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Creating Waves of Awareness

The Power of Visualization

The power of the visualization process is immense and as more researchers dive into this aspect of the human mind we continue to find out how truly amazing the effect of the controlled thought really is. Meditation, guided imagery and mantras are a resource that we guide our patients towards. But is it really true that we forget ourselves? Yes, it is sad, but true.

Let us not linger there, but instead begin a journey together, shall we? How about creating together powerful visualizations and meditations that fit us individually, homeopathically?

At this day and age it is so very easy to use technology to assist us in our quest for the peaceful mind. If you spend a good time every day in front of the computer it is very likely that you forget to stand up or once you get tired you wander into sites such as Facebook. Past time that really leaves you with nothing unless you are using your time to network, but that is a whole other story.

How about thinking ahead, planning your past time? Sounds boring?

What if we, together, made a small plan.  A plan that would involve you creating a visualization series for yourself for your own relaxation, manifestation and general well being.  What if I´d show you how you can make your own video that you can have in your computer and watch at pre planned times.

First, what do you want from your visualizations?

Are you tired and need to rest? Or do you wish to manifest something you wish to acquire?

Set a goal. Do you want to have many short videos for each aspect of your life you wish to focus upon?

Or one long video that encompasses them all? Decide and then we can start. I will for demonstrational purposes create my video for relaxation.

  1. Step One

Find a suitable program, a one where you can put together images and music or recordings of your voice. I downloaded Windows Movie Maker but you can choose whatever program you like.

  1. Collect images suitable for your manifestation-meditation. You can use your own pictures or simply use Google. I typed “Relax” in the Google Search box and chose some pictures that make me relax (and yes they are all from the tropic, snowy and windy Iceland doesn’t quite give me the much needed warmth right now :) )

I saved the pictures in a folder on my desktop and named the folder “relax”

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker
  2. Choose New program * Click Import Pictures- Choose the “relax” folder and hold down Ctrl to choose more pictures at a time, finish by clicking import and then you have your pictures in the Windows Movie Maker.
  3. Drag and drop each picture onto the video bar in the order you want them to appear in.
  4. Click a picture that you want to add some encouraging words to, Open Tools on the top bar and choose Titles and Credits. Choose add title to the selected clip.
  5. Write something relaxing. I wrote “I am calm and secure. I am completely relaxed” Press done add title to movie.
  6. Repeat this step to the other pictures you wish to enhance. 
  7. Now add music.  
    1. Under Capture video - select import music, choose what song and press import. Problems?
    2. You can choose what sort of effect you wish to add to your pictures. I chose “Ease In”
    3. You can choose where you wish to save your video. I chose to save it to my computer, named it relax, pressed next and it is done.
  8. Now my video is short, for demonstrational purposes only but here it is and it can be as short as this or much longer, depending on what YOU want and need. Remember, this is fun and soothing and if you give yourself 10 minutes twice a day and watch your video and listen to music you can HEAL YOURSELF as you heal others.




Love and light



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Comment by Dagný Ösp Helgadóttir on May 7, 2011 at 8:16am
Thank you Kuram :)

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