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Tuesday Neal's Yard a British chain that sells natural remedies, including homeopathy, agreed to take part in an online question and answer forum hosted by The Guardian. They soon found that they were overwhelmed by a swarm of aggressively hostile questions from opponents of alternative medicine. Neal's Yard ignominiously backed out of the scheduled session and their opponents crowed in triumph.

This behavior is known as "freeping," named after the conservative website Free Republic, which was one of the first sites to urge their users to respond en masse to sites discussing issues dear to conservatives. What we're seeing is a skeptical version of freeping, where internet users who embrace scientific materialism as an ideology form the Internet shock troops to shout down favorable mention of alternative medicine in any open forum. Get used to seeing this behavior in any unmoderated forum and plan your response accordingly. Clearly Neal's Yard was unprepared. Let's use this as a lesson.

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Comment by Dr. MAS on November 26, 2010 at 1:57am
In my opinion, don't compel the people to accept Homeopathy. Why the people accepted allopathy? I think people have accepted allopathy without force. Find the reason what was the technique they develop for the acceptance of Allopathy.

Why we should compel people to accept homeopathy?

Start from here, we should make available homeopathy every where so that people should have no choice left to consult us. Pakistan has .2 million registered homeopaths. India has .3 million.

This can only be done when we will show some success or achievement to public in homeopathy.

We can prove something that homeopathy can do THIS AND THAT, come and SEE. How it can be possible?

It can only be possible by increasing our standard of education in homeopathy. By starting research work in homeopathy and by bringing the system into scientific world and mainstream.

Prove things in the same manner as others are proving. Market the material in the same manner as others are doing. You can only convince others by providing evidence and scientific reasoning. Let me assure you Sir, there is no room of philosophical thoughts in homeopathy and you have to prove your findings based on pure scientific knowledge. We have worked on that ground and prove this.

The same example I presented at GEO TV and the opponent had no answer. He was then silent when he demanded scientific evidence. Even you can see WTO has conducted the trial at its own expenses and proved 100%
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 1, 2009 at 9:54am
Thank you for creating this message of caution and awareness. We need to do something about "freeping" and the organizations that oppose homeopathy.

Dear Neil - please do not be disheartened. I believe the times are shifting. It is truly a revolution. Now 'the people' want change. Now is the time for homeopathy to be accepted.
Comment by Neil D. Shere on May 29, 2009 at 6:03pm
>>Clearly Neal's Yard was unprepared.

this reflects what is certainly my central interest as a member of the homeopathic community: how to get the word out effectively. i think that in fact it may be, at least for the moment, quite impossible to be adequately prepared for the heat, lies, incivility, and sheer mass of propagandistic insult by which the conventional medical community chooses to represent itself to the world.

i don't mean that to be pessimistic, just to reflect the nature and enormity of the challenge. i have worked at it before, and continue to work at it ... by turns saddened at the impregnable wall of "medicine," then heartened by the irresistible force of homeopathy well practiced and well observed. it seems it is impossible to win ... then, the next moment, impossible that we could lose.

this is my first post here. hello to all - and, please, accept my apologies if i have not responded to a post you might have sent to me, it is just that i am truly trying to discover how to become something other than "unprepared." for me, it seems least frustrating to just go at it very slowly, to just gradually find pieces of the puzzle that seem to fit with my ambitions....

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