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Hering's Law of Cure part 1

Bacteria, viruses and other
microorganisms are present in the environment and the contaminated us,
the the different manners and we know the diseases by different names
and types . 200 year ago one man coined the term Miasm for these
different types of diseases, and he was you better know him, he is none
of them the Great Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann.

Dr.James Tyler Kent Says that "The bacteria are results of disease. In the course of time we will be able
to show perfectly that the microscopical little fellows are not the
disease cause, that they come after, that they are scavengers
accompanying the disease, that they are perfectly harmless in every
are outcome of the disease, are present whenever the disease is and by
microscope it has been discovered that every pathological result has
its corresponding bacteria.

He was a great follower of master Hahnemann and one of our inspiration, but i am not satisfy with the above statement of Dr.Kent.
I would like to explain what i am thinking about the Homeopathy and microbiology.
Every body knows that all the microorganism are generate in certain favorable environment,
which we cause the exciting causes of acute disease in Homeopathy.
These exciting causes such as environmental factors Rain, summer,
extreme winter, humidity. Unhygienic conditions where there are chance
to survives of microorganism and they cause the certain type of disease.

For example if any person who leave in slams which is unhygienic is supposed to be victim
of Cholera, which is caused by Vibrio Cholera and it is present in the
winter, milk, stool contaminated with excreta of patient or carriers.
This acute condition we called as Acute Miasm because miasm is nothing
more than the noxious agent which infect us.

In another example of infection are eczema which is caused by external or exciting causes
(such as irritation allergic contact, reaction to exposure to certain
microorganism occupational and non-occupational, chemical) and
constitutional or predisposing factors.
These are also include in acute miasm.

Homeopathically say that says they all disturb the vital force and make us DIS-EASE (DISEASE, uncomfortable). If these condition of acute
miasm are not to be cured by rational system of medicine (which is
Homeopathy); and only treated by orthodox practitioners; they only
suppress the crying vital force manifestation by sign and symptoms.
This suppressed condition behave like a nuclear bomb in which nuclear
fusion occur and one day blast for more disasters of humankind. As like
in nuclear fusion all the atoms are combined to form a bomb, likewise
various type of acute miasm combined from chronic condition or chronic

Healthy vital force or strong immunity-------->> Noxious agents (Miasm) influenced by exciting causes ------>> Immunity or vital force
become weak and sign and symptoms of disturbed first shows on the Skin
in the form of certain types of eruption and
itching.---------->>>Treated by homeopathy.Remedy acts on the
vital force by its primary action and the secondary action is awakens
the vital force(immunity) for fight against noxious agents.

If Untreated or treated by orthodox practitioners by ointments antibiotics and many other drugs causes suppression of sign and symptoms it the
suppression of disease.The suppressed acute diseases goes into Latent
Psora(Psora is mother of all diseases. Psora is diseased caused by
noxious agents and produce symptoms on the skin first.) If the latent
psora is convert into the fully developed psora and not treated by
homeopathically, it supposed to be go into Psoric Miasmatic condition.

This Psoric conditions will converted into Sycotic condition and syphilitic condition. I mean to say that In the Psoric person who was previously
affected by the certain type of suppressed disease are prone to be some
more dangerous infective noxious agents sycosis and syphilis

We all know that sycosis is wart caused by papilloma virous and the synonyms are condyloma, Keraotsis, seborrheric sycoma venereal wart and
Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Both wart and gonorrhea
are sexully transmitted disease.If this condition is not treated or
suppressed it will goes into SYCOTIC MIASMATIC condition which lead to
another sexually transmitted disease syphilis which is caused by
Treponema pallidum, a spirochete that is transmitted by direct contact
between humans. If syphilis disease is not treated or suppressed it
become disaster Syphilitic Miasmatic condition.

Now one question is that why we called PSORA, SYCOSIS, SYPHILIS is PSORIC SYCOTIC AND SYPHILITIC misasmatic conditions, what is the difference
between Psora ans Psoric; sycosis ans Sycotic; Syphilis and Syphilitic.

Psora, sycosis and syphilitic are diseases and only shows their effect on body but the psoric sycotic and syphilitic are the miasms they included the
whole economy of human, the whole Body Mind Nature of human being and
disturb the mental level as well as body , and these miasmatic
conditions are able to destroy the upcoming human generation. Now we
have three misamatic condition Psoric, sycotic and syphilitic, which
show their effect idividually or combined with each other





Today,NO one person have only one miasm, we are bread of combination of one of these condition which mention above.


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Comment by Sameer bombaywala MD Zuber on July 11, 2010 at 9:05am
where r u this days
Comment by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana on March 27, 2010 at 10:13am
I am searching for the 2nd partSir!
Comment by Sameer bombaywala MD Zuber on March 18, 2010 at 1:20am
this process which you described is nice but i dont understand that yuo want to just share or there is some query in your mind

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