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Homoeopathy In Congenital Heart Diseases Our Experience

“Homoeopathy in congenital heart diseases – our experience”


Aim 1 is To study the Clinico- investigatory profile in Patients
diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease.

Aim 2 is To assess the scope of homoeopathy in these cases.


Methods & materials

This is a prospective study of 26 patients attending the out-patient & in-patient-departments of the Department of Homoeopathic Cardiology, The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India; Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital, Nagpur, India and Aadil Homoeo Heart Care Centres Nagpur, India from 1st March 2013 to 1st March 2016.

Patients aged between 0 to 48 years diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease syndromes that fitted the inclusion criteria, were evaluated for

  1. Causative factors,
  2. Presenting symptomatology
  3. Family history.

They were investigated (haematological profile, relevant Serology, ECG, 2D Echocardiogram & Doppler and cardiac catheterization where required.) After establishing the nosological diagnosis, they were administered homoeopathy (depending upon Case Types & specific homoeopathic Protocols designed by the N.A.H.I) and are being followed-up stringently.



An annual statistical data is published considering a variety of observations regarding age, sex, symptoms; rate of palliation, constitutional and palliative remedies, potencies, etc. We observed that at our centre following was the scenario of disease-wise presentations -

Septal defects – Ventricular septal defect (65%), Atrial septal defect (8%) 

Obstructive defects –Aortic stenosis (6 %), Pulmonary stenosis (9%). No case of Coarctation Aorta (a common Obstructive defect) has been reported.

Cyanotic defects –Tetralogy of Fallot (10%), Transposition of Great vessels (1%), Tricuspid atresia (1%),

We have yet not encountered any case of Pulmonary atresia, Truncus Arteriosus, Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection and Hypoplastic Left Ventricle that are some other common Cyanotic CHD’s.


Fundamental Cause responsible for CHD is Syphilitic Miasm is in active phase in-utero. The exciting factors that we found in the history of our patients were

  1. Severe acute illness in the mother during pregnancy (TORCH, malaria, seizures)
  2. Shock – mental or physical
  3. Drugs consumed by the mother in Pregnancy: Steroids, anticonvulsants, Warf, etc.
  4. Metabolic disorders as Diabetes Mellitus, Thyrotoxicosis, ITP, in mother during pregnancy
  5. Maternal age,
  6. Consanguineous marriage

None of the mother's of our CHD Patients were smokers, tobacco chewers, consumed alcohol or were exposed to
X-Ray Radiation during pregnancy. The latter are also frequent causes of CHD, mentioned in the literature.


Common Presentations

  • CCF - Tachypnoea, tachycardia, costal recession, liver enlargement or edema
  • Central Cyanosis - entire skin / mucus membrane
  • Cardiac Murmur (loud systolic murmur x 1 week aft birth - Normal)
  • Arrhythmia
  • Lethargy, Inactivity, poor feeding, failure to thrive


A Few Clinical Observations that are peripheral pointers of CHD in a child

  1. Low set ears
  2. Large outer canthi,
  3. Hutchinsons incisors,
  4. Wide space teeth,
  5. Frontal bossing,
  6. Anti -mongoloid slant,
  7. Short neck,
  8. Depressed nasal bridge,
  9. Pointed nose (Elfin face),
  10. Polydactyly


Remedies Used Most frequently For Acute state Management

  • Antimony tart
  • Carbo Veg
  • Aconite ferox
  • Aconite napelus
  • Antimony arsenicum
  • Lactrodectus mac
  • Lobellia inflata
  • Crotalus horridus
  • Naja
  • Medorrhinum

Certain Facts

  • Foramen Ovale (between 2 atria) - closes anatomically in 4-5 days after birth
  • Ductus arteriosus constricts physiologically immediately after 1st breath but after 3 days anatomically.
  • Normal Oxygen Saturation - 90% in 1 hour after birth
  • Accurate BP can be measured in a neonate by Doppler studies.
  • Investigations for Diagnosis - Chest XRay, ECG, Echocardiogram, Blood Gases, Pulse Oxymetry, Oxygen Saturation



We can conclude that Homoeopathy is:

  1. Significantly effective for patients with Congenital Heart Disease.
  2. Homoeopathy can manage the cases and make them clinically viable provided the mechanical shunts or septal defects are within physiological limits
  3. Beneficial effects of Homoeopathic remedies depends upon the extent of the defects, its expression, state of miasmatic attributes (phase, stage and state)and the nursing / auxiallary measures available.
  4. By effectively managing the clinical manifestation with appropriate remedies, the progress of CHD can be minimized
  5. Majority of Congenital Heart Diseases are Case Type II i.e. Incurable Cases. Hence they require Palliative remedies.
  6. Certain specific homoeopathic Medicines have been identified that are able to reduce Pulmonary Artery Pressure.
  7. Avoid administration of high Potencies if the defects are large, clinical manifestations are life-threatening or if the vitality of the patient is low. Use LM potency.
  8. Organ remedies in low potencies for a long period held in making the patient clinically stable.
  9. To prevent Congenital Heart Diseases in progeny, a Nosode followed by a Constitutional Drug may be administered to the couple before Conception or during pregnancy.

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