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Homoeopath's Nonsensical statements about Dreams, Whims and Fantasies

It is highly objectionable and is unacceptable to say that Dreams, Whims, Fantasies are unscientific and too subjective. This is an absurd statement without understanding the depth of subject matter.

Why Homoeopath forgets the unique contribution of Hahnemann, a new style of drug proving, which no body have thought on at their time and even today. This is a very sorry stage that we could not prepare a sigle follower of Hahnemann to proove completely a drug on himself or even a repeat prooving of any polychrest medicine? Why Homoeopath forgets, how Homoeopathic Materia-medica is composed, arranged and constructed and have been presented in a new style and in a new manner? Those who are commenting like this about the contents of materia medica, in my opinion, they are not the true Hahnemannian followers and thus they are wounding Homoeopathy by their acts, stabbing back with the knife. These people have never understood well the Hahnemann, the Hahnemannian teachings and his writings.

Hahnemann begins Materia medica from Mind. Why? Have any Homoeopath thought on, why Hahnemann started materia medica from Mind? At the time of Hahnemann the drugs were introduced from “Head” then other part of the body. It is the unique vision of Hahnemann that he begins the proved drugs from “Mind” and then to other parts of the body sequentially. In fact, Hahnemann understands that Mind is the supreme and important organ in Human body, which is most sensitive than the other parts of the body organs, both physically, mentally, intellectually etc. The concept of starting from the mind is to evaluate the doctrine of Vital force, idiosyncrasy and the mental faculty business over all.

Dreams, fantasies, whims are a part of the mental behavior. Whatever we do in our daily life, that all reflects in our subconscious mind. There is no need to explain the entire psychological phenomenon. When drugs were proved, whatever the symptoms perceived or conceived by the prover, are recorded by them in their note papers or diary. Obviously the provers are human beings and they recorded which is felt by them. Finally thus recorded symptoms came in existence and were catagorised accordingly.

The uses of these symptoms are very important. Who says, these symptoms are not essential in Homoeopathic prescribing? These symptoms have essential role to understand the personality of patient internally and externally, after going to his/her whole recorded history. If Homoeopathic physician is novice, he will feel difficulty to understand the value of these symptoms.

We are enjoying the entire essence of the Homoeopathic philosophy, what Hahnemann has given in his last days of life, in such a matured age. This could be difficult to understand by the beginners because to understand the Hahnemann, one should have a matured brain and analytical mind. It is like that when you ask a deaf and dumb Person about the taste of sugar or salt or a bachelor, who have never married, about his/her “sexual experiences and married life”.

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Comment by Dr. Desh Bandhu Bajpai on July 5, 2009 at 8:59am
Thanks for the comment, it is the moral duty of the Homoeopathic physician to record the case history of the patient in sequencial requirements. Hahneman have instructed in para-3 to 6 in Organon, which have to follow by every physician. He have clearly instructed about the recording of the case history, what is needed to come at the conclusion of the cause of the disease, which he say "causa Occasanalis", when you conclude the disease condition and find a definite cause of disease , is is very easy to select a medicine.

Dreams etc are related with the mental faculty of the patient and I think Fraed have eleborated well in Psychology.

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