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Estimation High or Low Blood Pressure Tendency Using Electro Homoeo Graphy EHG HomoeopathyScan System

Newly invented Homoeopathic Medical Science technology EHG HomoeopathyScan can estimate the patient's tendency toward Low or High blood pressure. The estimation solves the treatment problem more easily for the Homoeopathic physician.


EHG system has a fixed range level of  BLOOD PRESSURE in between 100 to 160 mm/ Hg  of SYSTOLIC nature and 60 to 90 mm/Hg of DIASTOLIC nature.


Systolic blood pressure according to the EHG HomoeopathyScan is fixed at 130 mm/Hg., while DIASTOLIC pressure is fixed at 75mm Hg level for estimation purposes.


It is observed in patients, when ‘d’ and ‘e’ waves  are elevated positively in lead no.15 upper to 12 e.v., it shows the higher tendency of BLOOD PRESSURE. When the blood pressure is above to 130 mm /Hg level this shows the tendency of raising higher Blood pressure.


When the above said waves goes towards the negative side it shows the LOW BLOOD PRESSURE tendency.


It is also observed when ‘k’ wave is well elevated up to normal limit with ‘d’ and ‘e’ waves patient have almost near to NORMAL LIMIT of BLOOD PRESSURE.


The estimation of BLOOD PRESSURE helps clinician more accurately and quickly manage, diagnose and treat the patient for recovery because EHG HomoeopathyScan provides data of the other organs for consideration in view of treatment and selection of appropriate and correct Homoeopathic medications.


Observation of the EHG HomoeopathyScan data shows that HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE patients are also suffering with the other anomalies of the vital organs with their PATHOPHYSIOLOGY or pathology involved  respectively and that cause as a result of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

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