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Drug Addiction And Its Side Effects A Homeopathic Approach

Hi Friends, Here are some quotes from my book, Drug Addiction and its side effects- A Homeopathic Approach, (ISBN: 81-8056-886-5) published by B Jain publishers, New Delhi,


Addictive personality: Carc, lach, med, nux.v, op, thuj.

Ailments after intoxication: Am.m, bry, caps, carb.v, cocc, coff, gels, laur, NUX.V, OP, puls, spong, stram.

Ailments from indolence and luxury: Carb.v, helon, nux.v.

Besotted expression: Ail, BAPT, bell, bry, bufo, cench, cocc, crot.c, crot.h, gels, lach, led,, nux.m, op,, stram.
Disposition to become a criminal, moral feeling wanting: Ars, bell, hep, lach, merc.

Gambling, passion for gambling: Ars, bell, calc, caust, chin, lyc, merc, nux.v, sulph, verat.

Intoxicated easily: CON, naja, zinc.


Abusive during drunkenness: Hep, nux.v, petr.

Acne in alcoholics: Ant.c, bar.c, led, nux.v, rhus.r, sulph.

Acrid and foul eructations in drunkards:

Acute alcoholism: Acon, bell, op, lach.

Aggravation from alcohol: ARS, ASAR, BAR.C, LACH, NAT.P, NUX.V, OP, PHOS, RAN.B, SEL, ZINC.

Aggravation from liquor: Ant.c, ars, bell, bov, cann.i, carb.v, cimic, led, ran.b, rhod, rhus.t, sel, sulph, verat.

Ailments from abuse of alcohol: Agar, ant.c, arg.n, ARS, ASAR, AUR, BAR.C, bell, calc,, carb.s, carb.v, chel, chin, coff, con, crot.h, gels, ign, LACH, led, lob, lyc, nat.c, nat.m, nux.m, NUX.V, OP, petr, puls, RAN.B, rhod, rhus.t, ruta, sang, SEL, sil, spig, stram, SULPH, SUL.AC, verat.

Albuminous urine after abuse of alcohol: ARS, aur, bell, berb,, CARB.V, chin, crot.h, cupr, ferr, lach, led, merc, nat.c, nux.v, sulph.

Alcoholic coma: Gels, glon, hyos,, stram.

Alcoholic meningitis: Crot.h.

Alcoholic neuritis: Nux.v, stry.


Alcoholism from weakness of character: Ars, petr, puls.

Alcoholism with hypochondriasis: NUX.V.

Alcoholism with irritability: Nux.v.

Amblyopia in alcoholics: Chin, ter.

Anaesthesia of skin in alcoholism: KALI.BR.

Anaesthesia of velum of palate in alcoholism: KALI.BR.

Anxiety in stomach on waking in drunkards: ASAR.

Asthma in alcoholics: Coca, Meph, nux.v.

Belching in alcoholics: Ran.b,

Bleeding from lungs and chest in alcoholics: Ars, hyos, led, NUX.V, op.

Blindness from alcohol: Ter.

Bloody expectoration in alcoholics: Hyos, led, nux.v, op,

Breathing difficult in alcoholics: Coca.

Bright's disease from abuse of alcohol: Ars, berb, carb.v, crot.h, lach, nat.c, nux.v.

Brutality during drunkenness: Nux.v, sulph.

Burning pain in stomach in alcoholics:

Cheerful during drunkenness: Coff, op, staph.

Chills from abuse of alcohol: Led, nux.v.

Chronic delirium tremens:

Clairvoyant dreams during drunkenness: Lach.

Coma in delirium tremens: NUX.V.

Comprehension easy during drunkenness: Calc, sulph.

Confusion from spirituous liquor: Alum, bell, bov, con, cor.r, NUX.V, petr, stront.c.

Congestion in head aggravated by alcoholic liquors: Calc, calc.s, glon, lach, zinc.

Congestion of brain from alcoholic stimulants: Verat.v.

Convulsions after alcoholic drinks: Ran.b.

Convulsions in alcoholics: Anthr, glon, hyos, nux.v, ran.b.

Coryza aggravated by alcoholic drinks:

Cough from drinking alcohol: Arn, ferr, ign, lach, led, spong, stann, stram, zinc.

Cough in alcoholics: Ars, coc.c, lach, nux.v, stram.

Delirium tremens, mania-a-poto: AGAR, ARS, HYOS, LACH, NAT.M, NUX.M, NUX.V, OP, RAN.B, STRAM, STRY.

Delirium tremens from small quantity of alcoholic stimulants: OP.

Delirium tremens with sopor & snoring: OP.

Delirium tremens with trembling: ARS, bar.c, cedr, hyos,, kali.p, lach, nux.v, stram.

Delirium tremens with trembling of hands: Coff,, lach, NUX.V, stram.

Depression in alcoholics: Alco, aur, carc, cimic, lach, nat.m, nux.v, puls, staph.

Desire to kill during drunkenness: Bell, hep, HYOS, nux.v, plat.

Desire to kill in drunkards: Ars.

Destructiveness during drunkenness: Bell, verat.

Diarrhoea after alcoholic drinks: Ant.t, ars, lach, NUX.V, sulph.

Diarrhoea from abuse of alcoholic drinks: Ars, lach, nux.v.

Diarrhoea in alcoholics: Ant.t, apis, ars, chin, LACH, nux.v, phos.

Dim vision in alcoholics: NUX.V.

Drugs to overcome the habit of alcoholism: Ange, aven, bufo, cinch, querc, ster,, sulph.

Dullness during drunkenness: Op, stram.

Edema from alcoholism: Ars,, card.m, chin,, helon, led, lyc, nux.v, rhus.t, sulph.

Epistaxis in alcoholics: Carb.v, hyos, lach, nux.v, SEC.

Eructations in drunkards: Ran.b,

Fear in alcoholics: Kali.p.

Foolish behavior and talking during drunkenness: Petr.

Forgetfulness in alcoholics: Calc, lach, merc, NUX.V, op, puls, rhus.t.

Gastralgia from alcoholism: KALI.BR, NUX.V.

Gastritis from abuse of alcohol: Arg.n, ars, bism, crot.c, cupr, gaul, lach, NUX.V, phos.

Gloomy during drunkenness: Caust, hydr, lach, nux.v.

Hangover, reveling from a night of: Ars, carb.v, IP, laur, NUX.V, puls, ran.b.

Headache from alcoholic liquors: AGAR, ant.c, ars, bell, calc, chel, chin, coff, gels, ign, LACH, led, lyc, nat.m, nux.m, NUX.V, op, phos, puls, RAN.B, rhod, rhus.t, ruta, sel, sil, spig, stram, sulph, verat, zinc.

Heartburn in alcoholics: Nux.v,

Hemorrhoids aggravated by abuse of alcohol in sedentary persons: Aesc.g, nux.v, sulph.

Hemorrhoids in alcoholics: Ars, carb.v, lach, NUX.V, SULPH.

Hereditary craving for alcoholism: Asar, lach, psor,, sulph, SYPH, tub.

Hiccough in alcoholics: Ran.b, nux.v.

Hiccoughs after alcoholic drinks: RAN.B,

Hypochondriasis in alcoholics: Nux.v.

Idiocy from alcoholism: PHOS.

Impaired hearing in alcoholism:

Impulse to kill in alcoholics: Ars.

Indifference even to dearest friend in chronic alcoholism: PHOS.

Indigestion from liquors: Ant.c, caps, carb.v, coff, nat.s, nux.v,, sulph, zinc.

Inflammation of choroid from alcoholism: NUX.V.

Inflammation of lung in drunkards: Hyos,, nux.v, op.

Inflammation of nose in alcoholics: Ars, bell, calc, hep, lach, merc, puls, sulph.

Inflammation of stomach in drunkards: Anis, arg.n.

Insanity in alcoholics: ARS, aur, bell, coff, hyos, LACH, NUX.V, op, stram.

Insomnia aggravated by alcohol: Agav.t, ars, aven, cann.i, cimic, gels, hyos, nux.v, op, stram, sumb.

Insomnia aggravated by habitual alcohol: Sec.

Insomnia in alcoholics: Ars, aven, cann.i, cimic, gels, hyos, lach, nux.v, op, passi, sec, stram, sumb.

Itching in alcoholics: Carb.v, lach, nux.v, sulph.

Jealousy during drunkenness: Hyos, lach, nux.v, puls, staph.

Liver atrophy from alcoholism: Ant.t, ars, bry, carb.v, ip, LACH, laur, lept, LYC, nat.m, NUX.M, nux.v, phos, puls, sulph, verat.

Liver degeneration in consequence of alcoholism: Chel,

Liver enlarged in alcoholics: Absin, am.m, ars,, lach, NUX.V, sulph.

Loquacity during drunkenness: Caust, hep, lach, mag.c, petr, sulph.

Lung suppuration in those who are addicted to liquors: OP.

Mental derangements from abuse of alcoholic drinks: Ars, calc, hep, nux.v, op, stram.

More intelligent during drunkenness: Calc, sulph.

Morose during drunkenness: Caust, hydr, lach, nux.v.

Nausea in alcoholics: Ars, asar, carb.s, cimic, graph, nux.v, KALI.BI,

Pain in the region of cerebellum after alcoholic stimulants: Chlol.

Paralysis after abuse of alcohol: Ant.t, ars, calc, lach, nat.s, nux.v, OP, ran.b, sep, sulph.

Phthisis of larynx in drunkards: Ars.s.f.

Pimples in drunkards: Kreos, lach, led.

Playing antics during drunkenness: Bell, stram.

Pneumonia in alcoholics: Hyos,, nux.v, op.

Pulmonary edema in alcoholics: Crot.h.

Pulse affected by drinking alcohol: Rhus.t,

Pustulous swelling of nose in drunkards: Alum, hep.

Quarrelsome during drunkenness: Petr.

Rage, fury during drunkenness: Agar.

Recurrent dipsomania: Anac, aur, bell, chin, hyos, nux.v, op, stram, thuj.

Redness of face from alcoholic stimulants: Chlol.

Redness of nose in drunkards: Agar, crot.h, lach, led.

Retching in alcoholics: Ars, nux.v, op.

Sadness during drunkenness: Nux.v, puls, staph.

Sadness in drunkards: Alco, cimic, nat.m, nux.v, puls, staph.

Sentimental during drunkenness: Caust, lach.

Sexual desire increased during drunkenness: Calc, canth, caust, chin, con, nux.v, phos.

Sexual excitement during drunkenness: Canth, caust, chin, nux.v, phos.

Screaming during drunkenness: Caust, hyos, ign, stram.

Shrieking during drunkenness: Hep, hyos, nux.v, verat.

Skin dry and rough in chronic alcoholism: PHOS.

Skin ulcers in drunkards:

Sleepiness during drunkenness: Bell. Op.

Sleepiness in alcoholics: Op.

Sleeplessness during drunkenness: Coff, hyos, kali.p, nux.v.

Sleeplessness in drunkards: Ars, aven, cann.i, cimic, gels, hyos, lach, nux.v, op, passi, sec, stram, sumb.

Stomach pain in alcoholics: Calc, carb.s, carb.v, graph, lach, nux.v, sulph,

Stricture of urethra in alcoholics: Op, sec.

Striking during drunkenness: Hep, hyos, nux.v, verat.

Suicidal depression during drunkenness: Ars, bell, nux.v.

Tendency for gout in alcoholics: NUX.V.

Throat pain of alcoholics: Caps.

Trembling of limbs in alcoholics: ARS, bar.c, nux.v.

Unconsciousness of drunkards: phos.

Urination painful from alcoholic drinks: Nux.m.

Urticaria in alcoholics: Chlol.

Vertigo from alcoholic drinks: Caust, COLOC, NAT.M, NUX.V, verat.

Vomiting of alcoholics: Alumn, ARS, cadm.s, caps,, crot.h,, KALI.BI,, lach, NUX.V, sang,

Vomiting of blood in alcoholics: Alumn, ars.

Wants to be naked during drunkenness: Hyos.

Weakness in alcoholism: Ars, carb.s,, nat.s, phos, ran.b, sel, sulph.

Weakness of memory in alcoholics: CALC, lach, merc, NUX.V, OP, puls, SULPH.

Weak vision in alcoholism:, NUX.V.

Weary of life in alcoholics: Ars.

Weeping during drunkenness: Caust, lach.

Courtesy: Drug Addiction and its side effects- A Homoeopathic Approach, B Jain publishers , New Delhi.
copyright with Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on December 18, 2009 at 7:25am
Yeah, Can indica is not well represented in repertories, if at all given, grading is low. Hence, with great pain, I had to omit such drugs. Another drug is Medorrhinum, which is of great help in the treatment of addiction, but not given importance in the addiction related rubrics in the repertories. Actually we should have a repertory of clinical experience. Thanks for your comments.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on December 18, 2009 at 5:02am
Yeah, Nux V is indicated in almost all rubrics!

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