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Dear Friends,

Homeopathy is no doubt a very scientific and rational system of treatment. It is better to understand and see the efficacy of homeopathy by personal use, rather than criticising after listening to some stubborn, ignorant and those who are threatened with its popularity and effectiveness.

I am not ashamed to label myself as a homeopath, and I am an ardent follower of homeopathy since 42 years, after a proper 5 years of extensive full-time homeopathic education from a Medical college in India, where homeopathy is officially recognised and on the same footing as other modern system of medicine. For some it will be surprising to know, that the founder of Homeopathy, Dr Christian Samuel Hahnemann of Germany was not a mere quack but MD from the Enlagen University. He stopped practicing medicine, as he found so many lacking in the system at that time.

Homeopathy is for intelligent, learned and open-minded people and not for all with notions and arrogant, who are just missing the benefits of this natural medical science. I have seen many difficult cases getting better (sorry..can't use word "cure) in my homeopathic practice and also by my good learned homeopathic friends. It is a shame that rather than helping and popularising a natural science like homeopathy, it is pushed to corner by some hidden forces, who feel threatened for financial losses etc under the pretext of claimimg the scientific proving etc. Sorry, they did not read and understand " Organon of Medicine".

No matter, how much you talk against homeopathy, actions and positive results are confirming and speaking the truth itself. Homeopathy will survive, as it does not need any suggestions by non-believers. who even do not know the basic concepts and principles of Homeopathy. Remember, one can't learn swimming untill he or she enters the pool. I am pleased to know, that according to a recent report, that more than half billion people believe in homeopathy around the world. India, Asian sub-continent and EU are the most popular house of Homeopathy.

We as homeopaths, has nothing to ashamed of, rather we are pleased to help minus of any serious side-effects, as we are in the mission of alleviating the human sufferings rationally on the easily explainable and comprehesible homeopathic principles and any deviation caused in or to our mission must be discouraged and I personally label this as a crime against suffering humanity.

Our master Hahnemann belived " Dare to be wise" and gave us the mission to continue and also asked us not to care about explaining and on trials of our opponents, who are definitely jealous of our medical achievemets.

I am open to all scientific suggestions and honest comments.

Long live Homeopathy! Long live Dr Hahnemann!

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Comment by Debby Bruck on November 29, 2009 at 11:46pm
I know it is asking a sacrifice of everyone to do more than is required. It is asking to give of your time, your energy and take away some from patients, family, research, etc. I'm hoping everyone will recognize the time is NOW to make some CHANGE and IMPACT. Most especially when forces are pushing against the tide.

Perhaps this is something the Homeopathic Community needs to GROW and become better and closer. Just as the nosode or a disease element stirs up the body to a new phase. We are in a generation of change, in that area that tips over into something new.

Perhaps this new generation will wake up from a slumber, from apathy, from accepting the status quo and into more social action?
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 29, 2009 at 11:31pm
It is the time to react against the critics of homoeopathy. But I feel sorry to say that only a few doctors are involved in such activities, others (including many famous homoeopaths) are busy in private practice. Ofcourse, practicing is the BEST way to promote homoeopathy, but interacting with the public through campaigns, medical camps, public awareness lectures and publishing articles in the print media and internet is also very essential.
Comment by Debby Bruck on November 28, 2009 at 1:47pm
Thank you Dr Shashi for your views and inspirational note. Please view the Discussion About the Situation in U.K. today.

Alex is calling for a huge Media Campaign.

We know that it is time for action.

The heads of all colleges, schools, and teaching hospitals can give student assignments. Not only must students learn about the fundamentals of the human body, pharmacology, principles of homeopathy and more - today they must become politically active and aware. In what kind of world are we living? What are the attitudes of the people, what are their needs, delusions, fears, fights?

We must show them in black and white was homeopathy can accomplish to assist their healing journey.

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