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Everything Is Energy Moving In A Way Or Another


Everything is energy. This one moving in a way is a flower and in another is a deer. One more is the world. Everything is energy flowing in one way or other. The important thing, what gives to everything its identity and how it is, is how energy moves. A heart is just that and also a stomach.

But the energy properly flowing is a healthy heart and when that energy is distorted then we are seeing the disease. It is not, therefore, balance or imbalance of energy. The important thing is that energy flows where it "should be", flow that must be there in a program, “software”. Thus, we can ensure that there is a health program for the heart, one for the stomach, and one for every organ but also one for the circulatory system and another for the digestive system and all the systems and apparatus. These programs are necessarily processed-controlled by a control center, the computer-brain, is known. Where does this lead me? To explain how and why homeopathy, acupuncture, sialotherapy and psychotherapy cure, mainly. So, these therapies cure because they influence the processing center and the organic functioning programs.

And that's what allopathy cannot do, as it is focused on influencing the diseased cell, not the central nervous system and the organism’s programs. Cells are like new born babies to whom it is necessary to provide with everything they need and remove what is no longer needed for normal, healthy life. Those tasks are of the control center.

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Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on February 12, 2013 at 7:03am
I've been publishing my informatics cybernetic conceptualization since a few years ago. Here is my book "Homeopathy and informatics" 3a edition. Sorry, only in Spanish:

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