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Dr Evan Harris, Evidence Check video 1023 London Event - urgent action!

Dr Evan Harris MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Science Minister and member of the BMA Medical Ethical Committee since 1999, sits on the Science and Technology Committee carrying out the Evidence Check on homeopathy. By his own statement to the committee he has also worked with Sense About Science on numerous issues and 'has argued with Ben Goldacre many times over the years." One might wonder who put forward the witnesses for the Evidence Check, which included Tracy Brown, Director of Sense About Science and Ben Goldacre, journalist with The Guardian.

Dr Harris was notable during the committee meetings for his lines of questioning, his obvious disrespect for the three pro-homeopathy witnesses, and his often puerile questions designed, it seemed to me, to distract the proceedings from the issue at hand.

It was with some interest then that I watched this video from justice4homeopathy and its assertion that by giving a speech to the 1023 London event, in which he amuses the crowd with an account of his ludicrous questions to Dr Peter Fisher, director of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, he contravenes the GMC Guidance for Good Practice Sections 1.46 and 1.47 Respect for colleagues.
And furthermore, by taking part in the 1023 'mass overdose' he shows such an extreme bias on the matter of homeopathy that it should disqualify him from serving on the Evidence Check.

Watch the video here and if you agree contact your MP immediately and let them know your feelings.
If it doesn't play, double click the screen and you can watch it at youtube.

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Comment by Dana Ullman, MPH on February 11, 2010 at 6:05pm
I remember this MP when he asked questions during the hearing. He was the guy with the big eyes, so wide that he looked crazy, literally crazy. My condolences to him and to the people who think that he is a worthy representative of them.
Comment by Carol Boyce on February 12, 2010 at 3:31am
One and the same Dana.

Comment by Dr. MAS on February 13, 2010 at 1:42am
Irrespective of the comments what he said.....

The dire need of today is, rather to waste time in putting irrelevant arguments with them, the best thing is for Homeopathic Community is that to put effort to regularize homeopathy on scientific basis and put locks on their barking mouths.

An example is of Homeopathic Dr. Hafiz Matie Ullah. He talked to me and we contacted Agriculture University Faislabad, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore and NSRC Islamabad. Vice Chancellors, Professors and Heads of the institutions were involved. Theses were allotted to already qualified Vet Doctors under the supervision of UK and Foreign Qualified Supervisors. In their presence and by following all scientific requirements, Experimentations were carried out on homeopathic potencies and formulations. We did not take part in experimentation but we only provided all kind of assistance including the expenditures (of heavy nature type including the provision of animals and incase of death ,,,, compensations also). It took almost continuous 10 years (yes 10 years not single day event) and now we have concrete evidence of homeopathic efficacy. Three M.Sc hons, M.Phil and Ph.D have been completed. All have in the favour of homeopathy and in some experimentations homeopathic medicines given extra ordinary results when compared with allopathic medicines.

Now in Pakistan, whenever, somebody raise questions. We simply do refer all books and thesis, which are placed in above mentioned university libraries. If theses are wrong or fraud, then actually those foreign universities are fraud who awarded degrees to those supervisors :)

No such efforts are seen by homeopathic community at world level.
Comment by Carol Boyce on February 13, 2010 at 3:45am
Dr Mas,
Thanks for your comment and I applaud your research efforts. I absolutely agree we need more research and the sooner the better. Sadly in the UK now the issue has become purely political. The anti-homeopathy campaign is orchestrated at high levels of the political arena. The Evidence Check into homeopathy was engineered by the naysayers, it was conducted in an absolutely biased way - please see my other blog posts - they have no interest in looking at research - which is why I call them Denialists and not Skeptics. Their mantra is "it can't work, therefore it doesn't work" and they will not shift from there.
The remit of the Evidence Check is to look at what informs government policy on homeopathy - that should be the effectiveness, cost effectiveness and patient satisfaction reported by the homeopathic hospitals and the 2008 Department of Health's Northern Ireland project - all of which are highly successful at a fraction of the cost of allopathic intervention - NONE of that was even mentioned at the Evidence Check.
The UK is not the haven for homeopathy that it used to be - the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital has been systematically carved up by the allopaths until there is now almost nothing left of that fine institution. Homeopathy in the UK is fighting for its life and so action must be focused at this time on the political machinations that are intent on silencing it forever.
And homeopathy is simply the first easy target for these groups who push the corporate agenda - they are against all CAMs, pro GM foods, etc etc. and they are pushing very hard.
I would be interested in some references for the research you mentioned.
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on February 15, 2010 at 2:05pm
Who is behind all this homeopathic bashing?
1-Sense about Science
3-The inst. For Ideas
Great article Carole Feb Ezine 2010 Hpathy
Comment by Carol Boyce on February 15, 2010 at 2:45pm
Hi Gina,
Thanks for your encouragement. Actually t More…hese groups cannot be called skeptics - their agenda is pro-corporate - they are equally anti-CAMs, pro-GM food, anti- organic farming, anything natural, pro-technology without exception and irrespective of danger to life or environment. They are powerful lobby groups with powerful friends and plenty of funding from the relevant industries.
Armies of bloggers have been recruited in the last couple of years - Voice of Young Science is a whole new generation of "skeptics" mostly just ill-informed - or should I say misinformed and whipped up into a frenzy, for example about the idea that homeopaths in the developing world are replacing pharmaceutical drugs with placebos and should therefore be banned.
Several more articles about the politics of who these people are can be found on the Articles page on this blog:

Comment by Jennifer Hautman on February 20, 2010 at 6:14am
Dear Gina,
Just so you know, the three orgs you mention, as well as 10:23, are all more or less the same people - for more about this organisaion see George Monbiot's article here and Zac Goldsmiths article here.
Comment by Elena Zagrebelnaya on February 22, 2010 at 8:06am
The Classic FM program that we have here on cable radio has just said something about NHS stopping to support homeopathy in UK... Is this true? Or was it just a reminder that the committee urged to do so?
Comment by Carol Boyce on February 22, 2010 at 8:35am
The UK parliamentary select Science and Technology committee have just published the report of their Evidence Check into homeopathy and recommend that funding for NHS homeopathy should be withdrawn. It's a damning report but in itself it cannot change anything only push the government to change policy. However the homeopathic community needs to get busy and rebut all the points made in this biased and narrow investigation. So it's not over yet!!!
Comment by Vydyanath.S on March 3, 2010 at 12:23pm
The Persons who oppose Homeopathy are the very same persons who have animosity and acrimony to every that is natural and their reasons are obvious,gaining popularity of homeopathy,naturopathy,ayurveda or Chineseherbal medicine or alternative medicine their cost effectiveness apart from their therapeutic efficacy and safety etc.Therapeutic profile and safety of Tamiflu in the epidemic episode of H1N1is a clear pointer as to why these spokesmen are shouting from the roof tops of the so called edifices of modern medicine against homeopathy and other natural therapeutics.If homeopathy and other natural therapeutic systems keep winning during such epidemics excelling in efficacy,safety and cost effective parameters,the biggest losers are going to be the Pharmaceutical lobby and hence their lampooning of everything that is natural or homeopathic.
Let us keep our eyes and ears open and also let us not have any antagonism towards any medical system whatsoever and at the same time we should set our houses in order,that is in our clinics which are temple to us let us follow our bible Organon of medicine and practice the art of homeopathic healing according to the guidelines of our masters,giving utmost importance to documentation and maintenance of records and let us also make neccessary use of modern implements and scanners if needed before and after treatment to evidence the regression of disease or disorder if possible.


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