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Discussing Homeopathy with Heshie | BlogTalkRadio Impressions


Discussing Homeopathy with Heshie

She’s told me time and again, “be authentic, be your self.” Everyone has a story to tell and someone wants to listen. Heshie wants to listen. If she connects with you and finds your accomplishments in social networking, life’s journey, activist cause for change, contributions to society, or artistic talent of value to share, Heshie graciously puts you on the show to help spread your message. Stimulating
discussion, we gather to learn about ourselves and others.

In celebration of World Homeopathy Awareness Week, three members of Homeopathy World Community had a guest appearance on the Jetnetting Connection BlogTalkRadio Show. Liz Brandegee represented WHAW-US and gave the listening audience some history about the organization, plus information about how homeopaths, health care providers and the general population can participate in local and world-wide events. Dr Navneet Bidani of India, participated in WHAW by opening his clinic doors for a free day of care. He responded to Heshie's questions about nutrition, parental involvement and advantageous care of children's health. Creating waves of awareness occurs when we all work together for the betterment of our health and society.

Host, Heshie Segal had the idea of introducing an expert nutritionist, JoAnn Bruso, for the first half of the show. With the common belief that nutrition and herbs exemplify homeopathy, the show would be the perfect blend of ingredients. Its true that homeopaths believe in right living, exercise, non-toxic environments, pure water and air, and include proper nutrition in their recommendations. I’m not so sure that we stated strongly enough the differences between self health care, including proper dietary choices, and homeopathy, which is a form of medicine that is based on a source higher than merely what we eat. Whole foods contain the energy of earth’s spiritual forces and its wise to take a look at what you put into your body. However, talking about that fossilized MacDonald’s hamburger and fries took us far from the source energy of our disorders in a
homeopathic perspective.

Shocking photographs and attention getting stunts bring our personal eating habits into view, but Homeopathy is NOT nutrition in and of itself. A homeopath’s true focus is on the ‘individual.’ When a well trained homeopath listens to a patient, they learn about every aspect of a person’s life. The physical symptoms in every detail, the life history of disease for the person and family members, the likes and dislikes such as food preferences or aversions, even dreams and fears. Many
people feel they have entered into a form of therapy when the homeopath begins asking about these personal issues. The medical physician or nutritionist is not usually interested in such matters. For the homeopath, a working relationship includes these details which help to draw a true picture of a
person's totality.

Learning more about the homeopathic consultation would be of interest to Heshie, because she is all about getting to know people. And, that is exactly what the homeopath does; forms a trust
relationship, where the patient is comfortable to speak about their pains, fears, hurts, dreams, goals, hopes, interpersonal interactions and even their sex life. Homeopathy is more than just the physical. Homeopathic remedies can touch upon emotions, personality, the mental plane and even spirituality.

When a person recognizes their purpose in life, they find meaning in living. Acknowledging the obstacles, deciphering stumbling blocks to cure and confronting what holds a person back from reaching their potential is all part of a homeopathic consultation. To put it plainly, homeopathy is energy, like what makes us tick. It’s not simply the food energy we imbibe, but the soul energy
that drives us. We are dynamic individuals and evolve based upon our up-bringing, our culture and mores, life time events, accidents, illnesses, friendships, family relationships and so much more.

Remember that Homeopathy is not nutrition or herbs. It is not based solely upon material substance. The essence of homeopathy is based upon the spirit that flows through physical matter.

Thank you, Heshie, for providing this forum, both the radio show and your Jetnetting Blog. With gratitude, I wish to thank all those who contribute to the welfare of the Homeopathy World
Community, especially the voluntary administrators on Homeopathy World Community who help approve new members. My hat’s off to Gudny in Iceland, Katatlin in California, Katja in Germany, Kaviraj in England, and Charu in India, and Erica in North Carolina. And thank you to Melissa Burch for getting me started with WHAW 2009 and promoting homeopathy through the new Social media.
My praise goes to all the active HWC members who blog, discuss, chat, upload personal photos and videos, and post their events on the calendar. We have a vibrant and growing community. Anyone who wants to join us in advocating and supporting homeopathy visit.

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