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Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009


Dear Homeopathic Colleague -

Homeopathy has suffered a very serious attack. The Young Voices of Science, a UK based group dedicated to eliminating homeopathy, sent a letter to the World Health Organization asking WHO to condemn homoeopathy in developing countries, especially in the areas of influenza, childhood diarrhoea, malaria and AIDS. WHO replied last week with statements from various Departmental Heads saying there is no indication of effectiveness of homoeopathy in any of these areas. YVoS has now circulated the response of WHO to the media and have amplified the letter as if it is a public announcement from WHO, WHICH IT IS NOT. Additionally, YVoS has stated on its website that it will be contacting the Health Ministries of all countries in the world to let them know about the WHO response and press them to condemn homoeopathy in their country.

The BBC then spread this false item and has since admitted that is was hasty and mistaken in posting the article as an official statement, without checking the facts. But if we let this go it will be too late, people will believe this dirty trick campaign. Please send emails or letters to the BBC complaint department or to any other newspapers publishing the statement.
Homeopathy not a cure, says WHO
20 August 2009

Here is one of the BBC apologies. Sad they could not check the facts first!

Many thanks for your e-mail. We have since updated this report and it now includes two comments putting the case for homeopathy - one referring to treatment for diarrhoea - although we accept that it would have been desirable to have had these in the article earlier.

It became clear from correspondence that some readers found the original headline - WHO warns against homeopathy use - ambiguous, and this has been altered to reflect the fact that people are being urged not to rely on homeopathy.

Best wishes,
BBC News website

We are asking you to help launch a mass protest. We have prepared a rebuttal letter to send to WHO which is attached to this email. There are other homoeopathic organizations who are preparing protest statements as well. We think it is important that WHO hear from as MANY INDIVIDUALS AS POSSIBLE, and are appealing to you--

Please read the attached letter. Please adapt it to your own wording, while keeping the main points.

It is best to have a variety of letters

· Please send it to one or more of the email address below.

· Please do this immediately, as a response to WHO is needed quickly.

· Please forward this email with the attached letter to as many of
your colleagues and patients as possible and urge them to take action. USE BCC AND DELETE THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO YOU.

· If you can send a written letter as well that would help.

If you are living in the US or have no contact with developing countries, you may wonder why this is an important issue for you to act upon. In fact some suggest that no response be made and that we continue to focus our energies on our good work.

However, this attack is different---

1. This is a group (YVoS) that is aggressively dedicated to destroying homoeopathy. They have stated this on their website and in their letter to their members announcing the WHO letter. While located in the UK, they are reaching out to all countries. They have tried to influence India and right now they have specifically targeted several homoeopathy projects in Africa. They contact governmental, national health ministries, academic medical departments and other organizations in these countries and warn them against homoeopathy using distortion and half truths. They use every means at their disposal to disrupt or end the projects. They have only one goal and they are effective and dangerous to homoeopathy.

2. Existing homoeopathy projects will suffer because of these attacks, hindering rising of funds and initiating research. We are a holistic healing community. When one of our practitioners or one location of our profession is attacked, it is an attack against all of us. Just as we would not turn our backs on treating patients with acute attacks of cholera or malaria, who without homeopathic treatment might die, we should not be complacent about this group. This is a serious acute attack and needs a like response.

3. These attacks are coming because homoeopathy is gaining approval and popularity. We must be ready to stand firmly beside the good work that we are doing and be ready to assure that all people, especially those in developing countries, have access to this healing modality. If we do not respond this could affect each and every one of us.




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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on September 7, 2009 at 5:53am
Comment by Dr.Mubashar Ahmad Khan on September 7, 2009 at 3:44am
I read bbc news about Homoeopathy, it was based on biase, basless and without any research.We all will protest with full power,and we need to unite on this matter.We will not compromise on this issue.May Homoeopathy live long.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on September 6, 2009 at 11:51pm
Yes, really we need that.
Comment by Dr.H.H.Islam on September 5, 2009 at 12:42pm
Now we should invite all of us to show our potentials by publishing a document of all the cured cases including the genetic deformaties with all the supporting findings,documents.
Comment by Debby Bruck on August 27, 2009 at 1:21pm
My comment is in regard to recent articles condemning homeopathy.

It is appreciated that you have revised the headline and added the point of view of homeopathic practitioners. However, I feel this is a totally biased article that you cannot retract once it is in the airwaves.

First, you must report facts and not prejudiced hate material meant to eliminate a form of medical care that has been in existence for 200 years.

Homeopathy is used all over the world, with hospitals and pharmacies in the U.K. and part of the government health care system.

To denigrate it from the point of view of some paid science students who have absolutely NO authority or experience with this form of healing is total propaganda. You should be ashamed of yourselves for printing this biased piece as news.

Do you not filter your articles and check before you print?

Please go to the source and ask established homeopaths their references, evidence and opinions to create a more balanced article. And don't put a tiny blurb at the bottom as the rebuttal. This is still uneven coverage.
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on August 27, 2009 at 11:20am
Exactly,its need of the hour.

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