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In Homeopathy, many times at many places, we had shown very impressive results. There is no doubt about it. At the same time it has been observed that many enthusiasts in Homeopathy claim that they can treat and cure, each and every disease, however complicated it may be or even in such cases, where the prognosis may be extremely poor.

Diseases like Cancer of advance stage, HIV Aids, Anthrax, Botulism ,ETEC, E.coli, Ebola, Chronic heart failure etc, might have been cured by Homeopathy . Unfortunately we may not be lucky each time; therefore we must not lay such claims. Media often use such statements against us, and start challenging Homeopathy, for such claims. The more such claims the more Media attacks on Homeopathy, and more ferociously they put these as false claims. Some of them had gone to WHO, requesting to denounce Homeopathy, as they claim to cure Aid, Cancer etc. Recently in UK, they have asked Govt to stop aiding Homeopathy in NHS.

As all of us know Homeopathy has tremendous potentials, so let our result speak, instead we speak of our cure to the world. We can spread Homeopathy by improving the quality of its application to our patients showing the successful results, than our claims to do so.

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Comment by sajjadakram on July 8, 2010 at 9:17am
It is happening because we are disturbed people. Everybody speak of his own. He thinks that he is the only person in the world who is on the right track. There are so many homeopaths having their own method of practice. What Hahnemann said and guided us, we are going far away from that.
Homeopaths are fighting with each other puzzling the public. Unless we follow what Hahnemann said and did we cannot succeed in practical life and cannot impress public of our abilities to cure people. Public things that we are sweet pills doctor and homeopathy is suitable for simple and minor diseases.

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