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Dr Prafull Borkar: A Simple Modern and Conscientious Boon To Homeopathy


Sunday Morning 5th August was just like a normal Sunday woke up to a nice breakfast of poha and tea. Just saw the watch it was already 830 am. It suddenly struck me that it was the first Sunday and there was a lecture of IIHP which I had joined recently to attend. Remembering the lecture was of Dr Prafull Borkar I rushed to TaTa Memorial Hospital at Parel. The theme which is being followed at IIHP was mineral kingdom.

My Sunday was blissful after that. Dr Borkar started his lecture in his usual manner with reverence to Dr Hahnemann.

Dr Borkar has always ensured that his lecture is easy to understand to all classes of audience may it be a student intern young homeopaths to the experienced. His lectures have in them everything for everyone.

He started with the first doubt that a student of homoeopathy should have “whether homoeopathy really works or on” and how the question should be asked first to ourselves before we answer that to the world.

BREAKING OF PREJUDICES was the key note of that slide and how a homoepath in his evolution breaks of all the prejudices right from college days to practice days. It is the homoeopath who is bound by prejudices and how he perceives medicine and homeopathy through those prejudices.

He also highlighted how the masters are forgotten for the newer themes. Masters like Dr Hahnemann Dr Kent Dr Dunham Dr Herring Dr Boger dr Boennighausen and for himself his mentor Dr Prafull Vijaykar were the keystones of his practice. Personal anecdotes from his practice were also given.


Following the theme of IIHP he presented 2 cases both of them children one was a case of cholestetoma and the other was a case of laryngeal stridor.

The case of cholestetoma was that of a girl child . what was interesting about the slides was he presented the slides rega
rding the disease which is unusual of the usual trend they were introduced for the sole purpose of understanding the pathophysiology of disease. The case history was presented. The interesting part was shown was the ANALYSIS OF THE CASE into the old college LSMC format followed by JOD (journey of disease) a concept which is taking birth and will evolve into corner stone of homoeopathy one day. One interesting fact was how sensitive to reprimands were viewed and he demonstrated that how although the patient is stating it but how it is not to be considered in that manner as after reprimanded she was continuing the same. The totality was constructed repertorisation was done followed by distinguishing of the remedies. The remedy given was merc-dulc he took a step further to show how the remedy was in the source books and how the disease picture and the drug picture was the same from the physical to the generals to the mind and how a similimum was found.


The second case was that of laryngeal striodor and the patient was a girl of 4 months the same protocol as above was followed and the remedy chose was merc-i-r.

It was very refreshing to see the disease picture totality in the source books and not attached to a theme or some single rubric containing a remedy.
It is how homeopathy should be learnt practised and preached. Yes preached and not just taught.

Finally all credit to Dr Borkar who is all the time trying to bridge the gap between the masters and students making homeopathy simple and straight forward via a proper methodology which is tested through time again and again

Wiki Cam

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