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I am a student of Homeopathic college...I will be doing my thesis on Keynote prescribing vs. constitutional prescribing...which is more effective on initial case taking...
need some feedback on this...

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Comment by Dr Ajay Yadav on September 10, 2009 at 5:15am
hi sara
i know sara as a student attending big confress and adding skill at begaing when u are fresh its dreamworld,but when u actually sit in practice than things become practice and i want to tell u that every homeopath student start thinking by his open mind and than he sud make his plans of practice.
as a new fresh homeopath its always a big thought what to do now .....?sud i practice 1 dose or poly ,or key note prescription or just advise them some good homeopathic combo.
answer is yes.I always think you shud start with key note symptom and start observing and making your case taking part stronger at start..than as u become good and better than u can take patient for long term and constitutional basis.
because homeopathy can provide you everything what u want in life . but it takes its time by time
so as first always start getting confidence of patients .
2d start observing and making case taking stronger, start identifying miasm ,and potency section.
than once u get good skill & confidence u will be good homeopath.
so step by step and see it by your beautiful mind .
i will again tell u that just start practicing u will become better as u will learn it .and i know when u start practicing u will get result but some doctors tell u its not right way to practice, you are not classical homeopath and all . but i will always say abalute ly good way to become good homeopath is to know everything what to do when patient enters in clinic.
thanks you
dr ajay yadav
Comment by sara namazi on September 8, 2009 at 6:26pm
Dr Rafeeque what you said was exactly what i was thinking...for a person like me who is graduating after three years with limited knowledge of MM, it is really hard to get the constitutional at the first shot...often we see patients that come with a CC weather it is acute or chronic and just want that to be taken care I was thinking what if we focus on the CC and it's keynote presentation and prescribe based on that..then have them come back and take a deep constitutional case...this way we have gained their trust to a certain point and they are now more at ease from the CC and more open to go deeper...if that's how you practice is there anyway I can keep in touch with you to get examples of the cases you have treated this will be very helpful for my thesis...
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on September 8, 2009 at 3:05pm
Personally, I am not always in favour of keynote prescription for beginners. If you know your MM well enough, even constitutional prescription can be done on keynotes though. What is important is that the acute state first needs to be removed before the constitutionla even can have any effect. Dr Rafeeque may be not 'classical" in his own and other's eyes, but this is what Hahnemann in the Organon recommends we do. First remove the acute and then treat the chonic or constitutional state. You will find the remedies for both to be closely related too, because the sensation underlying both constitution and acute is similar or identical. See the thread on the Sensation Method and Par 30 etc in the Organo.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on September 8, 2009 at 6:17am
Both are effective, but the cure is much deeper in constitutional prescribing. When the patient comes for the first time with a particular complaint, it is better to give a keynote prescription to give some ease to his sufferings. Once the patient is comfortable with our treatment, we can take his case in detail and give the constitutional drug to treat the whole individual. This is the practical way i follow. A classical homoeopath may not agree with this approach. Giving the constitutional drug in the first visit is the best, but not that easy to select the same initially. Initially the patient may not give his complaints in detail as he is much bothered about the acute complaints. Hence give the keynote prescription, preferably in lower potency. There can be different levels of keynote prescriptions. If it includes PQRS, it is of higher level.

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