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Differences Between Healing System and Immune System

Differences between Healing System and Immune System
Homoeopathy works both upon the healing system and the immune system while other systems of medicine work only upon immune system. That is why Homoeopathy is also called the Rational art of Healing. Master Hahnemann had a keen mind as he recognized this fact more than century ago. Let us clear in our mind the differences between these two.

When people first hear of "the healing system," they often confuse it with the immune system. Even though on one level the two systems may be difficult to tell apart because they work together in a cooperative effort. On another level they are two very different systems that serve entirely different purposes.

The fundamental difference between the two systems is that the immune system is concerned with defending the body against infections, while healing system is responsible for repairing tissue damage from injuries or illnesses, and restoring the body to its natural state of health. The immune system’s focus is largely on attacking and protecting body from foreign invaders. The healing system focuses more on healing, growth, regeneration, restoration of function, and maintaining health.

For example, if one was to come down with bronchitis, the immune system would be expected to attack and eliminate the offending organisms that are causing the infection. However, if one was injured in a car accident and broke his arm, his healing system would be called upon to heal his injuries. His immune system would not become involved because typically there is no infection with a broken bone. The mending of the broken bone would be a specific function of the healing system.
Similarly, if one had a heart attack, the healing system would immediately become activated. A heart attack is not caused by an infection, and so healing from it does not involve the immune system, but rather the healing system. After a heart attack, the healing system repairs the damage to heart muscle while it restores normal functioning to the heart.

When we understand that most diseases and injuries are not caused by infection, the distinction between healing system and immune system becomes clearer, and the unique role of healing system becomes much more significant. The healing system and immune system work together and cooperate with each other to maintain health. For example, if body has sustained damage from an infection, healing system and immune system will work side by side to repair the damage as they fight against, neutralize, and remove the infectious agents to prevent further damage to body. The immune system will attack the infection that caused the problem while healing system will actually repair the damage the infection caused to body.

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Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 18, 2010 at 5:29am
Dear Dr. Suhas, kindly see the article carefully. Homoeopathic remedies work both on Healing system and Immune system. During proving on healthy persons, a pseudodisease picture is obtained by stimulating both of these two.
Comment by Suhas Kotbagi on November 18, 2010 at 2:42am
Dear Dr.Sharma,

I would like to know, how would you classify our homeopathic "Provings" on healthy subjects?

When the medicine to be proven is given to healthy volunteers, do these medicines act on "Healing system" or "immune system" to provide us with the drug picture? or is it a mixed bag?

According to what you have said above, my take is that it is producing the drug picture by solely acting on "healing system" as there is no infection, where as we utilise them in potencies to work on immune system to help heal the patient..

Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 11, 2010 at 4:01am
Thanks Dr. Sayed.... Regards.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 10, 2010 at 11:26pm
You are most welcome Dr. Sarswat.
Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on November 10, 2010 at 11:23pm
Thanks Dr. Sharma for clear my doubts.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 10, 2010 at 10:23pm
Dear Dr. Sarswat, Regards. You are absolutely right. Immune System and Healing system, both are governed by vital force but along with each and every reaction inside the living body. There are are inumerous functions in living organism. All are animated due to vital force. In other systems of medicine, they only deal with immune system, either by stimulating it or by supporting it parellally. i. e. immune system is combating with an infection, they use antibiotics directly to kill the infection, sustaining the immune system. But on the other hand, they may or may not alter the action of healing system. This will depend on diffrent conditions.
Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on November 10, 2010 at 10:14pm
Dr. Sharma. It means vital force is equal to immune system plus healing system. To cure, both systems should be in function. In allopathic system we work against the healing system so there is suppression, no cure at all. please explain all phenomna in deteil-----
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 9, 2010 at 10:55pm
Dr. Kuram Anand, the profylactic remedies work on immune system only as they are given during healthy state, prior to sickness. There is no need of activating or boosting up the healing system because there is no room to heal.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 9, 2010 at 10:52pm
Dr. Saraswat, in case of bone injury, there is no infection at the time of injury. At this time Symphytum will only work mostly on Healing system and a lttle bit on immune system to prevent infection. But if the infection settles into the injured tissues, that will work extensively on immune system too.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 9, 2010 at 10:49pm
Thanks for this wonderful explaination Dr. Sajjad.... Regards.

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