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Efficacy of Homoeopathy In Sarcoidosis A 33 Cases Report

Efficacy of Homoeopathy in sarcoidosis a 33 cases report

To ascertain efficacy of Homoeopathy in treatment of sarcoidosis, 33 cases during the period since 2007-2011 were selected for study at Homoeo Cure and Research Centre P. Ltd., Kashipur (INDIA). The efficiency of homoeopathic treatment was miraculously seen in all the cases. Almost all were either cured or much relieved.
Though, the total patients of sarcoidosis registered during the said period were 96, the complete case study was done for 33 patients only. The remaining 66 cases are still in observation and proper tracking of case records is being done.
Aims and objectives
 To study scope of Homoeopathy in treatment of ‘Sarcoidosis’ with its miasmatic analysis.
 To analyze the results of Homoeopathic medicines when prescribed on the basis of Miasms and on totality of symptoms.
 To prepare evidence based report on treatment of Sarcoidosis with Homoeopathy.
‘Sarcoidosis’ is a ‘not well understood’ complex, multisystem, commonplace inflammatory disease, characterized by the formation of noncaseating granulomas. The granuloma is a battle clashed on a genetically susceptible ground between an unrecognised antigen(s) and a highly organized squad of lymphocytes and macrophages. The lungs are the most commonly involved organs, but no structure of the body is known to be immune to its wrecks. The cause of sarcoidosis is not known till now. Though not common, it often leads to permanent failure or disabilities of the organs ultimately leading to the end of vital functions.
‘Sarcoidosis’, like other disease, affects the person as a whole irrespective of the cause. The whole economy of the patient is altered producing the signs of ‘Sarcoidosis’ as well as a characteristic picture of sick individual including mentals and physicals specific to his personality. This disease picture specific to that particular patient is always different from that in another one due to his particular identity proving him to be an ‘Individual’. The totality of symptoms depends upon the Miasms under-running the disease process in that individual.
The Psora being the fundamental miasm plays maximum role in altering the physiology rendering the entire imbalance. While in combination with other miasms, it produces the worst stage of the sickness. The syphilis produces destruction of tissues. To combat it, Sycosis and Psora play their vital part. This combination in turn increases the destruction as well as new tissue formation too, producing granulomas and fibromas publishing the complete portrait of Sarcoidosis.
This article examines the current understanding of sarcoidosis in terms of Homoeopathy.

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