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Homeopathy World Community

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Homeopathy World Community - An idea

Madam Debby Bruck has created this website, the purpose is to shorten the distance between homeopath and general public, minimize the differences, promote knowledge, develop consensus and extend harmony and love (What I have understood)

My idea is why not to make a professional and registered “HOMEOPATHIC WORLD COMMUNITY” under her leadership and put an effort to accomplish the agenda of the homeopathy world community, if we are serious in our intentions and plans and if business and self-promotion is not our motto.

Many people make suggestions but do not provide plan. I am trying to come with complete picture about Community.

Community Introduction:
The community is entrusted to educate homoeopathic students and doctors to groom their talent in the field of homeopathic medical science with a view to provide health facilities to the people, to promote homoeopathic knowledge, thoughts and higher education among the members and general public globally. Only certified homeopaths of all standard educations are eligible to become the member of this community.


The purpose and manifesto of the community is:-

1. To promote and sponsor Hahnemannian Homeopathic method of treatment/practice with true sprit and principles all over the world at all level.

2. To provide a platform to homeopaths to put combine efforts in serving mankind, healing ailing humanity, building harmony and to achieve educational goals and objectives through peaceful means.

3. To sponsor and promote recognize and standard homeopathic courses like DHMS, B.Sc (Homeopathy), BHMS (Graded), BHMS (Classified), MD, M.Phil, Ph.D etc. and to encourage higher education in the field of homeopathy.

4. To promote and launch homeopathic pharmacist courses /certification and diplomas in all countries.

5. To sponsor and promote the efforts of homeopaths, talent of homeopathic students and their achievements.

6. To assist and provide house job facilities at homeopathic clinics/hospitals.

7. To help in issuing stipend/allowances/donations so that community members can set up clinics.

8. To help to create vacancies for homeopaths in offices/hospitals/universities at official/government level. Efforts would be made to create vacancies in Prisoner centers.

9. To put efforts in providing equivalency of homeopathic courses with other running courses/certifications like MD, MBBS, MPH, M.Sc and Ph.D etc. So that homeopathic graduate doctors can compete for jobs for all ranks/scales/posts in different part of the world.

10. To assist, suggest and to establish infra structure of homeopathy at local/government level in all countries.

11. To put efforts in bringing amendments in already established medical rules running in different part of the countries according to the need of homeopathic practitioners.

12. To put efforts in allocation of separate seats homeopaths in Medical related governing Councils in the world.

13. To get due share for homeopaths in countries health policies through active participation and to make effort in becoming the part of World Health Organization Health Programs.

14. To suggest and upgrade homeopathic course/syllabus/curriculum by putting efforts in establishing faculties/campus in various charted colleges/universities/institutions at official level in all part of the countries.

15. To suggest and support officials/government to allow and authorize Graduate Homeopathic Doctors to issue medical fitness/health certificate to their patients like Medical Doctors.

16. To put efforts in establishing homeopathic universities, teaching hospitals/dispensaries and research centers at official/government level. To help colleges/universities to get affiliations with Board and world recognized charted institutions.

17. To organize homeopathic workshops/seminars/conference to provide up to date knowledge and to create awareness among the general public about homeopathy.

18. To organize homeopathic free medical camps to provide health facilities to needy people at their doorsteps especially the backward areas of South Asia.

19. To issue homeopathic magazines.

20. To establish homeopathic libraries/software houses.

21. To help in issuing Loan/Donations from the government/NGOs to community members/Homeopaths, to help in establishing clinics/hospitals.

22. To help to issue educational stipend from the donated agencies, country officials and Education Ministries Homeopaths for higher studies.

23. To incorporate with other homeopathic/social associations/organizations for the betterment of homeopathy and to achieve objectives set in manifesto.

………………..* * *………………..

I have desinged an insignia also:-

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Comment by Dr. MAS on December 24, 2009 at 2:58am
Dear Dr. Noor Asi,

Waliakum Asslaam.

My idea is , whatever is your practice and what is your routine, You may please carry on with your mission etc but spare few minutues from your daily time for the uplift of education standard. Unless our paths will not enhance their education standard they would not be capable enough to coup the difficulties they are facing to prove their existance. Bring homeopathy at the standard of scientific indicators which are set by general scientific community and that can only be achieved unless we will not create the environment of logical reasoning on the present day approved scientific basis.
Comment by Muhammad Noor Asi on December 24, 2009 at 2:21am
Assalam Alaikum Dr Mas

Great contribution.
Yes, the life is so short. Why not do something for the humanity.
You know Dr Mas that i am already working on this idea. Believe me , it provides great satisfaction to me when i help the needy people without any greed for reward/fee. The prayers by the patients are the great rewards to me.

Let's join hands for the noble cause and promise here that all of us will spare some of time to participate in free camps and/or organize such camps in required areas of our respective regions.
May Allah help us in promoting homeopathy.
Comment by Dr. MAS on December 19, 2009 at 3:21am
thank you
Comment by Dr. MAS on December 17, 2009 at 10:33pm
Quoted from "Dr Wequar Ali Khan" I would like also to suggest on one of your post on issuing a magazine,that we can commence with a newsletter every month about homeopathy news from Pakistan in particular and other news concerning homeopathy around the world.This would highlight as to the "goingon"in Pakistan........."

In this regard, I would like to inform you that, there are atleast 25 homeopathic magazines published every month in Pakistan. Few like MOALIJ KARACH, BM HOMEOPATHIC NEWS LAHORE, KAMAL RAWALPINDI, INTERNATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC JOURNAL ISLAMABAD, ELAJ BILMISAL RAHIMYARKHAN, BULANDI HYDERABAD, HOMEOPATH KARACHI, HOMEOPATHIC MISSION KARACHI AND AWAZ NOU BANNU etc are famous. Each one is providing space to homeopathic news. NCH activitie are also published in them.
Comment by Dr. MAS on December 17, 2009 at 1:03am
I thank you to all honourable member of this community who forwarded comments.

My idea is very simple and clear.

Debby Bruck is already set this board (Community Website)

People are joining with their complete profile (It is another good thing that they have provided their true information regarding their names, fields and profession etc. They have already accepted REGISTRATION AGREEMENT. They have also provided their photos (Passport Size). The idea is to provide them a plate form also to work on the manifesto (as suggested by me – it is a draft not final) at their own, in groups and at their locations but do info to community about their work, activities, suggestions, proposals and opinions and future plans.

We can make this website a hub of World Homeopathic Community, where people can call for suggestion how to tackle certain things which homeo world community is facing. For example, here in Pakistan, Homeopathy is a recognized system of medicine at Government / Official level but there is no homeopathic drug act. Due to the same reason the manufacturing is not regulated here. Recently our group of homeopaths filed a request to supreme court to direct NCH and Ministry of Health to get approval of drug act from the Parliament. Here what this web site or Homeo World Community can help us.

I ask for help and request to community that we in Pakistan facing such and such problem and we want work on it. Please send your proposals, opinions and suggestion, how to handle that situation?

1. It is quite possible that few members help us in sending draft copies of drug act as an expert.

2. Community members can send their drug act copies which are currently effective in different part of the world like India, Bungladesh and Srilanka.

Although we can get this type of help from my own resources, from this website also but this would be all individual effort. I wish to make it a certified and authentic effort from the plate form of Homeopathy world Community so that it may become an authority for homeopathic affairs globally in future. So that country officials may contact this community to call for final recommendation that has to be finally implemented in all part of the world on homeopathic subject. In the long run, we can make some technocrat members of this community whose opinions would be considered final before dispatching to caller country.

Dear Gina Tyler DHOM

I am really impressed with your efforts and you are doing great job and I much aware of this. That’s why, I sent you first aid kit box after hectic effort as sending homeopathic globules is a great risk :) these globules somehow look like DRUGS (HEROINE TYPE). Couriers and Post Offices do not accept them due to high risk of terrorist activities. But anyway we managed to dispatch them.

Dr Wequar Ali Khan

Thanks I will also read.

Thanks to Rajeev and Rafeeque

PS: Rafeeque may be spelled as Rafique.
Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on December 15, 2009 at 6:05pm
Very bold and noble thought indeed.This is at present a broad based vision,where and how can an individual contribute to it? We need some NGO to help on this mission.

In my humble opinion in Pakistan the only social organization which can spearhead this sort of movement is EDHI foundation.Some one has to convince them to take the first and bold step to lay the foundation of a trust or an idependent body to consider your proposal ,They have the infrastructure for this type of work.Of course some homeopathic body has to convince them and prove to them that this is also a cause for humanity "health for all" through Homeopathy.

If you read my blog post "Cellphone homeopathy" where i have already spelled out my vision on bringing homeopathy to the doorstep of the poor and needy( Your item 18;) I am working on my plan and will try to set up a pilot project in rural area of Sindh,where i have seen first hand the misery of poverty and the clout of the Landlords;The other NGO is Mr Javed Jabbar's " Bhan Beli" which was very instrumental in doing some good job in interior of Sindh in health and education sector.

May be if these NGOs are roped in with honest intention some headway can be made, as they say when there is a will there is a way. I wish your proposal all the best and endorse it from the core of my heart;
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on December 15, 2009 at 3:20pm
Dr. Mas posted:"To organize homeopathic free medical camps to provide health facilities to needy people at their doorsteps especially the backward areas of South Asia....................."
My reply: Yes agreed 100%. Practicioners partaking of this do volunteer work for their community,do volunteer work in remote area's all over this planet.This is what I am passionate about. To see so much suffering in these remote villages where medicine is not an option,homeopathy can touch so many.We have been handed this knowledge of homeopathy how can we serve humanity best-by doing volunteer work.
Comment by Dr. Rajeev Jain on December 15, 2009 at 7:58am
So benevolent !
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on December 15, 2009 at 5:24am
Good idea indeed!

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