila. On the whole it was a good congress and well organised. Dr. Zamarenov Nikolay and his team of Russian doctors deserves compliments for their efforts. It was really heartening to see a full lecture of tribute by Dr. Zamarenov Nikolay to the late Dr. D. P. Rastogi and he mentioned time and again about Dr. J. D. Daryani also for bringing Homoeopathy to this level in Russia.

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