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Homeopathy vs Health Bill in United States

I can hardly wait til I have things situated here at my home so that I can start taking Homeopathic courses! I have a feeling that when the people in the White House approve the new health bill people will, more than ever, be looking for other ways of health care, or will be out in the cold, so to speak. Homeopathy will give the people another avenue for health.

This is what I see and feel personally; the health bill goes through and people will get their; so called health insurance, however, with the way the government will be handling everything the people will still be left out in the could with half-@!#$% insurance and when they need that insurance the government can choose how much they need?! Are they going to tell them WHO they can see also? This all scares me.

Homeopathy would give the people another choice of health care and, in my eyes, a 100% better alternative to what we have now. I am wondering though, if the rates that homeopaths charge now will have to be reduced somewhat do to the fact that the people will have less money due to having to pay for health insurance that will not be worth anything to them or useful?!

If we were approved by the governments all over the world, would they want to regulate us the way they do for the rest of the health providers? And tell people who of us they could see and when and how many times they could see us?

Just some of my thoughts, however trifle they may be, but I just wanted to say something.

I know I have not gotten to study homeopathy like I want, that will come in time, watching the way this new health bill is going just had me thinking that is all.

This is just my thoughts on things.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on October 5, 2009 at 7:36am
Lets hope for a new health bill in US that supports homoeopathy. But looking at the recent judgment in Australia, I feel, our critics are loading their guns to attack homoeopathy repeatedly.

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