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Is pathology really valuable in Homoeopathic prescription?

During the time of Dr. C. S. F. Hahnemann when he invented homoeopathy even the microscope was not introduced in the field of medicine. But, today the clinical pathology has advanced to a great extent. The minutest changes in the blood, stool, urine and sputum etc.etc. of the organism (body) can be detected in the laboratory. Similarly Radiology and Bacteriology have also have developed greatly and very sophisticated devices have come into being with the help of which the medical scientist could see slightest changes into the inside and even into the tissues of the body. Every kind of bacteria infecting the body may be identified correctly. Do all these developments are really help in homoeopathy to diagnose the indicated curative medicine?
No doubt all the clinical tests may be useful for evaluation of the progress in the condition of health of the sick. In fact the science of pathology is still very much incomplete. As far as I know there is no machine as yet developed which can tell the feelings and sensations of any individual; the effect of heat or cold on the individual; the conditions in which an individual feels amelioration or aggravation; the time of day or night when the disease gets better or worse; about the desires and aversions; about the emotions of an individual; variations in stool, urine, perspiration, and so on so forth. There are numerous such states/symptoms come into notice during the various diseases and similar states/symptoms have also come up during healthy provings of various medicinal substances which have no pathological explanation. For example:
• Mentally restless, but physically too weak to move; cannot rest in any place; changing places continually; wants to be moved from one bed to another, and lies now here, now there. (Arsenicum album.)
• Dryness of tongue and mouth with no desire to drink water. (Pulsatilla).
• Copious salivation, tongue moist yet much thirst for water. (Mercurious solubilis).
• The patient gets convulsions from bright light yet desires light and aversion to dark. (Stramonium).
• There is a long list of such whimsical symptoms found in various disease conditions and simultaneously in various drug provings.
Dr. J. T. Kent very aptly says:
Whenever we see in the nature of a remedy a well-defined state and condition of the human system pointed out by certain distinctive groups of symptoms we may know that there is such a diseased state in the human family. They have not the power to create by themselves any diseased state except there is first such a state in the economy of the human race to be aroused. They simply call up in a single individual something that the individual has, and that something belongs to the human race, and so whenever we see a diseased state in the remedy we know that it exists in correspondence to something in the human race. Things are so adjusted that everything is for use. There may be conditions in the human race that we, as yet, know no remedy for. We see certain groups of peculiar symptoms frequently repeat themselves and we know they are representatives of a state of the economy, but up to this day we may not have seen in the Materia Medica their counterpart. In medicines we have the exact counterpart for the diseases of the human race.
At another place he says:
We must study remedies as we would human character. Some of them seem to be extremely whimsical, and it is by knowing these whimsical, strange and peculiar things that we are able to mark the character of the remedy.
The providence has bestowed every individual with a system and qualities which can clearly differentiate and can express these clearly to others.
In homoeopathic system all these symptoms and states are the real pathology which work like guiding beacons for curative medicine(s). I am trying to practice homoeopathy according to the laws invented by Dr. Hahnemann. I do not claim to be true homoeopath but I am trying to be so. The readers can judge my statement through my work available on the web: in the form of articles/case records and documentary videos presented from my own practice.
There are so many things exist in this world which are still beyond the scope of the physical sciences. Life is itself one of them and homoeopathy is a science of life.

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