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Homeopathic Euthanasia

Dr. M. A. Usmani

(Author of Homeopathy Of Tomorrow)

In some 80 to 90 % of terminal cases—at the death bed—Arsenicum comes out as the most indicated medicine. If administered routinely it was found to act as euthanasia. During the early days of my practice I got an inkling of this therapeutic fact. Hence my fervent seeking to circumvent this sad occurrence. Cases where I expected still many days or weeks that the patient, under treatment, could survive, came to a sudden and peaceful halt. After intense rumination it dawned upon me that Chininum Arsenicosum might be the solution to bypass this sorrowful hurdle. Happily it did answer my expectations—even I felt that it pulled back the needles of the ticking clock: i.e. patients so positively responded to it! The ion of ‘china’ (that is, Cinchona) acted as a tonic and veritable appetizer; and the arsenic ion satisfied the therapeutic need of the patient.

In terminal cases with respiratory problems, I replace Chin-ars with Kali-ars. This befittingly helps the case, and gives the patient a benign therapeutic push.

In this way I deal terminal cases with satisfactory success. This matter or phenomenon I have already discussed in my book: Homeopathy of Tomorrow.

  • The case that has compelled me to pen this article is an old woman’s case with
    severe and fatiguing dry cough, day and night;
  • cough is intensely aggravated by laughing; also from talking;
  • whistling breathing;
  • desires very cold (in fact, icy) drinks.

All the above symptoms brought out China in black letters; and it admirably acted to alleviate the symptoms, and sufferings. Since it was given in watery solution, the repetition was rather overdone. On the third day she rang me in an alarming way, telling me that she could not breathe. She told me that especially inspiration (inhaling) was tardy and difficult. The expectoration was green and intensely salty, making mouth disagreeably salty. Ears felt totally blocked. Now Arsenicum was strongly indicated; and it is antidotal to misuse of China. Arsenicum alb. one dose was given, followed within three hours by Ignatia (the next most indicted remedy) in watery solution. This maneuvering was done to avoid full exhibition of Arsenicum, i.e. not giving it time to develop full sway on the economy of the patient. We required

Arsenic’s antidotal action only; then Ignatia took hold of the whole case. Next day she was much better. Full recovery was attained after the exhibition of Calcarea Carb.

It is now a fait accompli with me not to prescribe Arsenicum, even if strongly indicated in terminal or ‘death-bed’ cases. I’m satisfied with this self-imposed embargo; and have nothing on my conscience to repent on.

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Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on July 10, 2018 at 3:16am

Kindly bring this article to ' main page', so that it gets properly published. Dr. Usmani

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