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Grading of Consultation Fees in Homeopathy

All over the world, homeopaths have set different criteria for charging consultation of fees. I am interested to know at what ground fees are charged. Lets see in Pakistan. In Pakistan, a good reputed homeopath charged Rs. 500 per patient on first consultation. While Regular homeopaths charged Rs. 200 per patient. There are some idiots like me which does not charge anything and also provide medicines free of cost :)

What I want to know how much you charge from the patient? What are factors which affect on consultation fees?

  • Your Academics?
  • Your Experience?
  • Your Reputation?
  • Your Locality?
  • The Facilities avilable at your Clinic?

One of my friend Rene Netter ( ) who came Pakistan and stayed with us for three months to observe how homeopathic practice is carried out in Pakistan told me that he is charging $ 40 per patient.

  • Rene is M.Sc qualified beside homeopathic graduation.
  • He has vast Experience.
  • He is a well Reputed Homeopath in the vicinity
  • Locality: I have no idea because I do not live in USA
  • Facilities: I have no idea I have not yet visited

Another question is, do you agree if Govt of Pakistan fix consultation fees for homeopaths?

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Comment by Dr Shreya Deshpande on February 25, 2010 at 4:25am
Dr Mas, the consultation charges certainly depend more upon the locality I think. If I will have to grade among the points you have mentioned, I would do it- 1) Locality 2) Experience 3) Reputation 4) Academics, and 5) Facilities
Being a private homeopathic practitioner in rural area of India, I know how tough it is in the initial period. But it is also true that more than qualification, your experience and handling of cases matters more especially in India. Charging patients actually depends upon mentality of the doctors too to a great extent. As you said you give medicines free of cost to some, here too we have to give huge rebates for poor people..and thats the apt thing to do. But one of our great teachers in Pune where I learnt used to tell us, whatever less you may charge but never give absolutely free of cost, as this may not invoke the kind of respect people should have for homeopathy. Anyway, it's individual choice after all!
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 25, 2010 at 5:23am
Here in Kerala, you can see Homeopaths everywhere. There is one beautiful island called Vypin (Near Kochi), which is thickly populated by Homoeopaths. Their number is roughly around 90. What I want to add is, the consultation charges also depends upon availability of homoeopaths.

I feel, in Asian countries, consultation is much less compared to UK and US. In India you can consult a homeopath by giving just 40 rupees (less than one US Dollar).
Comment by dr.sadathsait on February 25, 2010 at 7:39am
great topic for discussion.Hei guys all the points r dollar 40 is just like indian or pak money 40rs.because they buy things for dollars.they cant give our money in us.In my opinion charges depends mostly on ur reputation, mentality& infrastructure u give like quality of the place,interiors u do,quality of medicines u use and above all WHAT IS INSIDE UR BRAIN AND CONFIDENCE.MORE U CHANRGE MORE IS UR PATIENT IN MY EXPERIENCE
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 25, 2010 at 11:38pm
Charging also depends upon the time taken for the case taking. Usually I dont charge much, but when the case taking consumes more time, I charge more.
Comment by Dr. MAS on March 1, 2010 at 1:19am
Thanks to all for useful comments.

One questions is unmarked...

Do you agree if Govt of Pakistan fix consultation fees for homeopaths?

I notice that few homeopaths takes extra ordinary advantage of helpless patients. When Homeopaths see the patient is in danger zone, he had no other choice except to consult that SPECIFIC HOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR then that doctor by taking the advantage of patients helpless condition exploit the patient. What I have observed that most, yes most of the homeopaths have no welfare attitude. They have joined this field as professional buisnessman. Allopathic Doctors are two more steps forward to homeopaths. They are more exploiting the ailing humanity. What I see and experienced that one patient was on death bed, and doctor was negociating with family members on charges.

My question is, should i initiate and fix the consultation charges of homeopaths according to the above five conditions to contain homeopaths for not exploiting the patients helpless condition.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 1, 2010 at 5:34am
Consultation charge is a personal matter, it depends upon several factors. Since there is no uniformity in the facilities offered by private homeopathic practitioners, I feel, it may not be practical to fix the charges.

I think you can initiate a campaign requesting the government to start free homeopathic clinics and hospitals in your country. The popularity of homoeopathy is linked with the availability of free treatment given by the government. I started my private practice near a government homoeopathic hospital. It really helped me to establish my practice, because people in that area were familiar with homeopathy. Hence, to create more awareness, you can request the health ministry.
Comment by Dr. MAS on March 1, 2010 at 10:11pm
Just to carryout the discussion forward and for the sake of discussion and argument ;) Government has fixed prices and services charges of many basic commodities and works.

Just give you a glaring highlight that government is imposing fixation on everything day by day to protect the rights of people. Say for example

Meat price is fix, you may ask to government I should be allowed to fix meat price myself and It is me who will decide how much I have to take the profit. Same is the case of patrol, ghee, gas, electricity, mason wages, labour worker, cement and so ….. long list… i.e. almost everything is fixed.

Even in my locality, USG rate, X-Ray charges and Pathological Lab test’s rate are fixed. Some surgeons have displayed banners in my area about the fix rate of type of operation charges

C Section Charges are fixed
Normal Delivery Charges are fixed
Surgery of many parts are almost fixed with slight variation. That variation is actually is type of exploitation.

When a labour worker is getting fix daily wages, even a skilled labour can’t charge more cash even there is no competitor, even then he can’t charge more, then why this rule can’t be applied on doctors who are exploiting the patients.

What do you say, in the wider interest of general public, the charges of the doctors should be fixed according to qualification, experience, locality and facilities to avoid exploitation of doctors to public?

Recently health care bill 2009 is announced. The commission will visit the clinic and will provide registration according to the yardstick setup by the commission. Commission can categorized type of clinic A, B or C and also can fix the rate. What’s your opinion?
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 1, 2010 at 11:58pm
To some extent, I do agree with your views. Compare two photographers: one is using a local made low quality camera, and the other one is using an imported camera with lot of facilities. How can we fix their charges? A manual laborer's charges can be fixed, but we cant fix the charges of an artist. He needs more as per the quality of his work. Similarly, we cant fix the charges of film stars. Even surgery charges can not be fixed. The one who uses some sophisticated instrument for the surgery naturally needs more. Similarly, we Homoeopaths also differ as per the facilities we offer. Those who use a computer software need more fee. Those who do keynote prescription may take only a few minutes to finish one case, whereas, one who prescribes on the totality may take hours to finish one case. How can we fix the charges? My book "Be a Master of Materia Medica" costs only 149 rupees, whereas, Materia Medica Viva by Vithoulkas costs around 30000 Rupees.! How can we fix the rates?
Comment by Dr. MAS on March 2, 2010 at 1:31am
I did not say each and every kind of work charges should be fixed. I said, homeopathic prescribing or treatment is that branch in which the rate of a doctor CAN BE FIXED. I am not saying it must be fixed. I am saying why it should not be fixed in the larger interest of the public? When doctors have developed a behaviour that is more inclined towards exploiting patient then the welfare.

Some body was telling me that George Vithoulkas charge 1 thousand dollars per patient and he sees only one patient daily. (I am not confirmed) but he is not a regular traditional homeo practitioner. He is basically a professor of homeopathy. Who spend most of the time in teaching homeopathy, propagating homeopathy, writing homeopathy and perform as resource person in seminars all around the world. Definitely when he will attend seminars all around the world then definitely he would be having less time for his own clinical practice. Wherever he will go, everybody would be interested to meet him and he has no time to meet anyone therefore the only option he left is to raise his consultation fees so that no body should contact him easily. The reason is he can earn much from the seminars, book writing and visits institutions then from practice. But this type of example is exception.

I was visiting the website of Indian Homeo Master. If you look at his world tour schedule you will see that he is booked for next two years. At what time, he can spare time for patient’s consultation. So clearly wherever he will go or visit, people will rush to meet him for consultation and if he fix charges two thousand dollars, patient will love to afford. Again it is exception

Generally, a common practitioner is totally different. He / She earns his/her livelihood from practice entirely. His resources and expenditures can be pointed out just like other professions. This common practitioner can be compared with MOBILE DOCTORS.
Comment by dr.sadathsait on March 2, 2010 at 1:47am
i really dont know how these seminar teachers get real time exposure of treating diseases.Do they teach only theory.really in doubt.We in kerala cal them seminar thozhilali, means seminar kooli worker.
and again iam against fixing thefees.People who wants to see me will come to me irrespective of my charges.For poor people who cannot affors force govt to start free clinics.


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