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Dr Hahnemann Day 2016 Celebration at IIHP

Friends and doctors. Today is the 261st  Birthday of Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, popularly known as Dr.Hahnemann – the German physician who created Homeopathy. He was born on April 10th, 1755 in Meissen, Saxony.

To celebrate this day there was an event organized by IIHP at Tata memorial hospital.  The highlight of the event was the presence of Dr Prafull Vijaykar, founder of predictive homoeopathy and one of the stalwarts of them modern era, the person who made possible the cure of incurables.

Dr Prafull Vijaykar rediscovered Hering's law of "Direction of Cure," along with Dr Prafull Borkar one of the most conscientious dedicated  homeopaths.

The event started with the lighting of the "diya" or "samayi" in front of photo of Dr Hahnemann followed by a very positive and encouraging topic of homoeopathy by Dr Prafull Vijaykar, who encouraged the doctors with a successfully taken and treated case of Hemangio-epithelioma using proper homeopathy. He is no doubt the lion of homeopathy.

There was a break followed by a  lecture of Dr Prafull Borkar. He spoke about the use of Materia Medica Pura in practice; how we are many times misguided by the drug pictures which created a view only of a single aspect of a remedy, and how a true homeopath accurately finds the remedy. 

He started with how and why source books like Materia Medica Pura should be read. He explained how a remedy may have lots of facets and how the patient will present only one aspect and how it is a duty of a conscientious homeopath is to trace the true disease; and how both mind and body symptoms mirror each other.

He gave an example of a case of psoriasis where the individual had small hypersensitive cracks on the skin but was indifferent at the mind level. On further probing it was found how deeply sensitive he was and how what appears on the body of physical level can give us a clue at the level of the mind.

The doctor put forth more examples of various remedies and how only one aspect is understood. He also explained how the use of source books actually contain "how the patient will speak" in clinic as it is nothing but a pure collection of provings.

He later on went to explain the Materia Medica Pura and the miasmatic presentations of remedies; how a remedy is presented in all the 3 miasms, with an example of natrum muriaticum.

In addition, he compared it remedies like mangenum aceticum, ammonium mur, angusta vera and muratic acid, which are all very close to natrum muriaticum.

He explained how sensitivity reactions of all the above remedies are very different in spite of symptoms appearing the same.

Through studying Materia Medica Pura we can understand how these remedies are very close and how they are presented across various miasms; true miasmatic pictures.

Finally the day ended with nothing but respect and honour for Dr Hahnemann and one of his greatest works Materia Medica Pura.

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