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A Homoeopathic physician must consider the diseased person as an individual with unique body, mind, soul.This is the basic difference between Homoeopath and all other medical practitioners.

He must select a single remedy, depending upon, the personal totality of the symptoms. The minimum dose, must be allowed to work unhampered for sufficient period of time. He must refrain from injecting the medicines/ Drug transmissions etc and only apply the prescribed methods of administering the remedy.

But he, who doesn't care for any of the above aspects and uses medicines or specifics based on nosological names, may not be able to treat patients effectively. And his claim to be a full- fledged Homoeopath may not be in line with Hahnemann’s teachings.

The Physician's only mission is to cure the sick. It may look simple, but unfortunately, it is not so simple. Hahnemann has told us to cure the sick, he never told us to remove any physical or metaphysical substances or one or more symptoms. He expected us to understand the meaning of Sickness, Disease, Symptom and cure.

In the present age, understanding about disease is associated with many types of infections, altered pathology, troublesome symptoms/ symptom groups or any organic derangement ( e.g. Headache, Gastric colic, Paralysis, Skin eruptions, Tumors, Pneumonia, Typhoid etc) and removal of those troublesome symptoms is associated with cure.

A bit deeper thinking will show that none of these are basic disease. All these are only associated affairs or manifested signs and symptoms of the deranged organism, according to its own peculiarities and environment.

Therefore disease has no separate existence, independent of the organism. It is simply a deranged state of the whole organism with its body, mind, and life. The entire totality of the symptoms is the real manifested image of the internal derangement or disease. And it is this entire totality of the symptoms that is the object of the treatment, as well as also the guide.

Cure is nothing but bringing the deranged state to healthy state of body, mind and soul. In the path of cure symptoms will disappear in definite order.

It will be an error to look to any particular symptom, in isolation, however troublesome or dangerous it may look.

In nut shell A homoeopathic physician is one , who considers the diseased person as an unique individual and selects a remedy similar most to the personal totality of the symptoms of the case and use a single remedy, in dynamic form and in minimum dose, allowing it to work for a sufficient time.

All other Physicians, who practice Homeopathy, providing therapeutics measures, depending upon the names of the diseases or for removing the symptoms, may not be justifying the homeopathic way of treating the patients.

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