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Homeopathy Effective Against Infectious Disease, Massive Study

Homeopathy Effective Against Infectious Disease, Massive Study
by Michelle Hancock
Source: Health Action, Spring 2009

Historical and groundbreaking research on the effectiveness of homeopathic immunizations against infectious disease in mass populations has thrilled the international homeopathic community.

"We're very excited to see contemporary research that proves the effectiveness and level of accessibility of homeopathic immunity," says Elena Cecchetto, a classical homeopath who offers homeopathic immunization through her clinic, Access Natural Healing, in Vancouver, BC.

Last December at NOSODES 2008, an international conference on homeopathy,
immunizations and epidemics, a massive study revealed that homeopathy
is amazingly effective against Leptospirosis infection. This annual Cuban epidemic is caused by water pollution from hurricane flooding across the country. The spirochaete Leptospira is transmitted to humans from rats, causing jaundice, kidney damage and death. With allopathic vaccination, the number of infections per year was thousands, including some deaths, reported the Carlos J Finlay Institute, the independent research institute that produces allopathic vaccinations for the country and hosts the annual conference.

"The high cost of vaccination prevents putting all but the most at-risk populations such as children, pregnant women, elderly on vaccination. The cost of such limited vaccination is about US$3 million," reported Kenya homeopathic practitioner Didi Anada Ruchira, who attended the conference.

But in August 2007, the Carlos J Finlay Institute tried a different disease prevention tack-and a cheaper one that cost only US$200,000. They gave approximately five million people in two Cuban provinces specifically chosen homeopathic preparations as well as Bach flower remedies to help address the mental and emotional stress of the hurricane disaster situation.

Within two weeks of homeopathic intervention, the then rising rates of Leptospirosis infection started dropping rapidly and stopped at 10. In 2008, there were no deaths and total infections dropped to less than 10 per month.

"The Cuban team readily admitted that they have not invented anything new as far as homeopathic philosophy or applications. They have simply followed what we homeopaths know to work," said Ruchira. "… and they were able to do it on a massive scale unknown in the history of homeopathy."

Cecchetto points out that there is research dating back through the history of homeopathy that shows its protective effect
against epidemics like influenza, but it's nice to have newer data as well. "Our immune systems are amazing and that's why homeopathy works," she says. "You're supporting the system in what it's designed to do.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. Yet some people are
affected and some aren't. In the people who aren't, their immune systems have fought off or deactivated the virus so it hasn't caused sickness or complications."

While classical homeopathy offers preventive medicine, homeopathic immunization protocols, administered orally not via needle, are increasingly popular in situations when someone has been exposed to, or there has been an outbreak of, a virus.

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