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Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus

As Homoeopathy is not a science of therapeutics, it is concerned with totality of symptoms or individuality. As regarding the cure of DM by homoeopathic medicine, the individual needs the complete miasmatic and constitutional therapy in the very early stage. In the later stage of Type 2 DM especially when the complications arises the therapeutic treatment have more value followed by constitutional treatment.



As there is no data suggesting about the prevention through miasmatic treatment, but if we are going through complete miasmatic study of the individual in early stages then we can easily find out about the disease for witch an individual is prone to suffer. Then, we can apply the antimiasmatic therapy as a preventive measure, which causes a decline in the tendency for the progression of the miasm.

The main antimiasmatic remedies for Tubercular miasm are:

“A” Grade: Agar, Ars-i, Aur, Bac, Calc-c, Calc-p, Car, Hep, Iod, Kali-c, Kali-p, Lyc, Med, Nat-s, Phos, Puls, Sep, Sil, Stann, Sulp, Thuj, Zinc.

“B” Grade: All-c, Ant-i, Ars, Bap, Bar-m, Bry, Bufo, Calc-s, Carb-v, Chin, Dulc, Kreos, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Ph-ac, San, Sep.

If family history presents: Carc, Sacch, Thuj.



I found over 50 remedies for DM but when totality of symptom agrees every medicine from Materia Medica can be employed. However, only a smaller group is employed most frequently such as

Acetic acid (Glacial acetic acid) 6, 30: Large quantity of pale urine, unquenchable thirst, and great debility.

Abroma augusta (Olatkambal) θ, 2X, 3X: Frequent and profuse urination, dryness of the mouth and great thirst, urination leads exhaustion, Fishy odour of the urine, Diabetes mellitus and insipidus.  

Argentum metallicum (Silver) 6, 30, 200: Polyuria, frequent urination, urine profuse at night, turbid and sweetish odour, restless sleep, frightful dreams, edematous swollen feet, flatulent distention of abdomen.

Arsenicum album (Arsenic trioxide) 6, 30: Urine scanty, burning albuminous, ascites, all prevailing debility, restlessness, burning thirst, drinks often but little at time.

Codeinum (An Alkaloid from Opium) 3X, 3: Sugar in urine, quantity of urine increased, great thirst, it is said to control disease.

Cantharis (Spanish fly) 6, 30: Diabetes complicated with albuminuria, constant desire to urinate Membranous scales looking like bran in water. Urine jelly like, sheddy.

Cephalandra indica (Telakucha) θ, 1X, 3X: DM and insipidus with profuse urination; weakness and exhaustion after urination; sugar in the urine.

Graphitis (black lead) 6, 30: Various complications of diabetes where causes are not known.

Gymnesa sylvestre (Meshasringi or Gurmar) θ, 3x, 6: Is almost specific for DM called as “Sugar Killer” diminishes sugar in urine; Profuse miturition loaded with sugar, extreme weakness after passing large quantities of urine. Polyuria; day and night.

Helleborus (Snow-rose) 3X, 3: Frequent urging to urinate but small quantities emitted, profuse urination, urine pale and watery, dropsical swelling.

Helonias-Chamailirium (Uricorn-root) θ, 6: DM and insipidus, urine profuse and clear, phosphatic and albuminous, great thirst, restlessness, profound melancholy, irritable, boring pain across the lumbar region.

Insulin 3X, 6X: Supposed to be specific and useful in case of carbuncles resulting from DM.

Lacticum acidum (Lactic acid) 6, 30: Frequent passing of large quantities of sugar in urine, great thirst, rheumatic pains in joints.

Murex (Purple Fish) 6: Frequent urine at night, smells like Valerian, constant urging.

Natrum phosphoricum 6X, 12X: They are of great value in diabetes. Profuse urination, urine loaded with bile, lithic deposition in urine, sedentary habits especially when there is a succession of boils.

Natrum sulphuricum (Sulphate of Sodium) 6X, 6, 200: A remedy especially indicated for the so-called hydrogenoid constitution, where the complaints are such as are due to living in damp houses, basements, cellers. Diabetes with nervous origin when due to worry, mental over work and sexual excess.

Phosphoricum acidum (Phosphoric acid) 2X, 30: Frequent and profuse watery urination, milk-like urine, great debility.

Phosphorus 3, 30: DM in phthisis in impotency, urine contain large amount of salt in the morning and excess of sugar in the evening.

Plumbum metallicum (Lead) 6, 30: Urine frequent, scanty, albuminous, low specific gravity.

Rhus aromatica (Fragrant sumach) θ: Large quantity of urine, urine pale, albuminous, specific gravity low.

Squilla maritime (Sea-onion) 3X, 30: Great urging much watery urine, involuntary spurting when coughing, a slow acting remedy correspondence to ailments requiring several days to reach their maximum.

Lac defloratum (Skimmed Milk) 6, 30: Diabetes with faulty nutrition. Albuminuria and other affections of kidney.

Syzygium Jambolanum (Jambol seeds) θ: It has a specific action in diminishing and cause to disappear the sugar in urine, great thirst, and weakness, urine in very large quantities, specific gravity high. Ten drops to be taken twice or thrice daily.

Uranium nitricum (Nitrate of Uranium) 3X, 30: Profuse urination, debility, acid in urine, incontinence, unable to retain urine, excessive thirst, diarrhea of the dyspepticus.

Terebinthinum (Turpentine) 3, 6: Profuse, cloudy, smoky, and albuminous urine, sediments like coffee grounds, haematuria.


Other valuable medicines are: Arsenicum iodatum; Aurum metallicum; Boricum acidum; Bryonia alba; Chamomilla umbellate; Chionanthus virginica; Coca (Erythroxylon coca); Crotalus horridus; Curare; Iris versicolor; Kreosotum; Morphinum; Nux vomica; Pancreatinum; Silicea terra; Strychninum arsenicosum.

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Comment by Dr Deepak Sharma on July 15, 2012 at 8:46am

Thank you Sir 

Comment by sajjadakram on July 15, 2012 at 3:59am

Excellent article. Valuable information’s but we need many clinical trials of the above mentioned medicines to fight against this disease.

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