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I am very curious about whether or not one can "imprint" a homeopathic remedy into water electronically. Further the question is this as well, can en electronic device "read" the "vibrational signature" of a plant or other source of a remedy and "transfer" that imprint to alter the structure of water?

This is a very curious thing. There is a company in the United States that sells electronic "balancing" equipment for this very thing. Clearly I am skeptical, however, I must remind myself to not have the kind of skepticism against this idea or method that non-homeopaths have against homeopathy. In essence, I don't want to throw this baby out with the proverbial bathwater.

The company I am referring to is Eagle Research, LLC. They manufacture a variety of machines with its most popular being the Guardian.
The Guardian allows you to "make" your own personal remedies and imprint these remedies in small water filled vials which you are then instructed to carry around your neck or in your pocket.

A friend of mine gave me a Guardian as a gift. I used it for a while to see if there were any effects that I could see differently from traditional remedies. I was not convinced of its efficacy.

I find that I prefer HIGH TOUCH/LOW TECH homeopathy to LOW TOUCH/HIGH TECH homeopathy. However, I am still interested in your opinions in this matter.


Dr. Andrew S. Bonci

Kansas, USA

Reference: Eagle Research, LLC

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 17, 2010 at 2:31am
Yes, i got it.
Its an article written by Dr Michael Thyson in Reckeweg Journal (1/2009 issue) about an Electroacupuncture device (EAV by Dr Reinhold Voll) that can be connected to an acupuncture point on the patient's leg, and the hand electrode in the left hand is connected to a medicine testing honeycomb and it is then connected to the EAV device. The honeycomb contains space to keep the homeopathic remedy. He says that a suitable Homeopathic remedy can be tested by this device.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 13, 2010 at 6:04am
Recently I have read an article in Reckeweg Journal about an instrument that can detect the potency of homeopathic drugs! Let me search for the copy of that journal for more details.
Comment by Jonathan Shore MD on March 10, 2010 at 8:17pm
Andrew I believe this idea goes back quite some years ( I recall it as being around in the 1970's and likely much before that) and at that time was based on the principle of dowsing.

A pattern of radial arms at certain definite degrees obtained by dowsing with a pendulum was established for each remedy. This pattern was drawn on a card which was inserted into a machine in close proximity to water. I cannot recall whether magnetic fields were involved or not.

The water was then considered to contain the remedy. I also cannot quite recall how the potencies were indicated

I never tried this myself. Some ( like Karl Robinson I believe ) did and the opinion was that these remedies did act but that the duration of action was much less than those prepared from material doses.

The next step up from this were electronic devices through which certain frequencies could be dialed and broadcast thru water, or just broadcast to the patient.

Sometime around this stage of evolution I lost interest in the whole affair.

Dr M.K. Sahani on this site could surely add to your question.
Also I refer you to a recent posting by Debby Bruck:

Years ago Eileen Naumann talked about using "paper remedies" with the Indians on the Reservations. She would ride out on her horse and have her kit with her. However, she did not have every potency and every remedy needed. Instead, she would make the "paper remedy" by writing the name and potency and placing a glass of water on the paper. The patient took the remedy this way and it worked. She said that they had a belief system that enabled her to do this. The culture had a build-it belief in the "Medicine Woman" that would have certain abilities and powers. Was this placebo at work or the remedy?

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