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Homeopathic Alternatives for Children with ADHD in HuffingtonPost by Dana Ullman

Once again, homeopathy provides good evidence for both safety and efficacy. Please consider showing this article to parents who NEED to know about safer strategies when caring for their children. When Hippocrates asserted, "First, do no harm," one hopes that this advice was not only meant for doctors but for parents too.  


Intro excerpt:

In 2004, American physicians wrote over 28 million prescriptions for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) drugs, and by 2008 alone, this number increased substantially to over 39 million. Despite these scary-high numbers of powerful psychiatric drugs prescribed for our children, The Washington Post reported on a large, multi-center, federally funded study that, "...confirmed there were zero long-term differences between children who were continuously medicated and those who were never medicated" (Vedantam, 2009).


Read the rest of the story on Huffingtonpost, where the public learns that Homeopathy bases improvement for ADHD on evidence-based medicine. Check it out by clicking HERE

And please consider clicking on the Facebook and Twitter links at the HuffingtonPost site because the popularity of these factors may give it more exposure at their site.

And yes, consider making a comment or usual, the deniers and medical fundamentalists will be driven crazy from an article on homeopathy and YOU should respond to them.


Dana Ullman, MPH


Dana's E-Book provides information on Evidence Based Medicine. Always updated. Check it out.

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Comment by Laura Stangret on June 25, 2011 at 10:26am
This disorder has been over diagnosed in youth.  Pharmaceutical intervention under investigated.  |'ll be sure to discuss with parents the alternatives available in Homeopathy.  Blessings, Laura

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