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Hepatitis B Vaccine - All Don't Need It

94 % of the people exposed to Hepatitis B recover, in 1% the disease may become fulminant and may result in death. In 5% the disease may become chronic out of which 4% may become healthy carriers and 1 % may develop cirrhosis of liver and cancer. Actually it’s for the fear of the patients becoming chronic and possibility of cancer liver that vaccination is being propagated.

Hepatitis B and cancer liver
How real is the danger of cancer liver occurring in a patient in whom the disease has become chronic? It is already stated that only 1 % of the people infected by Hepatitis B may develop cancer liver. Cancer occurs after a long period of chronic liver disease frequently associated with cirrhosis. It is reported that chronic infections resulting from maternal and neonatal transmission present a greater risk of cancer liver than those acquired as adults.

It is also suggested that other independent co-operative factors might be implicated. In certain parts of South Africa and is southern province of mainland China, an association of dietary aflatoxins and cancer liver has been recognised in several studies ( Yeh and other in 1989 and Bosch & Munoz 1991). The carcinogenic potential of aflatoxins B in liver cells is well known. Excessive alcohol intake also increases the risk of liver cancer in Hepatitis B patients. In addition, preliminary data indicate that infection with human hepatitis delta virus, which causes extremely severe hepatic injury and cirrhosis might be associated with a more rapid onset of liver cancer (Oliver and other 1991). Hepatitis B infection alone or associated with co-operate factors can be implicated in only 20% liver cancer patients in low endemic areas. In Japan where the incidence of liver cancer has been continuously increasing, the number of cases related to hepatitis B remains constant. It is therefore clear that the danger of cancer liver occurring in hepatitis B patients is very small and when it occurs it may be due to other factors also working.

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