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sister Debby Bruck,
This is a wholesome concept finding a respite and yet utilising the time for the purpose of Homoeopathy with casual talks and yet with subtle business touch and creating a clan of people who are like minded and uniting them to get into unique approach which likely to slowly unbridled the thoughts and action to patch up the seems to be unseen and yet prevailing differences and when imploring the mind and the resultant explores the possibility of united action,united strength,unanimity and can there be hardly a berth for animosity.This approach is aesthetic yet very modern because in a way the Homoeopathy and Truth are one .Both talks about single identity,like the perfect similimum can be only one and like wise truth can be only one and both are natural,spontaneous with no hidden agendas and flowering to give abundant results and three cheers to you for this wonderful yet unique initiation to a greatest of the ideas and let God be with you/us for this holy commune and let this is World Homoeopathy Commune thrive with a holistic approach with humane service without any bounds and barriers and make every one "serve jana sukhino bavanthu"in Sanskrit means let all the people in the world be happy with all fulfilments(free of distress and disease) and let us resolve to make Homoeopathy as the Most IDEAL, AFFORDABLE,POWERFUL AND FOREMOST THERAPY than being an alternate therapy.THIS IS MY VERY HUMBLE SUBMISSION
into the service of

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Comment by K.Srinivasa Raghavan on April 16, 2009 at 10:36pm
Dear Dr.Bruck,
You have an amazing 35 years solid experience and as per your there are few answers for the light(dim) light---science but strong light has all the answers and without the biggest light for the Mother Earth,The Sun, is the most resourceful and without this sunlight no possibility of any human trace and hence no invention/s(science) would have been possible and as the Sanskrit Gayathri mantra goes "Bhargo devasya de mahi dhee yo yo na prachodayath" which means " I worship this eternal light (the Lord Surya Narayayna,the sun God) who keeps and protects all the worlds(the heaven,earth and other planets) and I don't have either great knowledge or heavenly experience like your good selves and this is my very humble opinion and may prefer a correction,if need be, and I pray to God Bless you and shower His Light on all your good work.

with humility to serve Homoeopathy and Humanity
Comment by Dr. Robert Bruck on April 16, 2009 at 7:37pm
Kudo's to Dr. Raghaven! Having spent 35 years studying empirical science- I have seen the light-- science as we know it does not have all the answers.

Dr. Bruck
Comment by Jerry Van den Bosch on April 16, 2009 at 4:13pm
Dear Dr Raghavan,

I like what you're saying ...

In my opinion it is time for some homeopaths to put there ego aside and just do what homeopathy is about.

As Hahnemann said in his organon:
The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.1

1 His mission is not, however, to construct so-called systems, by interweaving empty speculations and hypotheses concerning the internal essential nature of the vital processes and the mode in which diseases originate in the interior of the organism, (whereon so many physicians have hitherto ambitiously wasted their talents and their time); nor is it to attempt to give countless explanations regarding the phenomena in diseases and their proximate cause (which must ever remain concealed), wrapped in unintelligible words and an inflated abstract mode of expression, which should sound very learned in order to astonish the ignorant - whilst sick humanity sighs in vain for aid. Of such learned reveries (to which the name of theoretic medicine is given, and for which special professorships are instituted) we have had quite enough, and it is now high time that all who call themselves physicians should at length cease to deceive suffering mankind with mere talk, and begin now, instead, for once to act, that is, really to help and to cure.

So let us all, just help the patient in the best way we can, with deep respect and humility.

Namaste, Jerry
Comment by Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma on April 15, 2009 at 12:41am
Dear Dr Raghavan,
I read your blog with great interest. It is a very true reflection of your sincere affection with the divine science of Homeopathy. I am pleased, that your efforts will make a lot of encouragements for others.

With best wishes,

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
London NW10 7PN

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