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The medical term for this condition is Onychocryptosis, which is a painful condition in which nail grows into the nail bed, which results in severe pain, bleeding, granuloma and secondary infection. Surgery is indicated in many cases. Homeopathy is the best alternative to surgery.


A case of ingrown toe nail since a few months consulted me, with severe pain, ulceration and bleeding on slight touch. There was signs of secondary infection around the nail, also the exudate from the granuloma was irritating the surrounding skin (might be due to acrid nature of discharge). He was not in a position to wear the shoes and take part in games. Considering the presenting complaints (pricking pain, ulceration with ingrown nails, bleeding on touch, acrid discharge, etc) Acid nit 30 was given, then 200 next week as there were no significant change even after seven days. Patient came back after 15 days with no change, asking me the possibility for surgery. Since he was not in a position to bear pain, even i felt little confused. As a last attempt, given a remedy prepared from Imponderabilia source (?), which is considered as one of the remedies for the same condition, and asked to take the same as a last attempt, then consider surgery. I gave it in 30 potency, 5 doses to be taken on alternate day. Patient did not come back, so I thought he might have gone for surgery. Yesterday he visited me to give the feedback after two months. The remedy worked well so he did not go for surgical intervention. Now his nails are properly growing. Now you all can easily name the remedy as i have given two clues: 1. Remedy for ingrown toe nail. 2. Remedy prepared from Imponderabilia source.

Remedy: Magnetis Polus Australis

In this case, acid nit might have worked in a deeper level though it could not produce visible changes in the pathology, and i feel the second remedy might have completed its action.

©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque Kerala, India.

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Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on November 3, 2018 at 11:37pm

Thank you for sharing rare remedy for Ingrowing toe nails.

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