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Five Finger Management in The Homoeopathic Profession

5 Finger Management of Homoeopathic Profession

1. Management of Chronic Diseases.

2. Management of Acute Diseases

3. Marketing Management

4. Credibility Management

5. Image Management

Thump Management of Chronic Diseases

With out treating Chronic Disease a Homoeopath cannot establish his profession. But we are not supposed to manage all chronic disease. There are some chronic diseases to be managed surgically or to be managed by changing life style or by removing permanent cause if any. 3 types of cases are waiting for treatment.

1. Cases not to be treated Homoeopathically

2. Cases shall be treated by Homoeoapthic Medicines & other various systems of medicines.

3. Cases to be treated only with Homoeopathic Medicines.

1. Cases not to be treated by Homoeopathic Medicines

All Purely surgical Diseases, Gangrenes with total loss of tissue, foreign bodies in cavities, Tuberculosis with cavities especially in HIV, Gross Ascites, Goiter with gross indurations, Hernia in adults, Dislocations and multiple fractures, renal failures under frequent dialysis, Type 1 DM & IDDM where C-Peptide is absent or reduced, primary carcinoma of breast, diseases due to absence of organs, discomfort due to placement or replacement with artificial materials, mechanical injuries with secondary infection, occupational hazards where the toxins are virulent and must be removed, snake bites, suicidal poisoning or homicidal poisoning where gastric lavage or antipathy is essential, when parasitic obstruction threatens life, foreign bodies in trachea where trachiostamy is inevitable, all most all serious ophthalmologic problems except glaucoma, cataract & styes, Meningitis within scope of cure, all diseases due to absence , removal or destruction of organs.

2. Cases shall be treated by Homoeoapthic Medicines & other various systems of medicines.

All self limiting disease, Typhoid, All bacterial diseases, (Except SABE, Lobar Pneumonia), Bronchitis, bronchial Asthma, Sinusitis, Pharingitis, Tonsilitis, All chronic and acute inflammations, Sero Negative arthritis, IVDP, Gastric and duodenal ulcers, Metabolic disorders including DM, MND and other neurological disorders including parkinsonism, Paralysis including CVA, abscess boils all most all skin diseases except psoriasis

3. There are certain chronic diseases to be treated Only by Homoeopathic Medicines.

All viral diseases, (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)All Autoimmune diseases (RA,SLE,PAN, Sjohran’ S syndrome, Autoimmune Infertility, Auto immune thyroiditis, Ulcerative colitis) Autonomic Recessive Diseases, Allergic Disorders, Hepatitis –B,C,D, & E, Warts, All Syco-somatic Disorders, Recurring & Relapsing Diseases, Late and irrecoverable sequale of Diseases, Cirrhosis of Liver with out gross ascites, Advanced stages of cancer and anticipatory prophylactic for cancer, NHL, all Malignant Blood disorders (Leukemias except ALL,AML, ITP, Hemophilia, Thalassemia Major and Minor, all sclerosing disorders and what ever disease named so called incurable and untreatable by modern medicine!

Protocol in treatment of aforesaid cases.

1. Cases not to be treated by Homoeopathic Medicines – Refer the case to a specialist in any system of medicine with a reference letter.

2. Cases shall be treated by Homoeoapthic Medicines & other various systems of medicines.

a. Diagnose the disease

b. Treat with prepaid medicine

c. Do necessary follow up investigation

d. Make sure the disease got cured.

e. Refer the case if necessary

f. Try to find out constitutional medicine of patient in between.

3. Chronic diseases to be treated Only by Homoeopathic Medicines.

a. Find out a medicine that covers almost all the symptom of disease.

b. Logically interpret the miasmatic nature of the diagnosed diseases.

c. Synthesis the case by categorizing symptoms/signs in to disease/patient/person level.

d. Know whether the disease is a problem of Sensitivity, structural change or a fight.

e. Define the patient in terms of excitability/deficiency/functional or Proliferation or destruction.

f. Take inside out of Plant, Mineral/Imponderable, Animal or Nosode

g. Miasmatic ratio is necessary in inherited disorders.

h. Temperaments/Plant/mineral/Animal/Miasmatic combinations are filters to loose unnecessary remedies.

i. Use investigations logically to select Remedy.

j. Be ready with drugs to face challenging acute exacerbations.

k. Keep a passion to excel in treating and curing chronic diseases.

2. Index Finger - Management of Acute Diseases

We usually use index finger to point out things and to point out a person. This index finger is to show the effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicines within no time. One must use drugs and remedies to reduce the intensity of symptoms of acute disease. We can use prepaid medicines to reduce the duration of acute diseases. Don’t bother about the Miasm and underlying reason of the spontaneous out burst of latent psora and all. Try to win the heart of patient by alleviating his/her most distressing symptom at the earliest. The objective of Management of acute diseases will be as follows.

a. Gave relief to the most distressing symptoms.

b. Cut short the duration of diseases

c. Prevent complications and sequale

d. Prevention of recurrence

e. Resilience (Bring back to the previous state)

12 intolerable symptoms in acute diseases & their prepaid medicine chart

1. Pain

2. Fever

3. Sleeplessness

4. Swelling

5. Anoxia

6. Bleeding

7. Itching

8. Congestion

9. Numbness

10. Weakness

11. Irritability

12. Dehydration





Belladonna 200

Coffea 200

Chammomilla 200

Tarentula Cub 30

Lateroduct Mac 30

Mag Phos 1M

Belladonna 1M

Pyrogen 200

Acetanilidum 3x

Canchalagua Q

Baptisia Q

Phos 200

Stramonium 200

Coffeea 200

Kalisulph 6x

Hygrophelia Q

Passiflora Q


Jalapa 30

Ignatia 1M

Ars Alb 0/3

China 200

Acid Phos 30

Cuprum Met 30

Camphor Q

Elatarium 30

Kurchy Q

Veratrum Alb 1M





Eel Serum 30

Apis 30

Apocynum 30

Cardus Mur 0/3

Bryonia 1M

Sulphur 1M

Belladonna 200

Cactus G Q

Glonoine 200

Melilotus Q

Mag Phos 6x

Passiflora Q

Iodoform 1x

Carbo Veg 1M

Laurocerasus 30

Cholorum 30

Ant Ars 30

Aspidosperma Q

Ipecac 1M

Hemamilis Q

Trillium Penf Q

Millifolium Q

Phos 200

Carc Carb 0/3

Lach 200

Merc Cor 30





Tarentula His 1M


Chamomila 1M

Mag Carb 200

Hyoscyamus 0/3

Sul 0/3

Psorinum 200

Fagopyrum 30

Dolichos P 30

Apis 200

Tarentula H 200

Sepia 200

Urtica Uren Q

Coca Q

Chammomila 200

Calc Carb 200

Ledum pal 200

Kalmia Lact 200

Gnaphalium 30

Sterculia Q

China 200

Avena Sativa Q

Alstonia Q

Chinninum Ars 30

Tarentula Cub 30

Helonias Q

(* This is not a Remedy Chart only a drug/Medicine Chart)

2. Cut short duration of disease

A. Select a medicine that covers the later symptoms of the disease. Eg. Ledum Pal, Urtica Uren or Phytolacca in CG. Crotalus Horridus in Leptospirosis, Opium or Carbo Veg in Typhoid, PULS in Measles.

B. Use auxiliary methods and dietary restriction and supplementation. ORS, IV.

C. Allow Grandma’s Medicines and methods.

D. Use Ferrum Phos 1M in the beginning of Chiken Pox

E. Use Myristica 30 in secondary infection

3. Prevent complications and sequale

a. Use Abrotanum 30 to prevent Metastasis

b. Use Puls 1M in Measles, Mumps and German Measles to prevent complication.

c. Use Ant Tart and Thuja in Chiken Pox

d. Use Streptococcin 200 and sarsaparilla 30 if you are anticipating post streptococcal glomerulo nephritis.

e. Use Lyco 1M of gels 1M if you are anticipating GB Syndrome.

f. Use organ remedies of the target organ of complication.

g. Use Crotal Hor 30 if you are anticipating meningitis in ASOM.

h. Use Helliborus if you are anticipating Meningitis in Chicken Pox or any other acute diseases.

i. Use terebinthina 3x if you are anticipating lack water fever in Malaria.

j. Use Veratrum Vir 200 frequent doses if you are anticipating Pneumonia.

k. Use Pneumococcin 200 in fever with h/o pneumonia.

l. Use Carbo veg 1M to prevent hair falling and premature graying in Typhoid.

4. Prevention of Recurrence

a. Nat Mur 1M to prevent recurrence of Hopes Simplex.

b. Nat Sulph 1M to prevent recurrence of Br. Asthma.

c. Lyssin 200 to prevent recurrence of Dust allergy

d. Spongia 30 & Calc Carb 200 to prevent Moon phases asthma.

e. Psorinum 200 or Tub 200 to prevent recurrence of tonsillitis.

5. Resilience

1. Sulphur 1M to bounce back to previous state except in skin disease.

2. Chinninum Ars 30 to re establish appetite and to reduce weakness after fever.

3. Sterculia Q to get rid of weariness after acute disease.

4. Mancinella 30 to save the hairs from acute disease.

III. Middle Finger – Marketing Management

Homoeopathic system of medicine is badly in need of Marketing to achieve its deserving targets. Only 30% of potential patients are reaching to Homoeopathy. The cases to be treated only by Homoeopathy are also turning to other system of medicines because of lack of awareness among people. Few cases shall be treated by any systems of treatment are reaching under the fold of Homoeopathic treatment. Though we had enough propaganda regarding the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment, people doesn’t know the real potential of Homoeopathy. They won’t believe us when we are saying we have a remedial measure for each and every disease. We never said that we don’t have any treatment for a particular disease. We are trying our level best to contribute something to the health service in every health hazard. It is time to stop jumping in to every health issue though we can contribute a little in every health issue. We must find out our unique area where others can’t do anything. When we won in our task people will admit us. Following techniques shall use for Marketing Homoeopathy.

a. Writing articles in leading magazines are advertisements.

b. A list of diseases to be treated only with Homoeopathic Medicines should be displayed in your clinic.

c. A Brochure or palm let about your clinic will be marketing for Homoeopathy.

d. A list of disease shall be treated with Homoeopathic medicines should be displayed in your clinic.

e. A universal hike in cost of medicine shall be adopted in local areas.

f. Consultation fee is badly the need of the hour.

g. Refer to a Homoeopathic Specialist will market Homoeopathy further.

h. By knowing more and more about less and less things you will become a specialist one day.

i. We together shall compel Govt. to give Advertisement about effectiveness of Homoeopathic Treatment.

j. Every advertisement will be a small step of marketing Homoeopathy.

k. Brand Your Homoeopathy and Thus Brand Homoeopathy in Toto.

IV. Credibility Management

Public are skeptics about the credibility of our claims. So it is our duty to prove the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment by providing leaving examples and documentary evidences. Our system is badly in need of statistical studies. If we are claiming that we have effective treatment for Chikun Gunya then we have to publish a statistical data. We shall publish the failures too if any, as Hahnemann suggested. Publishing the failures is not a failure but failing in doing so is a failure. Loss co credibility about a system starts from unnecessary offers. So just offer what you can deliver or offer a little less that you can deliver. Delivering what you offer and a little extra will be considered as quality. Following points should be there in the mind of a Credibility Manager Homoeopath.

a. Keep Document of each cure cases.

b. Make statistics of cured cases and show the failure rate too.

c. Make sure that your patient convinced about the process of cure.

d. Never make statistics or Documents of Normal abnormalities and self limiting diseases.

e. Keep all documents of treatments, including treatment of other system of medicines in spiral binds.

f. Upload your documents to net let it live in air.

g. Promise what you can keep it.

h. Don’t be censorious or slanderous.

V. Image Management - Little finger.

What is the Image about a Homoeopath among the public? Do you ever ask such a question to you? If not it is the time to ask yourself that what is your image among public? Do they seek your help to clarify their doubts about health? If so you have crossed the first step of keeping the image of Homoeopathy. Still some people believe that Homoeopaths are fraudulent and they are cheating patients by giving placebo. Some people still believe that Homoeopaths are using steroids. They don’t know that steroid is not a panacea to establish cure in patients. It is our duty to make this system and it’s philosophy more transparent. It is our duty to transform the misconception about Homoeopaths that we are rebels in the field of health. We together must make this system more people oriented than philosophy oriented. Each one of Homoeopathic fraternity in the entire world is an ambassador of Homoeopathy. People will evaluate Homoeopathy and its quality by analyzing the words and deeds of Homoeopath. So each movement of a Homoeopath should be quality oriented. Though we cannot change our character we can change our personality. Character is what we are doing in our bath room or at darkness when nobody is there in 1 kilometer circumference. But personality is what others are observing in you. Following points should me there in minds of every Homoeopath.

a. Furnish your clinic with minimum standards.

b. Use Medical equipments as much as possible.

c. Update your General medical Knowledge every Day.

d. Present where you are a need.

e. Invest in your body.

f. Keep Good health

g. Talk positively

h. Bring happiness to those people around you.

i. Don’t be nosy in health issues

j. Reach with invitation only

k. Be with organizations

l. Get along with people

m.Say “I am a Homoeopath” boldly

If the five fingers viz. Management of Chronic Disease, Management of Acute Diseases, Marketing of Homoeopathy, Managing Credibility & Image put together that will be a fist to be raised when skeptics rises their voice against Homoeopathy. We have a bright future and we are the future so focus for future always.

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Comment by Dr. Girijadevi TK on March 9, 2010 at 8:28am
Comment by Debby Bruck on March 8, 2010 at 3:47am
Wow! Bravo. I will come back to re-read this over again.
Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on March 6, 2010 at 9:03am
Dr Biju,i feel very elated to read an insightful article that is informative and educative.

It should help,guide,and remind us of our weaknesses and our strength as homeopathic doctors.It gives guidelines in the right direction,and reminds us of the pitfalls that surrounds us.It also reminds us of our limitations also.

With my best wishes
Comment by dr.sadathsait on March 6, 2010 at 7:48am
U dont need any explanation about this auther.He is doing everything possible to propagate homoeopathy in whatever possible by him.Rightly said need of th hour is marketing and propagating.keeping records are utmost important in our day to day practise.
People r watching u and the way u uplift urself will automatically give facelift to homoeopathy.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 6, 2010 at 5:37am
Thanks for sharing the secrets behind your success. I still remember the day when I attended your lecture for the first time (IHK, Chalakkudy unit). That time, I had only a certificate with a license to practice, but no confidence. When you were dealing with some clinical tips, initially I felt, what this gentleman is bluffing? because that time I was under the influence of some of my classical teachers. Later on, when I started my clinic,i really experienced the truth that a beginner should be a practical Homoeopath first rather than going behind some schools, and later on he can be a classical prescriber. Even Hahnemann also did the same, he started with the cinchona extract and progressed gradually. Those clinical tips really helped me to established my practice.

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