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Homeopathic Case Taking Questionnaires and Individualisation

I have a patient who cannot use the phone due to a tinnitus condition (amongst other things) so I am part way through creating a questionnaire. I thought ..oh great I can pop this on my website as a download which patients can fill in and email back to far so good
Now male and female differences aside we know homeopathy is about individualisation and I am very aware just how completely different my patients are one from the other ...sooo now wondering is the questionnaire good enough to get what I want and give me the detail I need
Would the questions I need to ask one patient totally bamboozle and put off another ?
I work with crystals and gems as well as homeopathy so would be interested to know what jewellery a patient is wearing or do they have a crystal or gem they carry in a pocket? Do these have a particular significance or were they chosen at random (is there ever such a thing) or given by another and was that other significant , the occasion significant?
Things as well , like what kind of car do you drive and did you choose it and do you like it can be significant ...there are a myriad of nuances which brings me back to "Is the questionnaire ever enough to start from cold with?"
It is an inroad and I guess I need to trust that whatever I ask (as long as I am asking from a place where I am using all of my skills) will give me what I need to do the best I can do for the patient. Whatever one does is not perfect but for me with my Venus in Virgo seeking perfection is all important along with seeking out detail !

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Comment by Fiona Dilston on April 21, 2009 at 4:24am
This is exactly why I love the phone Mel and I think sometimes people can be easier in themselves on the phone than face to face with me. I am lucky to be highly intuitive which helps a lot.

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