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Homoeopathy Effective In Curing Rare Diseases

Homoeopathy effective in curing rare diseases

Homoeopathy is the future of Medicine and a befitting example of this was seen at the 70th International Homoeopathic Congress of LMHI (Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis) held recently in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

More than 1200 delegates participated from all over the world. A delegation of 36 Homoeopathic experts from all over India also participated and presented various research papers during the 5 days conference.

Few important papers on Role of Homoeopathy in treating various disease conditions like Asthma, ADHD, Cancers, Lichen Planus, Psoriasis, PCOD, Allergies, Rare diseases like Behcet’s Syndrome, Depression, Substance Abuse, Back pain, Sport Injuries, Malaria, Superbug , Hematomas, Cardiomyopathy, HIV, Autism, Immuno-deficient Children, Leprosy, Breast Tumours, Hypothyroidism, Thrombosis, Leukaemia etc. were presented by doctors from different countries.

Papers on recent Researches in Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy in Dentistry, Homoeopathy in Veterinary and Plants were also presented.

One such case study was presented this year by one of Delhi’s internationally renowned Homoeopathic Doctor, Prof. Dr. A. K. Gupta, Founder-Director, AKGsOVIHAMS (Om Vidya Istitute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences)Homoeopathic clinics. He presented a paper on treating a Rare and dreadful disease called the Behcet’s Disease. It is one of the rarest immunological disorders where the patient suffers from symptoms varying from Severe Ulcerations in the Mouth and Genitals, Severe Joint Pains to even complete Blindness and can be Fatal also.

It was highly appreciated by all as Homoeopathy has been able to treat and cure rare diseases also. He has been already a pioneer in treating rare and incurable disease called Motor Neuron Disease (MND) effectively with Homoeopathy. Renowned Homoeopathic experts from various countries like Klaus Gysper , Martin Dinges & Jose Schimidt of Germany; Peter Fisher of England; Ashley Ross of South Africa; Andre Saine of Canada; Gregory Helfbein of France; Paolo Bellavite of Italy; Steven Kayne of Scotland; Jack Hendrick of Belgium; Juan Schaffer of Argentina; Luiz Stern, Rinaldo Ferreira and Rosy de, Dr.Francisco Jose de of Brazil were among the speakers. Dr. Alok Pareek, Dr. R. K. Manchanda, Dr. Farokh Master, Dr. S. M.Singh, Dr. M. Sahni, Dr. Samir, Dr. Rajesh Shah, Dr. A. K. Gupta, Dr.Anwar, Dr. Kamal Puri, Dr. Sapna & Rajesh, Dr. Kamal Jindal, Dr.Eswara Das, Dr. Purnima Shukla, Dr. Girish Gupta, Dr. Shrinivasrao, Dr Makkar, Dr. Nandani , Dr.Dhurba Chakraborty, Dr Juhi Gupta, Nishant Jain and Dr. Puja Shukla etc. were the main speakers from India.

The LMHI conference is an annual and biggest conference in the Homoeopathic system of medicine where doctors from all over the world come together to showcase the magnificent scope and power of Homoeopathy with their paper presentation and Poster presentations . It also helps different Governments of various countries about Homoeopathy. The conference has the history of producing path breaking studies in field of medicine which has helped evolving the Homoeopathic medical science in serving the humanity in a better and more efficient way over the years.

The next congress of 2016 will be held in Argentina informed the LMHI President Dr.Ranzo Glassi. India is going to be proud as the forthcoming president of LIGA is going to be an Indian Dr.Alok Pareek. A meeting was held for the NVP also. Meeting was attended by Dr.SPS Bakshi, Dr.Ramjee Singh, Dr.sandeep Kaila, Dr.Arun Bhasme, Dr.K.K.Juneja, Dr.Nandal, Dr.Amar Singh, Dr.Ravinder Kumar, Dr.Navneet Rastogi, Dr.U C Gulati and others among the list of Indian speakers .

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