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Healthy mother and happy child (save our Generation through hpathy )

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Now a day we are seeing a lot of disoders in new born baby ex.blockage in heart,shrinkeges valve, mental abnormalities ,wheat allergy,daibetes and so many vital organ disoders are found in deliverd child while most of pregnant women took iron suppliments ,calcium,folic aci tablates,and proper vaccination ,then child and mother are unhealthy why????????????? i think this is overused of iron,calcium and cytotoxic drugs which have to restricted peristaltic movement of intestine so resulted delivery is abnormal..........
i have deliverd 34 child at home through classical homoeopathy ........................................
first of all you must select 100% accurate medicine to pregnant ladies.because vaccination chat begins 3rd month of pregnancy .selected medicine will help to mother as iron,calcium,folic acid supplements and to infant as a vaccination.due to vaccination RBC n WBC level come down so pregnant lady required more iron supplements ( it may be strategies of phama )
u would be remember whenever iron calcium popularise then normal delivery is ceased most of deliveries are c.s.and i think that u know very well these are side effects of thats.......................
During pregnancy a women require more time and attention to deliver naturally. And if she is given a constitutional homeopathic remedy during her pregnancy she can develop a resistance against most diseases in nature which may be inherited to the infant. Physical and mental abnormalities are also avoided at this time. Following such treatment, I found 100% that she can deliver normally. This is possible because the increased immune system and enhances the mechanical energy needed for the fetus to deliver through the natural path.

Following delivery I found in my research that most infants are further treated by the mother's own remedy which was given during pregnancy.
I experienced this is best suitable time to selection of homoeopathic medicine bcz that time mother and baby’s nature fully expressed so selected medicine would be 100% accurate. so far we should save our generation .

Dr. Rajiiv Nagar .
Homoeopathy Research Hospital
Malviya Nagar ,jaipur,India

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Comment by Debby Bruck on July 17, 2009 at 9:07am

Dr. Rajeev - Did you know that you can EDIT your blog post?
Please remove the large file above and use this one that is cropped.
You can also edit the text. Enjoy! Always good to learn from you.
Comment by Dr.Rajeev Nagar on July 17, 2009 at 6:44am
Thank you for ur incrediable comments !!!!!

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