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Homeopathic Sociology or Socio-Therapeutics

Dr. M. A. Usmani, M.A. (Phil.), D.H.M.S.

Homeopathic therapeutic, unlike other therapeutics, is all embracing. It is a cure-all of individual human and animal (and perhaps also vegetable) ailments, but also an effective and insightful way of treatment of socio-political evils. Its miasmatic theory is the philosophy of the rise and fall of civilizations. Its three miasms are the basic evils that become prime cause of a nation’s downfall. I’ll touch here a very small niche of the whole matter. Germane to the pathologic miasms of homeotherapeutic, there are three sociological miasms that become the impediment in the way of civilization, or the growth and flourishing of society. They are:

1) Illiteracy, ignorance [Psora]; …. (The universe of Mind.)

2) Metaphysical beliefs, Dogmas, Fundamentalism [Sycosis]; … (The universe of Spirit.)

3) Self-aggrandisment, leading to ubiquitous Corruption and Injustice [Syphilis]. (The universe of Body, and the Physical world.)

Let’s discuss and expand:

I- IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY, like psora, is mother of all social ills. All the other miasms are begotten of this miasm. It keeps a person at the level of animal existence. It is a virgin soil wherein all evils, all superstitions and unfounded faiths strike easy roots and flourish.

To root out this miasm true spirit of knowledge should be awakened; queries to know the real nature of things be undertaken. Education and knowledge should be propagated and sought. All beliefs and blind faiths should be tested at the altar of undiluted logic and scientific proofs. Scientific knowledge and fecund education should be the sole curricula of all the educational institutions and universities. Inhibitions and impediments to knowledge should be fought on all fronts. Knowledge, true knowledge (not through the tinted glasses of any philosophy, any dogma or creed) should be propagated. For, verily, knowledge is liberation. When the West pushed the clergy back to Church, (i.e. Renaissance), people’s brains started working, and took gigantic strides in the field of knowledge, science, research and inventions. Their inhibitions went away. They started thinking and taking their bodies and the universe around as their own and started exploring and manipulating without asking permission from the Church. The result was a deluge of knowledge of every kind, from the knowledge of their own bodies or physique to the minutest make-up of the universe from the stars to the abyssimal iota in the bed of the oceans. Questioning is the beginning of knowledge. Let us test all institutions, test all settled mores; nothing is changeless, nothing is impervious to improvement and metamorphoses. Let us question everything. Your good nature in you, and earnest seeking will be your guide and save you from going astray.

II- METAPHYSICAL BELIEFS, creeds and faiths that lead to FUNDAMENTALISM are tantamount to Sycotic miasm of homeotherpeutic. And, like the sycotic effluvia creates the most cruel, inhuman and malicious temperaments. It makes beast of a human being, which we have amply witnessed in the form of suicidal attacks on innocent people, infants, children, women and the invalids. What minds are they who kill innocent people with whom they have no personal quarrel to settle or grudge or animosity? The text says: “men and women who commit suicide to-day are mainly sycotic”; and again: “sycosis produces suicidal symptoms more than any other miasm”; “sycosis produces worse form of jealousy”; “worst form of degeneracy; worst form of cruelty and cunning”; etc. That is Sycosis, the most malevolent and grisly miasm.

Its remedy lies in diluting the Psoric Miasm by enlightening and compulsory and free education to all citizens of the State; availability of world educational and literary material free or with nominal price to all and sundry. Banishment of sectarian and hate literature from all sources and outlets. Literary writings, arts, poetry and social sciences and history should be freely available. All the great authors of the world should be propagated. We observe that wherever these conditions prevail in the world, we find fine and great nations, full of humanistic values, and advanced in every respect.

Let’s make few observations:

Countries with 99-100% literacy rates are the most advanced and most cultured countries in the world, with the settled human values, loving mankind generally. They are law abiding people, and consider religion as totally personal affair, after banishing religion to chapels and the church. We should not judge them from the deeds of their governments. I’m not talking about the governments but the peoples of these countries. They are surely humanistic and well behaved. These countries include Norway, Finland, and Poland: 100%; and UK, Germany, France, Canada, USA, etc. 99% literacy rate.

Now I come to my own region. Pakistan is among the countries of lowest literacy rates (48.7%); people are uncompromisingly fundamentalist, ready to fight religious duel at the least provocation; and, at the same time, corrupt to the core of their heart, especially the government functionaries.

Our next door neighbor, India has 59.5% literacy rate; and practically a bit more enlightened and generally less dogmatic than us. India is an open society; multi-religion, multi-culture and multi-lingual society, having all shades, from permissiveness to moral rigidity and downright dogmatism. There generally are fewer inhibitions than we have. Their heads of the state could be of any religion. India is a bit more advanced than us in modern technology and in IT field.

Another neighbor of ours is Bangladesh; formerly our eastern part, known as East Pakistan. It got separated from us owing to the corruption of our beurocracy and the incorrigible greed of our politicians. Bangladesh, a thickly populated country has 53.5% literacy. Population is religious and very dogmatic, but not terrorist. Bangladesh’s judiciary has set precedence for Pakistan by banning the use of religion in the campaign of electioneering.

Among our further neighbors are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. they are much more enlightened than Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. They have much higher literacy rate. Singapore and Thailand have near 93% literacy and Malaysia has 89%. Most of the urban areas of Malaysia have no religious mania. All the people, without distinction of religions and faiths, live, move, sit and dine together. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist country. But there is no Buddhist mania. No shops or business centers have, as their decoration, Buddha’s effigies, or other religious relics. The people are sweet, soft spoken and cooperating. No yelling and skirmishes can ever be witnessed in the streets.

Now we come to the third miasm:

III- SELF- AGGRANDIZEMENT, sprouting from the instinct of self-preservation, and expressed in incorrigible greed and avariciousness, leading to ubiquitous corruption and injustice. I have identified it with syphilis, but it has, on the social level, only one trait for which I’ve chosen it. Syphilis is the miasm that eats up the bony structure, thus destroying the architecture of the body. So does the corruption and injustice with the structure of the society. It eats up the pillars and posts of the society; thereby the society is reduced to rubbles.

To save the society, corruption and injustice should be totally rooted out. Society should be established on equity, without distinction between nobility and laity. Every citizen should have equal opportunities for progress and advancement. Merit should always be accounted for. Man should have reward according to the measure of his struggle. All people should be equal in the eyes of the Law. The president of the state and a mere laborer should both tremble in their shoes in a court of law.

Institutions should be reconstructed on solid grounds so that no impediments can thwart their progressive growth; and no corruption could ever seep through their walls. Every individual should have free access to jobs of his competence and skills. Merit should rule everywhere. Lack of finance should not hamper any individual who wants to start a new industry or unconventional business. Every such individual should be helped after getting the feasibility report.

Education should be made non-lucrative entity, especially from primary to matriculation, and be put solely under government control. Free and compulsory education for all citizens should be passed as law. Professional and technical education should also be affordable; established on no profit and no loss basis.

This last activity will rectify the (social) psoric miasm, and conjointly with the anti-syphilitic (anti-corruption) measures, mentioned above, will restore the society to normalcy. As a therapeutic case we will discuss Pakistan here:

Today’s Pakistan is seriously sick under the baneful effects of all the three miasmata; conjointly exerting their fullest force on its existence. The upper most miasm is corruption and injustice, (Syphilis). Sycosis, i.e. Fundamentalism, Religious madness in the form of Sectarianism is in no less intensity either. The Aug-September floods in the form of Deluge have sapped its all energies, leaving it totally shattered and enervated. Most of the rural populace is homeless now. Corruption and lack of proper planning is the biggest hurdle in the restoration of the poor displaced millions. One-fifth of whole Pakistan is in shambles and the people lying in open fields without roof. In the face of this stark adversity, sectarian intoxication shows no mitigation.

The therapeutic approach for the cure of this infested with virulent miasms nation should be, according to the usual homeotherapeutic rule: the uppermost miasm should be dealt first. We will start with the corruption and injustice. Strictest punitive measure, with ruthlessness, should be resorted to. No culprit should be spared. No mercy, no forgiveness! Total annihilation of the corrupt element!! [I’m not, so to say, an ‘annihilist’ or a ruthless person, but the disease is so intense, and the body of the society so moth eaten, that a drastic measure is a sine qua non. Corruption is perpetuated so brazen facedly (and even as a callous fashion, since they vie with each other in corrupt practices), that only annihilation of these elements can save the society. Radical diseases require radical treatments.] Judiciary will play here a fundamental and vital role in this execution.

At the same time with the banishment of the syphilitic miasm, an effective effacement drive against psora (Illiteracy and Ignorance) should be resorted to. For nothing can harness this jinni, except education and enlightenment. This will sweep away much of the mire of sycotic miasm, and mitigate the syphilis.

In this way only we can rid our country and our society from the drenching venom of the combined miasms.

To put the final seal on the activities of this morbid jinni, so that she may never, ever visit our country again, the polity of Pakistan should be declared as secular. Secularism is the only guarantee for a nation to become advanced, and come at par with all the advanced nations. The ‘secular’ does not mean ‘anti-religious’, but ‘anti-intolerant’. In a secular state all religions, all faiths, and even all superstitious cultural beliefs belong to the individuals, state has no business to interfere. Similarly people of one faith are expected not to interfere in the celebration and religious rituals of any other sect. In a secular state a man meets another man on the level of humanity. And if two people who meet happen to be of different religions, that should not be an occasion for enmity and skirmishes, but an opportunity for enjoyment, as diversity broaden the vision and insight, and expands ones horizon of views, besides adding spice to life. This expansion of views will loosen the iron grip of dogmatism; and hence impediments to peaceful co-existence get removed, and the country advances as a whole.

We come to the conclusion that: Reducing Psora (by imparting education and knowledge to the people), the hold of all the other miasms will be weakened. We will find that the force of the grip of the miasms is inversely proportionate to the quality and extent of education and knowledge, so that the greater the latter, the weaker the former.

· The panacea for all the ills of society, we conclude, is education and knowledge, education and knowledge, and nothing else. The civilization is begotten of the real knowledge and erudition. The more erudite a society is, the less there will be visitations from the miasmatic jinni.

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Copyright 2011/All rights reserved © Dr Usmani
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Comment by Md Ashaduzzaman on March 13, 2017 at 11:35am

Thanks  Dr. M. A. Usmani for this valuable thought about Homeopathy and Social -Therapy.Dreams of a Similar World, according  to Homeopathy,should be the aim of all physicians where there will be good faith,good wills and sweet interaction between communities and races . 

Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on October 5, 2010 at 3:27pm
Thanks Nilmadhab, i appreciate your earnestness to learn. the human miasms and the social miasms cannot be equated verbatim. my whole aticle was based on 'extended analogy' and nothing else. i've tried to see and judge the social evils through the insight bestowed us through the homeopathic philosophy.
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 2, 2010 at 12:01am
Dear Gary. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the literature that makes the case. I had been asking these questions on last week's radio show and this satisfies what Hahnemann says about the three miasms being the three basic roots of disease forms. I will mention and read this quote from "Chronic Diseases" in the next show to make a correction to previous statements that "psora" was necessarily behind all disease; whereas, we read here the thorough explanation of the different types of expressed diseases. Thank you.
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 1, 2010 at 11:58pm
Dear Dr Usmani. I see that you are a very thoughtful man, a philosopher and dreamer. You wish for their to be freedom and peace and prosperity for everyone in every country. I also wish for all these things and 'tolerance' so that peace between neighbors is possible.

I see that you are making a metaphor between the development of peoples, cultures, nations and their motivations with the outcome of disease. This is an interesting comparison like the horses of the apocalypse of the destructive forces of humanity. Truly, miasms are the root of disease. We have much to learn and understand before any conclusions can be made.

Noting that when people have a high literacy rate, they can read, learn and expand their vision and knowledge base. WHAT they learn is also important. We can easily be taught propaganda and biased information. And, free thinking without sage guidance can also lead down a blind alley. These are complicated topics that require a lifetime of study, investigation and experience. Very interesting reading.

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